60 Black and White Outfits For Effortless Glamour!

Black and white is a timeless combination that creates a dreamscape where color falls short. The classic elegance of black and white outfits can bring out your inner grace in ways other color combinations simply can’t. You are in the right place if you are looking for outfits that exude grace and class. We have curated a list of 60 black and white outfits that will help you elevate your style and embrace your classy aura!

The Turtle Neck Black and White Shirt

turtle neck black top and white shirt

Embrace simplicity with a black turtleneck shirt paired with a crisp white shirt. Complete the look with plain black trousers and a stylish handbag, and you are ready to slay!

The Black and White Vest

black and white sweater

Make a statement with a vibrant black and white sweater vest. Pair it with a mini black skirt and white boots for a chic look. Wear a black full sleeves top inside the vest yo complete the look.

The Black Skirt & White Top

black skirt and white top

Elegance meets simplicity with this outfit featuring a white shirt topped with a white sweater. Pair it with a classic black skirt and white knee-high boots for a classy vibe.

The Chessboard Jumper

Chessboard Jumper

Elevate your look with a black and white chessboard-styled jumper for an effortlessly stylish ensemble. It has a button front, collars, and long sleeves with a knitted texture.

The Black Jacket Look

jacket outfit look

Effortlessly chic – this outfit combines a black jacket with a white turtleneck sweater. Perfect for a stylish and laid-back look. Wear a mini black skirt and white boots for the complete look.

The White Coat Look

white coat look

A white coat paired with a white sweater and black shorts creates a sophisticated look. Complete the outfit with white boots and a matching handbag. You will look pretty and cute at the same time!

The Black Blazer & White Trousers

blazer and trousers look

A laid-back black blazer paired with white jeans is perfect for a day out when you want to make an impressive style statement. Wear a pair of sneakers for more comfort.

The Black & White Striped Shirt

Black & White Striped Blouse

A simple striped shirt paired with white trousers is alluring and attractive, perfect for various occasions. The white collars, pockets, and sleeve borders compliment the striped design. Wear dainty jewelry for a classy vibe.

The White Blazer Look

White Blazer Look

The white blazer complements black flared trousers, creating a polished and refined look. Add a black handbag to enhance the overall outfit. Pair it with a white sneakers to dress down or with heels to dress up.

The Polka Dot Set

polka dot outfit

This outfit has a contrasting polka dot design in black and white. A puffy-sleeve, V-neck blouse with a high-waisted asymmetrical hem skirt showcases passion and charm, offering an adorable look. Pair it with white sunglasses, a black belt, and a hat.

The All-White Blazer and Trousers

All White Blazer and Trousers

A composed look is achieved with an all-white blazer and trousers. The black top with the black handbag and sunglasses add the perfect contrast, making the outfit pop.

The White Slit Dress

slit dress

A stunning white bodycon dress with a slit can be elevated with a black blazer, adding depth and sophistication to the overall look. Pair it with black boots, and you are ready to slay at any party!

The Cow-printed Furry Set

Cow-printed Furry Set

This cute cow-printed black and white outfit looks cute. It is perfect for a winter day out because of its furry texture. The skirt and jacket can be paired with a black bralette, and you will feel the most comfortable!

The Black Dress With White Shirt

Black Dress With White Shirt

Effortless and laid-back, the black dress paired with a white shirt exudes charm and simplicity. Wear black heels, sunglasses, dainty jewelry, and a handbag to complete the look.

The Black and White Collared Dress

Collared Dress

Radiating a romantic essence, this black dress with white collars features lace details down the sleeves for an enchanting look. Cinch a belt at the waist for a defined look.

The Pinstriped Blazer Look

Black Pinstriped Blazer with White Top & Trousers

This classy outfit featuring a black pinstriped blazer over a white top and trousers can be recreated to suit your style, creating a flawless look. This outfit gives a bossy vibe.

The Black Dress with White Bows

Black Dress with White Bows

A black slit dress becomes charming and delicate with the addition of white bows at the shoulders. This outfit looks so adorable and perfect for parties. Carry a white handbag to complete your look.

The White and Black Striped Sweater

White and Black Striped Sweater

A white and black striped oversized sweater offers a modest and gentle look. Pair it with black trousers for a complete look. You can also wear dainty jewelry for a pretty vibe.

The Black Dress with White Sleeves

Black Dress with White Sleeves

Stunning in simplicity, the black dress with white sleeves offers a canvas for accessories to enhance the overall look. You can dress it with some red lips and heels!

