How to Clean Makeup Brushes at Home

The instant solution to brighten your mood and get a glowing face is to wear makeup. In addition to following a skincare routine, makeup is the best way to be picture-ready every time you step out. Makeup is an art, and you need brushes to complete the art. For makeup lovers, makeup brushes are like treasures. And even for the non-enthusiast, the expensiveness of makeup brushes makes them equivalent to a catch. So, everyone must know how to clean makeup brushes for a seamless makeup journey!

Easy Steps To Clean Makeup Brushes At Home!

Clean Your Brushes After Every Use

Makeup brushes are generally costly investments, and it can be challenging to guarantee their lifetime. The essential step in cleaning your makeup brushes is to clean the excess makeup from them after every use. The bristles of makeup brushes are generally very delicate and sensitive. And if there are traces of makeup stuck to the brushes, the quality of soft bristles will gradually deteriorate, decreasing their lifetime.

cleaning makeup brushes with towel after every use

Wipe the brushes thoroughly after every use to ensure that no single particle of foundation, concealer, or powder is stuck. Use a paper towel or simply a clean towel for the process. Grab the brush you want to clean with the desired towel and swirl it 2-3 times to dust off all the excess makeup.

Wash The Brushes

washing the brushes under running water

Wet makeup products do not come off effortlessly from the bristles with wipes, so you must wash them under running water. A light rinse of the makeup bristles will do the job. Use lukewarm water, but not simmering hot, as it may damage the brushes. Hold the makeup brush with its bristles pointing downward to prevent water from running back, and gently rub the bristles under water.

Use Mild Shampoo

dipping the brushes in shampoo water

The bristles of brushes are like our hair. Just as our hair needs deep cleaning with shampoo, makeup brushes need it too. Deep cleaning is a must once a week if you use them very often. To deep clean, wash the bristles in a shampoo solution. Then take a few drops of shampoo in a container and dilute them in ample water so that all the strands are covered in water. To prepare this solution, use a mild shampoo with not-so-harsh chemicals, as a strong shampoo or detergent will dry out your precious brushes and damage them.

Using A Cleanser

Like face cleansers clean our faces, there are also cleansers for cleaning makeup brushes. These cleansers come in different forms, including gel and liquid. You can use them to clean the brushes every seven to ten days.

using cleansers for deep cleaning
  • Using Gel-based Cleanser:

To use the gel form, take a considerable drop into a bowl, add water, and whisk the bristles until they create foam. A single drop can wash up to 4-5 brushes.

  • Using Liquid-based Cleanser:

The liquid cleanser is readily available and convenient to use. Take a few drops of liquid cleaner into a bowl of water and rinse until it creates foam. Wash the brushes in it, just like you would wash them in shampoo.

Swirl The Brushes Properly

swirling on hand for better cleaning

Lather formation is essential in the makeup brush cleaning process. Regardless of the washing agent you use, make sure to create a lather by swirling each brush in the solution. This helps in deep cleaning your brushes. To work up a lather, swirl the bristles of the brushes onto a flat surface or around your palm if your makeup brushes are dirty.

Wash Off The Foam

washing off the foam

After washing the brushes in shampoo or cleanser, it is vital to wash off all the lather and foam from the bristles. Hold the makeup brush downward under running water to prevent water from penetrating the handle, and rinse off the shampoo from the makeup brushes.

Drying Of The Brushes

drying the brushes on towel

Just like our hair needs to be dried after cleaning, to stop any unpleasant odors and to maintain its texture, brushes also need to be dried after cleaning. Dry the bristles well after washing the brushes in water to remove the water. Be gentle and do not squeeze or rub the makeup brush to avoid weakening the brush bristles. Remove all the dripping water, and lay your damp brushes on a regular towel. All the moisture will get soaked in the towel, and you can leave your makeup brushes to air-dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years should you use a makeup brush?

It is recommended to change your makeup brushes after every 3 to 5 years, based on their condition. Makeup brushes come in direct contact with your skin, so you must keep renewing them.

How do you wash oil-based makeup products from the brushes?

cleaning tough stains from brushes

You may find it hard to remove oil-based makeup products like foundation and concealer from the brush bristles as they tend to stick to them. Add a few drops of coconut oil or, if possible, olive oil into any of the above-suggested soap mixtures to remove these stubborn makeup particles. The oil helps to efficiently break down the makeup molecules from the soft bristles that have clogged.

How do you clean the brushes when in a hurry?

Yes, it may happen when you are in a hurry and do not have enough time to follow the regime of washing your brushes. No worries! Spray a generous amount of rubbing alcohol on the brush bristles after using them and wipe out the bristle gently with a clean cloth.

We hope our guide to cleaning makeup brushes will help you maintain their quality and give them a prolonged lifespan. Enjoy flawless makeup application with clean makeup brushes!