70 Hot Summer Nail Designs For This Sunny Season!

Summer nails are all about welcoming bright, colorful hues and playful designs, with a touch of shimmer and gloss to enhance their charm and liveliness visually. From bold neons to pastel acrylics, there are styles and beautiful nail design patterns for every nail type. These summer nails can be your perfect companion, whether you’re attending a pool party, lounging poolside, or on a beach vacation. They will complement your summer fun.

Beachy Summer Nails

medium ombre pastel glossy almond

These nails depict a soft tint reminiscent of gentle waves and blue skies. They feature a mixed pastel color palette at the base with a high gloss coating that reflects serenity and relaxation. These refreshing nails are simple yet sophisticated, adding beauty to your fingertips.

Lively Summer Nails

long almond manicure with multiple vibrant colors

Featuring lively French tip colors, these nails add a classic elegance with vivid bends. Vibrant colors like citrus orange, neon green, tropical pink, and blue sprinkle across the transparent base, complemented by stars, creating a playful and chic design.

Lemon Glossy Summer Nails

medium square with yellow lemon art

Painted with a soft pink-white gel polish on the base, these nails create a minimalist yet fresh tropical look. Designed with yellow lemon slices above the base, they add an extra pop and a fun-loving vibe for your summer.

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Melon Fun Gel Nails

medium oval glitter with melon design

Designed with a juicy melon pattern, these nails kick-start your summer. They feature a sweet pink hue base with gel layering and a vibrant green base in one nail for a compelling look. Shimmer glitter at the round tip and stone beads add glamour.

Orange Tropical Manicure

medium round with orange art

These nails signify long, bright, sunny summer days with bold orange paint and art on alternate nails. The orange art with green leaves highlights the sheer gel base, creating a contrasting look for a perfect summer staycation.

Retro Yellow Manicure

short square oil painting with sunflower design

Decorated with oil paintings of sunflowers on a transparent base and a solid yellow color, these nails give a nostalgic retro vibe and create a bold visual with patterned lines. The sunflower nails bloom with timeless grace wherever you go.

Sugar Holographic Manicure

pink long squoval shimmer cat-eye design

These coffin nails capture the essence of the tropical season by reflecting the sunshine in every movement. Shiny and capturing the essence of summer, these nails feature a shimmering pink surface with holographic glitters. Perfect for day and night, they create an alluring and mesmerizing look.

Orchid Summer Nails

square medium acrylic lavender with flower design

Layered with acrylic for durability and a smooth canvas, these nails feature gradient purple hues embellished with intricate flower art. Paired with a soft pastel dress, they give a flawless summer look.

Shimmer Starfish Art Nails

short square white shimmer with starfish art

Adorned with a white shimmer base and quirky red starfish art, these nails are perfect for reminding you of a sea or beach vacation. Sparkling like sunkissed waves, they give a seaside vibe and add charm to your nails.

Hibiscus French Almond

medium oval pink French tip with hibiscus flower

These nails embrace the tropical vibe of summer with an acrylic base and a pink French tip adorned with hibiscus bloom art. The simple pink French tip contrasts beautifully with the hibiscus design, balancing elegance and whimsy. Whether by the pool or at the beach, these nails enhance your summer style.

Hawaiian Ivory Naturals

short squoval white gel with blue flower art

Capturing the serene shores of Hawaii, these nails feature a spotless white gel base with lively blue flower art. They embody a refreshing elegance, adding grace to your summer beauty.

Kawaii Cherry Frenchies

square crossword pink with flower and cherry art

Overflowing with pink kawaii cuteness, these nails boast a gel base with pink-white crosswords for a touch of sweetness and fun. They pair perfectly with a floral dress, adding a fashionable flair.

Color Splash Square Nails

medium square transparent with multicolor dot splash

Minimalist yet eye-catching, these nails feature a multicolor dot splash on a gel white base layered with acrylic. They pop with shine, adding a lively and cheerful vibe to your fingertips.

