50 Bridal Hairstyles to Use as Inspiration for Your Wedding

A wedding is one of the crucial and memorable events in a woman’s life, and every detail should be the epitome of the bond one shares with the other half. Choosing the right bridal hairstyle is undoubtedly tedious. We hence have curated an array of charming and dreamy bridal hairstyles. These versatile hairstyles would make sure to catch everyone’s attention and create a captivating look. Prepare yourself for a visually striking journey of grooming ideas that will turn every head you pass by.

Boho Waves Bridal Hairstyle

Effortless bridal hairstyle crowned with flowers.

Embrace a romantic and whimsical look for your wedding, as can be seen, this bridal hairstyle features Bohemian-style tousled waves. The delicate flower crown makes the overall look chic and cute.

Classic Wedding Chignon

Timeless bridal hairstyle with graceful chignon twist.

When simplicity meets sophistication, it creates magic, likewise to this classic bridal hairstyle. With a refined look, this hairdo will frame your face well simultaneously.

Half-up Half-down Curls

Elegantly curled half-up hair with allure.

If you want something feminine and versatile as well, then you are unquestionably looking for these half-up half-down curls.

Low Bun Bridal Hairstyle

Sophisticated low bun bridal hairstyle for your wedding.

A polished and neat updo at the neck of your neck is all you need to turn every head at you on your wedding. This bridal hairstyle completes your bridal gown and accessories simultaneously.

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Messy Updo Bridal Hairstyle

Textured updo, loose curls exuding romance.

As shown above, this intricate bridal hairstyle features a blend of textured updo along with loose curls. The contrast creates a unique look coupled with grace.

Braided Crown Bridal Hairdo

Regal and charming bridal hairstyle, adorned braided crown.

Embrace a sense of royalty with this regal braided crown hairdo. The braided crown will undoubtedly make you feel like a queen on your special day.

Fishtail Braid Bridal Hairdo

Intricate fishtail braids with locks.

A modern twist to the traditional braids, as shown above, this picture features intricately woven braids that look like a fishtail. This bridal hairstyle, coupled with your bridal attire, will exude sophistication.

Floral Updo Bridal Hairstyle

Twisted bridal hairstyle adorned with delicate flowers.

Embrace the inner goddess in you with this twisted updo, it features voluminous twisted sections formed into an updo. The flowers adorned to it makes it undeniably dreamy and romantic.

Vintage Curly Bridal Hairstyle

Vintage curly bridal hairstyle with a white hairpiece.

If you want an elegant and modern touch to your hairstyle, look no further. As shown above, this vintage curly hairdo will simultaneously highlight your natural beauty and attire.

Helix Vine Bridal Hairstyle

Helix vine hairdo with a long floral hairpiece.

If you want an elegant charm in your wedding hairdo, having these helix curls will get the job done. It is simple yet elegant and will elevate your overall appearance on your wedding day.

Top Knot Bridal Hairstyle

Voluminous bridal hairstyle, striking and elegant.

A voluminous top knot creates a fashion-forward appearance and boosts your overall look. This bridal hairdo will unquestionably create a bold statement-making look.

Waterfall Braid Bridal Hairdo

Intricate braids with cascading waterfall like curls.

Embrace a beautiful and whimsical look with these flowing waterfall braids. It features descending braids, likewise to a waterfall, adding a touch of fantasy.

French Twist Bridal Hairdo

Classic French twist, timeless and refined.

A classic and timeless hairdo, it features an updo that is tucked in with a twist. It is timeless and undeniably chic, perfect for a minimalistic bridal hairstyle.

Bun with a Hairpiece

Bun with a hairpiece, adorned beauty.

Add sparkle to your classic bun coupled with a tasteful hairpiece. A hairpiece elevates your overall bridal hairdo adding grace and sophistication to it.

Sleek Bun with Tiny Flowers

Sleek bun on the nape with tiny white flowers.

If you want to highlight your sweet and bubbly personality, you should try this hairstyle at your wedding. As can be seen, this bridal hairdo gives a laid-back and carefree vibe with a touch of playfulness.

Curly Ponytail with Bow

Curly bridal hairstyle with a cute bow.