The Black Striped Blouse

Black Striped Blouse

Pair a black striped blouse with a white shirt and black trousers for a stylish ensemble. Glossy black heels can complete the look. You can also dress down by pairing it with a comfy pair of sneakers.

The White Mesh Top & Black Trousers

White Mesh Sleeved Top and Black Trousers

Let the spotlight shine on a beautiful mesh-sleeved white top paired with black trousers. Add fine jewelry and a handbag to elevate the look. The top must be the highlight, so try to keep other things subtle.

The Simple High-Waisted Black Trousers

Simple High-Waisted Trousers

Effortless and chic, a white square-neck blouse with simple high-waisted black trousers creates a sophisticated look. To make the outfit pop out, the trousers have wide white borders.

The Black & White Slit Skirt

Slit Skirt

Elevate your outfit with a high-waisted slit skirt paired with a white ruffled blouse for an appealing look. The white skirt has black geometric prints to make it unique.

The Black and White Cardigan

Black and White Cardigan

A black and white cropped cardigan can be paired with a black tank top and trousers for the winter days. Complete the look with a delicate necklace and sunglasses.

The Classic Tweed Shorts & Blazer

Classic Tweed Short Pant

Classy and sophisticated, a black tweed short pants outfit with a black blazer creates an ensemble perfect for various occasions. Wear a white shirt and black tie to complete the look.

The Wide Shirt Collar Dress

Wide Shirt Collar Dress

Stand out in a classic black dress with a white, wide shirt collar. Charming, attractive, and alluring, this outfit is perfect for any occasion. The dress a button-up style in the front for a more casual vibe.

The Strapless Color Block Dress

Sleeveless Half & Half Dress

Wear this strapless white and black color-block dress for any event. The silver mini bows turn the simple outfit into a stunning one! Pair it with sleek earrings, and you are all set.

The Black Satin Skirt with White Lacey Top

Black Satin Skirt with White Lacey Top

Radiate elegance with a black satin midi skirt, perfect for showcasing your aesthetic. The outfit becomes more vintage-style when paired with a beautiful lacey white top.

The Black Leather Jacket Look

Black Leather Jacket Look

Comfortable and chic, a black leather jacket layered with a black and white striped sweater and black shorts creates an effortlessly stylish outfit for the fall season.

The Oversized Sweater Dress

Oversized Sweater Dress

Effortless and fetching, an oversized sweater dress exudes comfort and style. It has abstract black-and-white designs all over. Pair it with hoops, and you are all set to slay.

The Black Vest & Checkered Pants

Black Vest with White Border

A cozy white sweatshirt with a black vest is perfect for low-maintenance outfits. Pair it with black and white checkered pants for an extra pop. Also, the black vest has white borders to make it more highlighted.

The Two Piece Black Suit

Two Piece Suit

Extravagant and attractive, an all-black two-piece suit with white lines creates a unique and exquisite look. Add accessories to personalize the outfit. You can also wear the trousers and the blazer separately to create two different looks.

The White Pleated Skirt Look

White Pleated Skirt Look

A black mock neck top with a white pleated skirt creates a subtle yet fearless look, perfect for various occasions. You can even wear this look for offices and after parties.

The Leopard-printed Jacket

Leopard-printed Jacket

This white and black leopard-printed jacket has a button-up closure with a cropped raw hem. Pair this cute jacket with black jeans and a top – you are ready for the winter mornings.

The Blazer with White Skirt

Blazer with White Skirt

Bold and chic, a blazer paired with a white pleated skirt and belt creates a complete and striking look. Add a pair of boots and a handbag to complete the look.

The Black and White Shirt Dress

Black and White Shirt Dress

A sleeveless black dress paired with a white collared shirt adds depth and uniqueness to the outfit. This shirt dress looks pretty and elegant when paired with a black handbag, pink lips, and earrings.

The Lantern Sleeve Dress

A black and white plaid tweed dress with lantern sleeves adds a new dimension, helping you channel your inner self. You can add a belt to the dress for a defined waist.

The Schoolgirl Look

School Girl Look

A versatile outfit featuring a white shirt half in and half out from a cute mini black skirt. Paired with a black tie, wristwatch, and black shoes, the outfit gives a perfect schoolgirl vibe!

The Zebra-printed Romper

Zebra-printed Romper

Wear this zebra-printed romper for a day out with your friends. Pair it with sneakers and a handbag for a comfy vibe. The romper has full sleeves yet backless which gives a bold and stylish look.

The Striped Pants Look

Striped Pant

Pair black and white striped pants with a plain black shirt. Add fine jewelry, a belt, and sunglasses to make the outfit pop. You can also pair it with a striped top for a monochrome look.