3D Ombre Manicure

long square pink champagne pastel with 3D flowers

These nails feature a pink pastel matte texture base with golden crystal glitters on one finger. Adorned with rhinestones and 3D flowers, they are perfect for evening get-togethers or beach parties.

Sea Waves Summer Nails

medium coffin white-blue designed with glitter silver foil

Featuring a serene white base with flowing blue waves and silver glitter lines, these nails capture the ocean’s calmness. Pair them with a blue gown or pastel skirt for a summer vacation look.

Palm Tree Beach Manicure

medium ballerina rose-gold shimmer and nude with palm tree art

Designed with rose-gold shimmer and a nude base alternating with palm trees and waves on a white base, these nails evoke sandy beach views, embracing the tropical essence.

Cheerful Summer Nails

medium stiletto gel with cute jolly designs

Bringing back carefree days, these nails have transparent gel bases painted with smiley faces, egg art, fire, and flowers, reflecting a range of emotions and the energy of the season.

Funky Art Summer Nails

long almond gel polished with funky art styles

These almond nails make a funky statement, with every nail featuring cherry art, playful bananas, flowers, hearts, and strawberries, crafting an eye-catching color burst. They make a bold, funky appearance that will grab attention.

Ice Cream Summer Nails

long square pink, purple, and white with ice cream art

A cute ice cream cone adorns these coffin nails across the gel base, welcoming the hot season. Capturing the joy and sweetness of sweet treats amidst the heat, while the other nails also feature designs of dripping ice cream and cute heart motifs.

Runway Summer Nails

long ballerina milky white and red nails with heart art

These runway coffin nails will unquestionably steal the spotlight. The nails contrast with a pristine milky base, featuring a captivating red heart and bold red nails that exude confidence and charm. Pair these nails with a sleek red dress or a bodycon for a striking look.

Rainbow Stripes Nail Art

short almond nude acrylic with rainbow stripes art

These short almond nails are lively and capture the spirit of a tropical season. Playful rainbow stripes and charming heart art adorn each nail, while white sprinkles of stars add a touch of vibrant energy.

Donut Sprinkle Summer Nails

short squoval solid pink with donut sprinkles

A solid pink base polishes each nail, embellished with colorful donut sprinkles that spread like confetti. The sprinkles add a touch of playful and sweet adventures at every glance and complement every skin tone.

Minimal Summer Nails

medium oval green mint with nature theme nail art

These rounded nails represent a soft mint green acrylic base with a charming frog tip and mushroom art, representing the magic of nature at your fingertips. These nails are bound to make a statement wherever you go.

Swirl Summer Nails

medium almond nude base with pink swirl nail art at the tip

Adorning the nude gel foundation of these rounded nails are pink swirls at the nail tip, bordered in yellow, creating sweet and dashing nail art. These nails undergo manicuring to maintain cleanliness and health.

Daisy White Nails

long almond white acrylic summer nails with daisy art

These nails resemble pure elegance and charm, with each nail featuring charming intricate purple daisies blooming across the white base. These almond nails feature purity and grasp the essence of a breezy noon that brightens your day.

Soft-Toned Summer Nails

medium almond green pink pastel nails with floral art

These nails feature a soft, subtle pastel base to give a calming effect, with cute and pretty feminine vibes from floral motifs adorned above the pastel base. Pair these long rounded nails with a bright color dress to create a contrast.

3D Glamour Nails

long almond purple white gel base with a 3D swirl design

These stiletto nails have a 3D elegant gel base nails layered with acrylic for longer durability. Each nail showcases a 3D swirl filled with purple color and outlined with a yellow lining, making them eye-catching and perfect for every summer occasion.

