20 Hermes Sandals To Make Your Feet Prettier This Summer

Discover grace and craftsmanship with this collection of Hermes sandals. From iconic “H” cut-outs to luxurious materials, each sandal showcases sophistication with comfort. Whether looking for a daring yet comfortable style or a chic feminine look, Hermes sandals offer versatility and luxury for every occasion. Explore the exquisite details, iconic designs, and impeccable quality that make these sandals a worthy addition to any wardrobe!

Hermes Egerie Sandal

Egerie Sandal

Hermes Egerie Sandal has the “Chaine d’Ancre” motif in a sea spray green waterproof TPU, perfect for summer with its durable rubber sole. Style these sandals with casual denim shorts and a breezy white top for a relaxed daytime look. Or pair them with a flowy maxi dress for an elegant summer evening outfit.

Hermes Oran Sandal

Oran Sandal

The Oran Sandal in Rouge De Turin has suede goatskin and Dabka with an iconic “H” cut-out, embodying Hermès’ timeless style. With a black leather sole, edge, and calfskin insole and lining, it is a versatile addition to any summer wardrobe.

Infra Sandal

Infra rubber slip-ons

The Infra Hermes Sandals, made of Nappa leather with a light sole, feature a dynamic graphic design. It includes a white rubber sole and a porcelain pink calfskin insole with lambskin lining. These sandals complement both casual and semi-formal outfits, such as summer dresses or tailored shorts with a blouse.

Havane 30 Sandal

Havane 30 Sandal

The Havane 30 Sandal by Hermès has an “H” cut-out detail in calfskin with a wrap-around ankle strap. Its light cork platform heel ensures comfort, making it ideal for summer. The slide also includes a natural rubber sole, black goatskin insole and lining, and a platform heel design.

Hermes Hera Sandal

Hera slip-ons

The Hera Sandal is designed in calfskin with piercings inspired by the “Gamma” belt, offering a minimal yet elegant look. It has a black leather sole and heel, along with a natural goatskin insole and lining. Pair these sandals with relaxed denim jeans and a simple t-shirt for a laid-back yet chic outfit.

Furry Oran Sandal

Furry Oran Sandal

The Oran Sandal, in Turin Red shearling, showcases the iconic “H” cut-out, combining daring style with comfort. Featuring a black leather sole and edge, along with shearling insole and lining, the slide is complemented by a lambskin patch on the insole for added luxury.

Hermes Isle Sandal

Isle slip-ons

The Isle Sandal is made of calfskin and showcases the iconic Glenan buckle, perfect for a modern and casual look. It comes with a black leather sole, black leather edge, and an aged golden buckle for added flair.

Hermes Santorini Sandal

Santorini Sandal

The Santorini Hermes Sandals combine calfskin and fringed denim. It has a “H” cut-out detailing with a thin ankle strap, perfect for a stylish casual look. It has a black leather sole, edge, and a palladium-plated buckle. Pair these sandals with a flowy summer dress or cropped jeans for a stylish look.

Extra Sandal

Extra slip-ons

The Extra Sandal, a techno sandal made from goatskin, has a rubber sole and Chaine d’Ancre-inspired straps. It’s ideal for a chic and casual summer look, complemented by a black rubber sole, alabaster beige calfskin insole, and lambskin lining.

Island Sandal

Island Sandal

The Island Sandal by Hermes is made of waterproof TPU and has iconic Chaine d’Ancre-inspired straps, making it ideal for summer wear. Its black rubber sole provides durability and versatility, allowing women to style it with anything, from casual shorts and a tank top to a chic summer dress for various occasions.

Hermes Giulia Sandal

Giulia slip-ons

The Giulia Sandals, made from suede goatskin and calfskin, have the palladium-plated Kelly buckle for a stylish appearance. It comes with a black leather sole, black leather heel, palladium-plated buckle, and electric green goatskin insole and lining.

Idioma Sandal

Idioma Sandal

The Idioma Sandal by Hermès is crafted from calfskin with a “Mosaique” motif inspired by the 24 Faubourg store, offering a retro summer style. It has a brown color, black leather sole, and edge as well as a natural lambskin insole and lining. These sandals pair well with vintage-inspired outfits, such as high-waisted shorts and a tucked-in blouse, or a flowy midi dress.

Hermes Sandal with Studs

Hermes Sandal with Studs

The Oran Sandal in calfskin has the iconic “H” cut-out and intricate stud details, embodying an essential Hermès style. With a black leather sole, heel, and palladium-plated studs, this slide offers a luxurious touch with a black goatskin insole and lining.

Ines Sandal

Ines slip-ons

The Ines Sandal is crafted from calfskin and has straps adorned with the iconic palladium-plated oversized Kelly buckle, offering a bold style. It has a black leather sole, black leather edge, palladium-plated buckle, and gold lambskin insole and lining for added luxury.

Hermes Empire Sandal

Empire Sandal

The Empire Sandal from Hermès is a chic yet comfortable techno-sandal made of suede goatskin with an anatomical sole and an iconic permabrass-plated Kelly buckle. It has a comfortable and stylish look, featuring a black rubber sole.

Hermes Kalliste Sandal

Kalliste Sandal

The Kalliste Hermes Sandals feature Nappa leather with iconic “Chaine d’Ancre” inspired straps, offering a feminine and stylish look ideal for summer. It comes with a natural leather sole, a palladium-plated buckle, and a natural goatskin insole and lining.

Eze 30 Sandal

Eze 30 Sandal

The Eze 30 Sandal by Hermes is made from suede goatskin and has an “H” cut-out design. Its light cork platform heel offers a daring yet comfortable style. The slide also includes a natural rubber sole, natural cork heel, Grezzo leather welt, and ocean blue goatskin insole and lining.

Hermes Galerie Sandal

Galerie Sandal

The Galerie Sandal by Hermès is crafted from calfskin and has a tone-on-tone signature Paris buckle, offering everyday elegance. The sandal is complemented by a black leather and rubber sole, a matte white lacquered metal buckle, and a white goatskin insole and lining.

Chypre Sandal

Chypre slip-ons

The Chypre Sandal by Hermès is a techno-sandal crafted from shiny Mississippiensis alligator, featuring an adjustable strap for comfort. Its sleek design lends itself to a stylish yet casual look, complemented by a black anatomical rubber sole, calfskin insole, and smoked brown lambskin lining.

Hermes Grace Sandal

Grace Sandal

The Grace Sandal has oversized “Chaine Gourmette” and “Chaine Torsade” patterns, offering a summer-ready vibe. It comes with a black Nappa leather sole, heel, and a buckle. Pair it with a sundress or tailored shorts for a chic summer look.