A dainty bow can unquestionably get the job done if you do not feel like adorning your hairdo with a hairpiece. It will highlight your textured curls coupled with giving you a feminine and youthful vibe.

Braided Updo with Pearls

Intricate braided updo with pearls adorned.

This sophisticated hairstyle features different sizes of pearls placed strategically in your woven braids. The pearls elevate the updo creating an eye-catching effect.

Side-swept Fishtail Braids

Fishtail side-swept braid, graceful and charming.

Embrace feminity coupled with uniqueness with this side-swept fishtail braid as it cascades over your shoulder. The contemporary twist to the classic braid creates a modern look.

Half-Up Braided Crown

Boho-inspired half-up braided crown, ethereal grace.

This Bohemian-style hairdo features a half-up braided crown. It looks intricate, and the crown adds to the overall appearance making it ethereal and chic.

Sleek Low Bun with Brooch

Sleek low bun with a classy crystal brooch.

A sleek bun always makes a hairstyle refined, and it is unquestionably what every bride wants. Elevate this fuss-free hairstyle with a brooch to elevate its beauty manifolds.

Braided Twisted Floral Hairdo

Braided half-up half-down bridal hairstyle.

Twisted half-up half-down is the best when it is left to cascade down on your shoulders. This hairdo will undeniably make you feel like a Hollywood star.

Braided Messy Bun

Messy braids formed into a low bun.

An artfully messy hairstyle with braids to create an elegant and relaxed look. It is a blend of stylish and modern hairdos coupled with a bohemian charm.

Loose Curls with Tiara

Graceful loose curls with a crystal tiara.

As shown above, this hairdo will make you feel like the belle of the ball. The tiara adds to the royalty and grace of the loose textured curls, giving you a look likewise to a princess.

Side-swept Braided Pony

Braided side-swept pony with flowers adorned.

Highlight your delicate side coupled with a sense of tenderness with this romantic side-swept braided pony with flowers adorned. As can be seen, this side bun is a dreamy choice for every to-be bride.

Textured Low Ponytail

Textured bridal hairstyle, effortless and chic.

A blend of grace coupled with modernity is the description that best suits this hairstyle. It is simple and chic simultaneously and will put everyone in awe.

Flowers Adorned Bridal Updo

Bridal updo adorned with delicate flowers.

Having flowers adorned on your hairdo is the best way to highlight your natural elements. If you are planning an outdoor or a destination wedding, this is your go-to hairstyle.

Sleek Braided Ponytail

Sleek bridal hairdo, modern and stylish.

Ponytail is one the most underrated hairdos, coupled with braids, it takes the hairstyle to another dimension. A modern touch of braids to the timeless class of a sleek ponytail.

Twisted Half-up Bridal Hairdo

Chic twisted half-up with flowers adorned.

This hairstyle features the best of both worlds, from leaving the textured hair to cascade down coupled with the grace of an updo. The twisted half-up hairdo adds an element of refinement.

Messy Bun Bridal Hairstyle

Messy bun with a jeweled hairpin accent.

A messy bridal hairdo will surely give you a rustic look. The contrast of your hairstyle with your bridal attire will elevate your overall appearance. The pearly hairpin gives a playful touch to your hairstyle.

Soft Waves Bridal Hairstyle

Simple yet elegant soft curly bridal hairstyle.

If you have natural curls, you should highlight them in your bridal hairdo. The crystal clip elevates your delicate and flowing waves.

Dutch Braids with Flowers

Dutch braids adorned with fresh flowers.

The allure of fresh flowers, coupled with the classiness of Dutch braids, elevate your bridal hairstyle. It is undoubtedly the go-to hairdo for springtime weddings or if you choose to have a floral wedding.

Ballerina Bun Bridal Hairdo

Classic ballerina bun, elegant and poised bridal hairstyle.

If you want to highlight your neck, shoulders, and your facial features, then the classic ballerina bun got your back. It gives you a polished and refined look.

Fishtail Braid Updo

Intricate braids formed into a voluminous updo.

A put-together look, coupled with the artistic fishtail braids, will undeniably drop jaws at your wedding. The complexity of fishtail braids, coupled with the refined look of an updo, makes it picture-perfect!

Double Twist Low Buns

Double twist low buns, unique and stylish bridal hairstyle.

