45 Wedding Guest Dresses To Rock The Party!

Have a wedding invitation nearby but are confused about what to wear to the ceremony? Or are you a bridesmaid thinking about how to look stunning? Do not worry- we have curated a list of beautiful wedding guest dresses to wear on the wedding days! We know how much of a task it is to find the best fit for your invitation. Everyone wants to look the best yet cannot choose what to wear. Have a look at this list of gorgeous and colorful dresses for the attendees at the wedding!

Celeste-colored Wedding Guest Gown

celeste-colored wedding guest dress

If you want to try something out-of-the-box and cast a different look on your invitation day, go for a fluffy Celeste-colored gown. Threaded with silver work all over, the dress will give you a gaga look!

Baby-pink Ruffle Gown

baby-pink ruffle wedding guest gown

This sleeveless baby pink gown has ruffles all over the dress. With netted works and floral designs, the dress has everything to impress every attendee at the wedding ceremony! Nothing can beat the charismatic look of this fluffy can-can bridal gown in dusty pink. Embellished with silver work, this dress is perfect for a gorgeous aristocratic look.

Colorful Goth Gown

colorful goth gown

This colorful goth gown will give the perfect princess look at the party. With the play of different colors and black embroidery work over it, the dress looks stunning!

Emerald Wedding Guest Gown

emerald-colored wedding guest outfit

This satin emerald-colored gown looks stunning, featuring a thigh-high slit and spaghetti sleeves. If you want to create a simple yet eye-catching look at the wedding party, this outfit is the best choice!

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Gown With 3D Falling Flowers

wedding guest gown with 3d flowers

For any engagement ceremony, go with this super unique flower-motived gown in the hues of lilac and pink. Pair it with a sober neckpiece to look vogue and grab everyone’s attention.

Gown With A Shrug

gown with a shrug

This beautiful work on the gown with a heavily embellished shrug will give you the perfect royal look on the wedding invitation night. Pair it with stone-embedded earrings and a bracelet to complete the look.

Greyish-colored Gown

grey-colored wedding guest outfit

If you are one of the bridesmaids, this gown is a perfect choice. This off-shoulder greyish gown has a glittery effect all over the body. With a pearl necklace and earrings, this gown is perfect to give you that princess vibe!

Hot Red Fishtail Gown

red fishtail wedding guest gown

Red always looks bold. This fishtail dress with a hot red color and a deep neckline will make you look the boldest! You can wear this dress without any accessories, yet you are good to go.

Silver-embroidered Dark Green Gown

dark green wedding guest dress with silver works

This dark green-colored gown is another show-stopper. The dress with the upper part embroidered in silver will make you look gorgeous.

Classic Lavender Gown

lavender gown for wedding guests

No one can take their eyes off this dazzling lavender gown embroidered with lilac threading with spaghetti sleeves. This gown will help create an elegant look and give a pretty vibe at the party!

Marble Couture Gown

marble couture gown

This unique black and white gown will win everyone’s hearts at the wedding party! The two colors are used in such a way that the dress gives a marble effect. The dress has puffy sleeves and a v-shaped neckline with ruffles at the waist.

Maroon-colored Gown With Ruffles

maroon gown with ruffles

This one is a ruffled gown in the shade of maroon. The color will make you look bold, and the ruffles at the edge will give you a princess vibe. The upper portion is glittery, and the lower one of the gown is netted.

Rusty Orange Gown

rusty orange wedding guest gown

This bodycon gown in the hue of rusty orange will create an aesthetic wedding guest look. The dress has feather detailing at the bottom, and the upper portion has a shimmery texture.

Red Gown With Side Cape

red gown with side cape

A red gown is itself a show-stopper, but what if we add some side cape? The dress is overall simple, but the cape style makes it unique, giving you an elegant look!

Royal Blue Wedding Guest Gown

royal blue gown

Wear this blue princess-like gown to look royal at your invitation party! This royal blue dress is sleeveless with a sweetheart neckline and has a beautiful flower-like structure at the waist.

Silver Embroidery Gown

silver-colored wedding guest dress

This chandelier couture gown features silver embroidery detailing. It has one shoulder sleeve and a side thigh-high slit. To redefine elegance at your engagement invitation party, wear this dress in shades of silver, topped up with minimal jewelry.

Hot Pink One-shoulder Gown

hot pink one-shoulder gown

This sophisticated and elegant satin gown looks classy. The hot pink color and one-shoulder detailing are the highlights of the outfit.

Bronze Brocade Wedding Guest Gown

bronze brocade wedding guest gown

Glimmer on your next wedding invitation party in this bronze-colored brocade gown. It has a one-shoulder sleeve with ruffle works, a high slit, and most interestingly, the dress has pockets!

Velvet Wedding Guest Gown

velvet gown

This velvet gown with metallic stitching at the waist and curved shoulder accents will give you a classy look. It has full sleeves and a deep V-neckline.

Corset-style Gown

corset-style gown

This hot pink gown has a corset style, giving the dress a classy look. The outfit has spaghetti sleeves and a very high side slit.

Dark Slate-colored Gown

dark slate wedding guest dress

Want something simple for your wedding invitation? Wear a dark slate-colored A-line gown like this! It has no unique detailing to make you look unusual, yet the dress is so pretty.

Sequin Wedding Guest Gown

sequin gown

This is the perfect sequin gown that exists for a wedding invitation look. It is a bronze-colored gown with a stylish straight neckline and spaghetti straps to give you a shimmery vibe at the party.