Butterfly Summer Nails

long oval solid lavender texture base nails with butterfly art

The nails feature a serene tropical paradise with a lavender base on each nail. These rounded nails are decked out with lively black butterfly art with black outlines, creating a fluttering effect across the fingertips. They symbolize a fusion of relaxation and playfulness in every step you take

Jelly Gradient Summer Nails

short square light to heavy gradient jelly gloss nails

These short square nails create a tempting glossy appearance that transitions from a seamless white to pink gradient, adding a luscious shine. They are classy, and suitable for everyday use, complementing minimal and exclusive outfits.

Leaf Press Summer Nails

medium square Gel nails with flower leaf art design

Creating a vibrant, sun-kissed look, these square nails feature a glowy gel base. The middle two nails sport delicately painted sleek black leaf patterns, adding an elegant and bold contrast. They offer the perfect sophisticated look for summer days and nights.

Marble Summer Nails

long square ombre nails with pink and orange nail tips

This mani looks stunning, soft, and creamy, with a white base that blends into a spellbinding ombre effect of pink and orange shades resembling a summer sunset. The intricate marble patterns add depth to the texture, creating an eye-catching finish.

Aesthetic Summer Nails

long ballerina French tip manicure nails with flower

These coffin nails are adorned with a classic French pastel green base at the tip, with intricate white flowers adding fanciful elegance. They represent timeless natural beauty for any occasion, from casual to special outings.

Abstract Summer Nails

long square orange-pink hue tip nails with a simple rangoli design

These long square nails start with a simple gel base and light pink polish at the tip, outlined by an orange shade, creating a gradient effect. They are designed with nail art brushes depicting intricate designs such as flowers and patterns, offering a creative nail design.

Multicolor Summer Nails

short round manicure nails with multicolor 3D flower art

The nails feature a sheer gel base with vibrant flowers for contrast. They are designed with pink-orange flowers on the white tip, making them more appealing. The layered flower petals give a 3D effect, adding depth to the designs, perfect for lively summer days.

Cute Sunny Summer Nails

small rounded oval pink nails with Sun, flowers criss-cross designs

These short rounded nails are cute and aesthetic for summer picnics or any other gathering. Each nail is designed uniquely, from a bright yellow sun on a gel base to solid pink polish, flowers, and criss-cross designs. They are layered with an acrylic coating for durability, making them ideal to last the hot season.

Floral Summer Nails

long coffin nails with orange-yellow swirls and floral art

These summer nails have a white gel base, and delicate, vibrant orange swirls are created in each nail gracefully, reflecting a warm summer breeze. The nails are also painted with intricate white flower art that accessorizes them, making them more aesthetic and beautiful.

Fruity Summer Nails

long almond-polished nails with various fruit designs and colors

These summer nails are designed in playful colors for the perfect vacation. Each nail features a different color palette, creating a matching fruit design with the same base color. The fruits are accented with tiny green leaves to complete the design and add a pop to it.

Adorable Summer Nails

medium almond pastel grey gel nails with crescent moon and stars

These summer nails are unique and minimalistic with a solid pastel grey base, featuring an intricate crescent moon and star nail art in golden metallic, creating an eye-catching look. They can be styled with a boho summer outfit to make them stand out.

Bubble Press Summer Nails

medium stiletto transparent nails with colorful bubble dots

These summer nails feature a transparent gel base in each nail with vivid and lively bubble dots, creating a chic and summery look. The bubble dots are arranged in a particular pattern and coated with glossy gel polish. They can be paired with a colorful dress or a single-color outfit.

Neon Summer Nails

long almond manicure nails with vibrant swirls and gel base

These long almond have a gel base, with complementary neon colors such as orange, blue, and pink swirls drawn above them to create dynamic and bold nails for summer. The nails are coated with gel to give a stunning illustration for every event.

Blue Bow Summer Nails

medium almond white nails with a blue bow design

The nails feature a manicure white base with gel polish, each adorned with a blue bow that creates a contrast with a touch of elegance. These blue bows add charm to every nail and can be styled with a bow knot dress for a perfect sunny day.

