Rita Ora's Crystal Boots Create Internet Frenzy in Surprise Bath Photoshoot!

Rita Ora consistently keeps her fashion game on point, from see-through formal gowns to micro-miniskirts. So, it is no surprise she brought the high-energy style to her VMA “after-afters” look with her crystal platform boots!

Rita Ora’s Bathtub Photoshoot

In a recent Instagram post, Rita Ora gave us a glimpse into her glamorous life by hosting a selfie photoshoot in her hotel bathroom. But this wasn’t your typical bathroom selfie. After all, this was Rita Ora, and ordinary is not in her vocabulary.

Rita Ora posing in her crystal platform boots

The backdrop for her shoot was nothing less – white marble tiles, chrome fixtures, and an ambiance that screamed luxury. And as for Rita’s outfit, it was anything but ordinary. She wore a pair of crystal-adorned, lace-up, mega-high silver platform boots that could only be described as show-stopping.

In the opening shot of the photo series, Rita is seen with one foot in the bath, flaunting her disco-ready boots. Scrolling through the images, you will notice that Rita did not stop at just one pose. She fearlessly climbed into the bath while still rocking her head-turning look.

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Rita Ora's crystal platform boots

But the surprise didn’t end there. Rita also revealed that she had these striking boots on underneath her black gothic gown from the VMAs. Yes, those boots managed to steal the show even under a dress with a long hem and longer sleeves.

Taking to Instagram to share her bold after-party transformation, Rita captioned the photo dump: “Post prior to this was the things you should see. This post is the just before we went out to the AFTER AFTERS 🫧 Also obsessed with my hair ribbons and makeup thank you glam squaaaad NYC you were great!”

Rita’s VMA Red Carpet Look

Rita Ora at the pink carpet

The 2023 MTV Video Music Awards was filled with glitz and glamour, and Rita Ora undeniably took center stage with her unforgettable pink-carpet appearance. She arrived at the event in an off-shoulder black gown featuring dramatic sleeves and an exaggerated train. This gown, from Rodarte’s fall 2023 collection, was a showstopper on its own, and she paired it with the same silver platform heels that added an edgy touch to her ensemble. Furthermore, she styled her signature blonde locks and gave the final touches with smoky eyes, bold brows, and nude lipstick.

Rita Ora at the MTV VMA

Rita Ora’s crystal platform boots truly stole the spotlight, leaving everyone in awe. These disco-inspired boots were staggeringly high, transforming Rita into a towering vision of glamour. The shimmering platforms added height and lent a heavy retro flair to her overall look.

Rita Ora’s VMA After-Party Look

Following the MTV VMA, Rita changed her striking Rodarte gown into something completely different—a little black dress (LBD). The pop star decided to turn her hotel bathroom into a makeshift runway, striking poses in the bathtub for an unforgettable photoshoot.

Rita's mirror selfie with her boots

She wore a black long-sleeve micro mini dress. Rita took her look to the next level with sparkly silver lace-up platform boots that could be the tallest boots we have ever seen! To complement Rita Ora’s platform boots and LBD, she accessorized with matching leather gloves and a chunky crystal choker necklace. Her beauty game was just as strong, with tousled blonde beach waves adorned with black ribbons and shimmery tinsel. A dramatic smoky eye, rosy cheeks, and glossy pink lips completed her glamorous makeup.

Rita posing in hotel bathroom

Rita Ora once again proved her ability to seamlessly change from one jaw-dropping look to another, proving that she’s always one step ahead in fashion and style. Also, the next time you find yourself balancing your phone on the sink for a selfie, remember that Rita Ora has been there too & she did it in style!

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