Off-shoulder Pleated Dress

off-shoulder pleated dress

Look how cute this pleated dress is! It features off-shoulder detailing and is baby pink in color. This dress is perfect for summer or spring wedding parties to make you look beautiful and comfortable at the same time.

Faux Wrap Gown

black faux wrap gown

With a ruched faux wrap silhouette, this gown flaunts a sweetheart neckline and off-shoulder sleeves. It has a flowy A-line skirt from the waist opening to a side-high slit and cascades with a full-length hem, giving it a dramatic look!

Rainbow Sequin Dress

rainbow colored dress

This strapless sequin midi dress features a variety of colors, giving it a rainbow vibe. This dress is perfect to grab everyone’s attention at the wedding party!

Velvet Gown With A Slit

velvet gown with a slit

For all those unconventional guests who are always a step forward in breaking the ice, this thigh-slit gown in the hue of brown is for them. It will give a bold yet gorgeous look with its velvety finish.

Simple Nude-colored Gown

nude-colored wedding guest dress

This nude-colored dress is made of chiffon material. It has off-shoulder sleeves and a slit on the side. This outfit is another simple go-to option to look pretty yet not so out of the box.

Shimmery Pink Gown

shimmery pink gown

Who does not like shimmers at a party? If you are one of them, this is the perfect choice. This beautiful pink gown is full of shimmers and has a deep-cut neckline and back. From the waist portion, the dress has a flowy silhouette.

Rose Gold Satin Gown

satin wedding guest dress

Satins are timeless. They make you look classy, bold, and feminine. This rose gold satin gown with a deep neckline and backless detailing will give you the right wedding party vibe!

Unique Cape Style Dress

unique cape style dress

Are you tired of wearing gowns at wedding parties? Go for this outfit with a cape. It is one of the unique wedding guest dresses in this list. This nude-colored dress has simple spaghetti sleeves. However, the netted cape over it is what makes the dress unique.

Full Sleeves Floral Dress

full sleeves floral dress

For those winter wedding parties, go for this elegant white full-sleeve dress with floral prints. The dress has a beautiful bow detailing at the neckline. This full-skirt gown is what you need the most for swirl moves.

Ocean Blue Wedding Guest Gown

ocean blue wedding guest gown

This glittery wedding guest gown of ocean blue color is what you need to feel like a mermaid. The dress features a side slit and spaghetti sleeves.

Strapless Dress With Asymmetrical Hem

strapless dress with asymmetrical hem

Look at this lovely strapless dress- it has a glossy finish with a pink and white color combination. The eye-catching feature of this dress is its asymmetrical hem at the bottom.

Bright Yellow Wedding Guest Gown

bright yellow-colored wedding guest gown

Yellow is the color of happiness, and this dress will make you feel the same! This gorgeous gown features a one-shoulder sleeve detailing, a side slit, and a cute trail.

Halter Neck Dress With Feathered Hem

halter neck dress with feathered hem

With a beautiful feathered hem and haltered neckline, this mini dress will give a flattering look. It has a metallic finish with a simple silhouette, but the back has a cute bow!

Blue Silk Dress

blue silk wedding guest dress

This blue-colored silk dress is what you need for those summer beach wedding invitations. With a one-shoulder sleeve and backless feature, the dress has two cute floral detailing- one at the sleeve and the other at the waist.

Mauve-colored Chiffon Dress

mauve-colored chiffon dress

This mauve-colored dress has soft ruffles, a haltered neckline, and a free-flowing A-line silhouette. The dress is made of chiffon material that will give the guests a comfortable feeling!

Scarlet Wedding Guest Dress

scarlet-colored gown

For stunning photos, wear this scarlet-colored gown that features a thigh-high slit and one-shoulder shimmery sleeve. Complete the look with smokey eyes and a messy bun. And boom! You are camera-ready.

Layered Netted Gown

layered netted gown

Layers plus nets- what a beautiful combo for a wedding guest outfit! This four-layer dress made of netted fabric will give a cute princess vibe at the wedding party. The dress has a thin black tie-up at the waist to add a pop of color.

Sea Princess Column Gown

sea princess column gown

If you want to look like a mermaid on your wedding invitation day, go for this body-hugging column gown! It has many colors and stonework to give you a gorgeous sea princess look.

Purple Lacy Dress

purple-colored lacy wedding guest dress

If you love laces, this purple-colored lacy dress is for you! It is a simple midi dress with all-over lace works to give you an artistic vibe!

Shiny Golden Gown

shiny golden gown

This golden gown in a mermaid shape paired with a heavy necklace will make you look stunning. To get a royal queen look, try this golden gown with shiny embellishments for your wedding invitation day.

Embroidered Wedding Guest Dress

embroidered wedding guest dress

This beautiful embroidered wedding guest dress is perfect for anybody and everybody! With a pastel green color, the embroidery works look pretty, starting from the waist, though the upper portion is solid-colored.

Maroon Gown With Asymmetrical Straps

maroon-colored gown with asymmetrical straps

This sleek satin gown of maroon color looks so pretty. The unique feature of this dress is its asymmetrical straps- one side has a narrow strap, and the other has a broader strap.

Layered Ruffle Dress

layered ruffle dress

Ruffle dresses are a win for a trendy yet minimal look. But layers and ruffles- another great combo to create a wedding guest outfit look. This beautiful cold-shoulder pinkish-colored dress has ruffle designs at three layers and ruffle detailing at the neckline.

We hope the article helped you find your best-fitted guest outfit for your wedding invitation. Choose any of these wedding guest dresses to rock the party!