The Black Corset Look

Black Corset Look

Luxurious and stunning, a black corset paired with a simple white shirt and a mini black leather skirt creates an exquisite outfit. Carry a handbag to complete the look.

The Black and White Plaid Skirt

Black and White Plaid Skirt

Complete your Y2K-inspired look with a black and white plaid skirt, a cozy white shirt, and a long black coat for realistic winter wear. Complete your look with a pearl headband and black pump heels.

The White and Black Sailor Collar Tweed Jacket

White and Black Sailor Collar Tweed Jacket

Wear a white and black sailor collar tweed jacket on top of a plain white blouse for a spotlight-worthy look. Pair the jacket with the same printed short skirt and you are all set for a cute look.

The Black and White Knitted Mini Dress

Black and White Knitted Mini Dress

A knitted mini dress with a square neck reflects an essence of originality and fragility, creating a flattering and stunning outfit. The dress has a matching jacket over it to create a unique look.

The White Blazer with Black Bows

White Blazer with Black Bows

A beautiful black mini-dress paired with a white blazer featuring black bows creates an appealing and adorable look. The outfit looks stunning with a black handbag and black sheer stockings.

The Black and White Woolen Poncho

Black and White Woollen Poncho

An alluring black and white woolen poncho adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit, making it a perfect winter choice. The poncho is white with black stripes. Wear black trousers and a hat to complete your look.

The White Cropped Blazer with Black Trousers

White Cropped Blazer with Black Trousers

A white cropped blazer paired with black leather pants is slick, classy, and bold, creating a stylish and confident look. Wear a turtleneck white top inside the blazer, a handbag, and sneakers to finish the look.

The White and Black Hoodie

White and Black Hoodie

A charming white and black hoodie is versatile and can be easily worn to match your aesthetic. You can pair it with black or blue jeans – you are ready for the day.

The Floral Pullover

Floral Pullover

A white pullover with black floral prints paired with black trousers creates a charming and stylish look. This knitted V-neck distressed sweater has drop shoulders that create a cool style.

The White Feathered Black Dress

White Feathered Black Dress

The graceful white-feathered hem on an elegant black sleeveless dress looks stunning. The dress has a thigh-high slit and can be complemented with a matching handbag and jewelry for a polished look.

The Outfit with Pearls

Pearl Outfit

A black full-sleeve top with a plunging neckline and a mini skirt with a slit looks playful and charming. The twist is the white pearl lining on the top and skirt, perfect for showcasing your outgoing side in spring.

The Black Pencil Skirt Look

Black Pencil Skirt

Pair a white office blouse with an elegant midi checkered pencil skirt for a professional and flattering look. Complete the look with black sunglasses, heels, and a handbag.

The Black & White Co-ord Set

Black & White Co-ord Set

A playful black and white co-ord set is a versatile addition to your wardrobe, perfect for pairing with a tank top or other pieces that match your aesthetic. This outfit has swirl designs all over for a funky look.

The Black and White Lacey Outfit

Black and White Lacey Look

This midi dress is the perfect combination of color-blocking elements with floral lacey designs. Allover lace in contrasting black and white tones creates a bold yet delicate design.

The White Blazer with Black Dress

White Blazer with Black Dress

Pair a black midi dress with a simple white blazer, and add a black belt for extra depth and style. This is a perfect business casual look or even an after-office party look.

The Ruffled Top with Palazzo Pants

White Ruffled Top with Black Palazzo Pants

A white ruffled-shoulder, full-sleeved blouse can be paired with lacey black palazzo pants for a casual look. You can pair it with black trousers or jeans for a more professional vibe.

The Newspaper-printed Top

Newspaper-printed Top

This newspaper-printed top in black and white is a stylish addition to any wardrobe. Pair it with a black leather skirt or trousers for a classy look. You can add a contrasting earring to break the monotony.

The Black & White Jumpsuit

Black & White Jumpsuit

A stunning white jumpsuit with black designs is a winning combination. It has a belt to define the waist for a put-together look. Add accessories of your choice to complete the look.

The Relaxed Jeans Look

Relaxed Jeans Look

White relaxed jeans and a sleeveless black blouse create a classy and sophisticated look. You can wear this for a casual day out with friends or for picnics.

The Black & White Look with Denim

Black & White Look with Denim

Elevate casual outfits with a black cropped blazer. Pair it with a plain white tee and jeans for a stylish look. This outfit is perfect for a winter day out, making you feel stylish yet comfy at the same time.

These 60 black and white outfits will make you look classy and stylish. From sweaters to dresses, it is all about keeping it simple and looking good!