How to Measure Your Bra Size at Home

Every girl will agree that the most essential garment/ innerwear for any outfit is the bra. Though the topic is not very widespread, no one should compromise in this matter. The bra you wear widely determines the look that you want to pull off with your favorite outfit. A wrong type or wrong size of bra can ruin your outfit, as well as your mood. So, you must know how to measure your bra size at home to pick out the perfect size of bra for your breasts as well as the brand that suits you.

A wrong size can not only cause you discomfort and an undesirable look but also some serious health issues. It has been reported that wearing the wrong bra size can lead to backaches, breast pain, breast tumors, or even cancer. You must be wondering if determining the bra sizes is hectic and, at the same time, awkward. Chill out, my girls! We will discuss all the steps you need to know for the exact bra size at home in this article.

Know if you are using the wrong bra size:

woman wearing too loose bra

Till now, you must have been wearing a specific size of bra. First, you need to determine if that size is your size. Wearing the perfect size will give you comfort and the look you want, but the wrong size will cause many problems and discomfort. Hence, it is easy to notice a wrong-sized bra by observing your bra and breast area. If you notice any of the below-mentioned effects, you are wearing a wrong-sized bra.

Symptoms of a wrong-size bra

The symptoms of not wearing the correct sized bra are minute. You may be experiencing those symptoms daily but ignoring them as they are nothing compared to your busy work schedule.

woman having marks and rashes for wrong bra size
  • The first symptom is having wrinkles in the cup of your bra- we often consider it typical due to ill-wearing of the bra.
  • An embarrassing symptom of wearing the wrong bra size is spilling of your breast muscles from the side of your bra in front as well as in the back and from the cups. It happens due to a too-tight bra.
  • A small-sized bra will also cause chafing or irritation, back pain, and riding up of the bra band.
  • A bra lifting off while raising your arms and slipping off bra straps are common symptoms of a loose bra.

The process of measuring bra size at home

After determining if you are wearing the correct size, it is always better to know the bra size. It will make your bra shopping more effortless in the future. Moreover, if you lose or gain weight in the future, your bra size will vary from your present size, so it is better to learn how to measure your cup size. For measuring, you need only a few pieces of equipment.

Equipment needed to measure bra size

To measure your bra size, you need three things- a measuring tape with proper marking, a notebook, and a pen to note down the measurements.

Start with the band size

woman measuring her band size

The band at the bottom of the cups of your bra supports your breast, uplifts them, and prevent them from sagging in case of large breasts. Hence, start the process of measuring bra size from the band. Take the measuring tape, wrap it around the torso, and place it just below your bust where the band of your bra generally sits. While wrapping, ensure the tape is snugged correctly and set at the proper level. It is better not to wear a bra while taking the measurements or to wear a non-padded bra.

Estimate the measurement

While the measuring tape is wrapped around your torso, mark the point where the tape intersects. Note down the number on paper and round it to the nearest whole number. Now, it is time for estimation. If you get an even whole number, sum it up with an extra 4 inches, and if it is odd, add five extra inches to get your exact band size.

Take your bust size

woman measuring the bust size

After taking your band size, measure the size of your bust. Take the same measuring tape and wrap it around your bust at the level of your nipples. Keep the tape a little bit loose and take the measurement.

Time to know your cup size

cup size chart

Calculating and choosing the right cup size is very crucial. According to the sizes, cups are marked as A, B, C, and so on. A cup with size B is a few inches larger than a cup with size A and so on. To know your cup size, subtract the band size you measured from your bust size. A generalized chart of cup sizes is attached out there- follow that chart once you obtain the result.

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The final step to check the fit

The final step of measuring bra size is re-checking if you have chosen the correct size. First, wear the bra in the right way. Bend on your waist, slip your bra, and lock the hook. Ensure the front of the bra band is level with the back, and the bra is not too loose. If the straps are loose, tighten them and check for spillage.

We hope this guide helps you find the perfect fit for your bra because now you know how to measure your bra size at home!