Nude Summer Nails

short square nude nails with leaves and patterns

These summer nails are flawless for any occasion with a beige and white nude base. The white nude base nails are adorned with sleek black leaves and white pattern designs, adding depth and interesting effects. They stand out with almost every outfit.

Luxury Bright Summer Nails

short square bright green French tip nails with butterfly design

These summer nails feature exclusive and vibrant designs for a fresh summer look. They are polished with a gel base and adorned with bright neon green French tips and butterfly art. Rhinestones embellish these nails, making them elegant and stylish for every gathering.

Mandala Dot Summer Nails

long almond manicure gel nails with blue mandala motifs

These summer nails have a gel base and white round, French tips, each adorned with blue mandala designs across the white tips, creating a contrast and beautiful canvas. They are seamless and suitable for every summer affair.

Tulip Blooming Summer Nails

short square glossy deep sea blue color nails with tulip art

These summer nails are designed with different patterns in each nail. The first nail has a deep sea blue glossy texture base, the second nail depicts a gradient marble surface, the third nail has a white creamy, glossy base with a tulip bloom, and the other nail is designed with crushed foil layered with acrylic. The overall design represents creativity and adds a touch of eccentricity.

Garden-Theme Rounded Nails

Medium oval acrylic gel nails with flower design art

These summer nails feature a gel acrylic base with intricate flower tips that echo a blossoming garden. To add extra charm, small leaves and vines are included. The nails are topped with a glossy finish, making your nails shine. They are perfect for everyday activities.

Red-White Floral Nails

Short round oval red French flower art summer nails

The nail designs are minimal yet charming with a natural polished gel foundation. These summer nails are designed with red French tips and white flowers across the tip of each nail. They give a pretty and feminine vibe and can be styled with sober color outfits.

One Finger Flower Nails

Medium squoval hunter green and white colors nails with flower design

These square nails have a striking hunter-green color palette canvas for your summer look. One finger has a white base with delicate flower paint blooming elegantly against the green background, resembling a lush summer meadow. They represent a bold summer statement look wherever you go.

Shimmery Crystal Manicure

Short square blue pink glitter crystal manicure nails

These nails boast a white creamy, glossy texture with blending shades of pink and blue glitter powder, capturing the essence of a serene summer sky at dusk. Each one is adorned with shimmering effects like stars and twilight, adding a touch of glamour to your overall look.

Crelly Rainbow Square Nails

Medium square white jelly-polished nails with 6 rainbow colors balls

Featuring a white double-coating jelly base with small to medium droplets of color sprinkled on each, these nails offer a smooth texture for the color droplets to settle, making them perfect for summer evenings and outings, whether it’s day or night.

Blue Elegant Summer Nails

Long stiletto sky blue nails with floral art and rhinestone

These nails exude a sense of premium exclusivity with a gradient white criss-cross tip and sky blue color palette. Two of them are adorned with intricate flowers and rhinestones across a sheer gel base, creating a striking visual that stands out on any occasion.

Watercolour Canvas Mani

Short round manicure white nails with watercolor design

Minimalist yet sophisticated, these nails feature a healthy, clean white base with gel polish. Three different colors are splashed above the white base, giving a vibrant pop to the fingertips.

Peach Soft Nail Art

Long almond peach French tip flower art nails

These nails capture the essence of calm and freshness with an acrylic gel base and intricate floral designs that add a touch of femininity. They showcase a contrast of light peach and bold peach with French tips, making them a timeless collection suitable for any season.

Coral Inspired Vibrant Mani

Short square two neon color nails with coral designs

These nails stand out as stunningly gorgeous, complementing any look you wish to create. They are polished with two solid neon colors and intricate patterns of lines and petals strewn, adding a unique design.

Rose Print Short Square Nails

Medium square solid rose pink nails with rose print detail

These nail shades are perfect for a summer look. They have a simple solid nail polish base with an intricate rose press on one nail, likely to pair well with a beautiful dress.