Double the attention with a pair of braided pony secured in the form of low buns. This bridal hairstyle is undoubtedly a great choice for to-be brides who want a classic appeal with a timeless allure.

Curly Side Swept Locks

Free curls with side swept locks and a hairpiece.

As can be seen, this hairdo features side-swept curls coupled with loose curls in the back. The hairpiece at the back will elevate your overall bridal hairstyle.

Sleek Low Bun with Hairpiece

Sleek low bun with a chic hairpiece.

The sleekness of a bun, coupled with the grace of minimalism, will elevate your bridal hairstyle. It features a bun wrapped by the hair itself, adorned by a pearl clip, giving you a clean and put-together look.

French Braid with High Bun

Intricate braids with a sleek high bun.

A high bun always brings into the picture your facial features, especially the neck and ear. The woven braids in the form of a high bun are all you need for your bridal hairdo.

Crown Braid with Greenery

Crown braid with greenery, natural and graceful.

The dark-hued leafy crown creates an eye-catchy effect due to its contrast with the bridal attire. The crown braids complement the green crown and elevate the overall appearance.

Soft Curls with Hairpiece

Soft curls adorned with a beautiful hairpiece.

This simple yet sophisticated look will take your wedding hairstyle to another dimension. The hairpiece complements your overall look as well as your attire.

Half-down Loose Curls

Flower adorned bridal hairstyle with braids and loose curls.

A twist to the half-up half-down bridal hairstyle features flower-adorned braids coupled with curly waves cascading to the back. It will highlight your facial characteristics well.

High Bun with Hairpiece

High bun with an exquisite hairpiece.

A high bun has never looked so elegant before as it did with the wedding attire. It will elevate your overall appearance. The hairpiece makes it undeniably chic.

Messy Boho with Flowers

Messy boho waves adorned with fresh flowers.

The classic Bohemian hairdo, coupled with a rustic touch and adorned flowers, is the recipe for the perfect wedding hairstyle. The messy hair adds a playful touch to your overall wedding hairstyle.

Low Chignon with Flowers

Low chignon with delicate floral accents.

Flowers unquestionably can elevate any wedding hairstyle, and as can be seen, the classic chignon is no different. Go for a contrasting flower to create an eye-catching effect.

Dutch Braid Floral Crown

Dutch braid crowned with a floral headpiece.

Embrace the sense of grace and ethereal beauty with this unquestionably dreamy wedding hairstyle. The addition of flowers in the Dutch braid elevates the overall beauty of your hairdo.

Side Swept Volumnous Braids

Side swept voluminous braids with white flowers.

The grace of voluminous braids, coupled with the playful touch of side-swept hair, will give your wedding hairstyle a blissful touch. This hairdo will refine and elevate your overall look.

Waterfall Curls with Hair Vine

Waterfall curls adorned with a delicate hair vine.

This wedding hairstyle shows a resemblance likewise to the half-up half-down curls. Hair Vine boosts the overall appearance of a dreamy wedding hairdo.

Twisted Bun Bridal Hairdo

Braided bun with pearl embellishments.

As can be seen, the traditional bun gets a revamp with a twist-like updo. The pearly pins add to the grace and sophistication of this bridal hairdo.

Twisted Voluminous Ponytail

Twisted voluminous ponytail, modern and chic bridal hairstyle.

Ponytails are unquestionably minimalistic and sleek. A twist to the classic ponytail would be twisting them to form a voluminous hairdo at the nape, subsequently securing it with a crystal hair clip.

Top Curly Down Bridal Hairdo

Soft curls cascading down for the perfect bridal hairstyle.

As can be seen, this wedding hairstyle beautifully highlights the facial features. The curls cascading to the back add a playful touch and the hairpiece adds to the overall charm of your special hairdo.

Braided Boho Waves

Braided boho waves, carefree and romantic.

Bohemian bridal hairdo gets a twist with classy braids coupled with pretty flowers. The soft and curly waves are likewise to the half-up half-down, and you will get the best from both worlds with the braids.

A wedding is a special event and the bridal hairstyle plays a crucial role in putting your overall appearance together. Also, make sure to help your better half with grooming ideas to get some attention as well!