Muted Purple and Nude Nails

Medium Oval purple and nude nails with black fern designs

Displaying a manicure of purple and nude base, these nails are adorned with black fern art, adding a touch of natural beauty and depth that gracefully stands out in every summer look.

Soft Berry Medium Square

Medium tapered square pink berry nails with glitter sprinkles

Simple yet pretty, these nails feature a soft pink berry foundation. Gold glitters are sprinkled in swirls and unevenly, adding a spark and a touch of modern and trendy summer vibes.

Hearty Long Square Nails

Long square Nude pink nails with bulging heart designs

Perfect for dates or outings, these nails have a pink nude soft base with a white French tip, adding a touch of classy and timeless design. Red and white bulging hearts are drawn across them for perfect summer festivities.

Cherry Jelly Summer Nails

Medium squoval cherry red-white gradient nails with light shimmer

With a soft jelly base texture and a red-white gradient transition, these nails combine charm and minimalism. They feature light shimmer coated with a thick gel for a laminated shiny texture.

White Shimmer Summer Nails

Long almond white glitter shimmer nails with flower designs

Standing out for every occasion, these stunning nails feature a white creamy gel base with a gradient effect from light to heavy at the tip, adorned with glitter shimmer, flowers, and a touch of gold glitters to make them alluring.

Tropical Dreamy Nails

Medium square white and pink manicure nails with  flower petals

Designed to flaunt your fingertips, these nails have a pink and white solid manicure base, giving a clean and soft surface. They are designed with white flower petals across the white base, perfect for beach brunch or dinner night.

Bright Stiletto Frenchies

Long sharp stiletto yellow French gel nails with glitter shimmer at the tips

These nails are bright and ready to uplift your sunny mood. They feature solid yellow and natural base nails with French tips adorned with glitter shimmer, making them visually captivating.

Lemon Yellow Twirl Manicure

Medium almond acrylic nails with yellow neon twirl

Naturally aesthetic, these nails have a natural acrylic gel base. Designed with pastel and neon twirls, they create a contrast with the natural base, perfect for a vacation during summer.

Couture Marigold Summer Nails

Long Square vibrant yellow marigold art summer nails

Gorgeous and adorned with a bright yellow happy hue texture and marigold art, these nails add a pop and create an eye-catching moment. They perfectly complement any light-colored outfits, creating a striking contrast.

Sunset Summer Nails

Long square ombre polished nails with orange, and pink blends

Featuring a tropical sunset gradient effect base and polished with gel for a mirror-like surface, these nails create a beautiful sunset canvas, giving off beach vibes that never go out of style.

Unicorn Summer Nails

Small short almond chrome nails with a holographic effect

With a magical pink canvas and a shimmer cotton candy backdrop, these nails create a mystical allure. They feature an enchanting spirit that adds a touch of beauty to every fingertip.

Bow Tip Summer Nails

Long almond white French nails with bow tip design

Simple yet girly, these nails feature a natural gel base with a white French tip adorned with intricate golden bow art, perfect for any summer gathering.

Barbie Summer Nails

Medium oval bold pink and pastel pink nails with dot patterns

Trendy and charming, these nails are polished with two different bold and pastel pink color palettes, creating a contrast. The pastel pink nail is designed with bold pink dots, ideal for pairing with a flowy Barbie-style dress.

Minimalist White Summer Nails

Medium square French tip milky white summer nails

Defining simplicity with elegance, these nails feature a white creamy polished texture base with French tips that stand as a timeless nail design, perfect for everyday style.

Honey Drip Butter Yellow

Light butter yellow nails with faux-honey drip

Featuring a faux-honey drip at the base, these stiletto nails feature a mouth-watering yellow butter hue. While you cannot snack on these nails, it captures the essence of a mellow sunny season, and you are all set for the pool party!

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