40 Modest & Graceful Funeral Outfits For Women

Gone are the days when you could only step up your fashion game at cocktail and informal events. Fashion has always been versatile. Thus, the versatility transcends all emotions and all sorts of events. Are you hunting for some ideas about funeral outfits that speak emotions? If you have been looking for funeral outfit ideas that are elegant and modest, look no further! We have curated a list of 40 classy funeral outfits for women that will help you look your best. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the ideas below to find your perfect and classy funeral outfit!

The Vest-Top Funeral Outfit

Elegant Black Funeral Attire With Vest

With black being the ideal color to wear to a funeral, this black long-sleeve top with a beige vest is the way to go. This long-sleeve top can be paired with black trousers and a handbag, and that will be all!

The Sleeveless Maxi Funeral Dress

Sleek Sleeveless Maxi Dress Funeral Look

This black sleeveless maxi dress can end up being your first option. You can recreate this look without a hassle. All you will need is a handbag and a pair of gorgeous black heels, and that will be it.

The Gray & Black Striped Trousers Outfit

Graceful Striped Pants Ensemble  Funeral Look

These gray and black high-waisted striped pants will boost your fashion sense and can always be a gorgeous addition to your closet. This loose-fit trouser is perfect to be worn with a plain black blouse and yet give a sophisticated vibe.

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The Flared Trousers With Mesh Outfit

Chic Black Mesh Trousers

This outfit is elegant. The black flared trousers with the slit mesh part of the trouser in your set this entire outfit helps you boost your fashion game. You can wear this with a simple Black blouse with a square neck that will shape your figure.

The Gray Monochrome Funeral Outfit

Gray Monochrome Funeral Outfit

This monochrome outfit is a versatile piece of clothing worn to several events. This full-sleeved light gray top paired with dark gray trousers can always be a splendid choice for a funeral event. Pair it with fine jewelry, and you will be good to go.

The Black Blazer & Trousers

Timeless Black Blazer Ensemble

This specific outfit speaks for itself. The simple combination of a black blazer and flared black trousers is enough to make you look professional and trendy. You can pair it with sharp black stilettos, and you will look your best.

The Full Sleeved Top with Midi Skirt

Poised Midi Skirt Elegance  Funeral Look

The full-sleeved top with buttons looks poised when paired with the black midi skirt. This elevates the overall look of the outfit and ensures that you radiate a composed and collected vibe. 

The All-Blue Funeral Outfit

Sophisticated All-Blue Ensemble  Funeral Look

Here is yet another outfit that does not fail to ensure that you are at the top of your fashion game. This beautiful blue blouse curves out the silhouette of your body, and the blue trousers complete this look.

The Black Satin Finish Dress

Posh Black Satin Dress

The black satin finish dress is another example of how this specific fabric can make everything look posh. This dress can be worn with a brooch for extra elegance and radiance. You can pair it up with fine jewelry to go with the dress.

The Collared Black Dress

Adorable Collared Black Dress  Funeral Look

It is needless to say, collared dresses always look pretty and adorable. This specific black colored dress with puffed-up sleeves looks extremely elegant and beautiful. You can recreate the look shown in the picture or incorporate your elements.

The Peter Pan Collared Funeral Outfit

Charming Peter Pan Top

This beautiful Peter Pan collared black and white top outfit can be worn where you want to radiate elegance. The fabric of the specific top is comfortable and soft, and this top can be worn with simple white or beige trousers, as shown in the picture above.

The Satin Midi Dress with Slit

Modish Satin Midi Dress  Funeral Look

This button-embellished satin midi dress has a plunging V-neckline as well. It is needless to say that the outfit is classy and modish. This particular dress might be right for you if you have a thing for graceful black dresses!

The Green Funeral Dress

Dark Green Funeral Dress

If you want something other than black, go for this military green-colored belted dress. This midi shirt dress possesses an elegant aura that can not be denied. It can be worn as it is for a subtle look.

The Sweetheart Neck Dress

Sweetheart Neck Elegance

This black dress with a sweetheart neck has a full sleeve as well. As shown in the picture, you can pair this dress with mesh stockings and heels. Besides these, you can also incorporate handbags that match this beautiful dress.

The Square Neck Full-Sleeved Dress

Classy Square Neck Dress

We would be lying if we said this dress does not emit a classy vibe. This square-neck full-sleeved dress has a slight slit, and it can be worn with high-knee leather boots that will complete this entire outfit!

The Puff Sleeved Black Midi Dress

Puff-Sleeved Midi Dress  Funeral Look

This puff-sleeved black midi dress has an essence of originality. It is elegant and classy. If you want to show off your taste, this outfit is perfect for occasions when you want to be subtle while showing off your fashion sense.

The Black Velour Jumpsuit

Rich Aura Velour Jumpsuit

This black velour jumpsuit has a rich aura to it. The material of this black jumpsuit is gorgeous. You can recreate the look of this outfit without any unnecessary hassle and mold it according to your aesthetic!

The Turtle Neck Top with Trousers

Effortless Turtle Neck Ensemble

If you like going for looks that appear very put-together and effortless, this outfit might be the one for you! A simple black turtle neck top paired with black flared trousers is simple, effortless, and only takes a few minutes to recreate.

The All-Black Ribbed Midi Dress

Refined Ribbed Midi Dress

Just like the title suggests, this all-black ribbed midi dress is refined. If you are going for a look that appears cultured and sophisticated, this outfit idea might catch your attention. Ribbed dresses have a way of complimenting the figure perfectly.

The Black Velvet Funeral Dress

Delicate Lacework Velvet Dress

This black velvet dress has elements of lacework that elevate the look of this outfit without fail. The intricate lacework that has been done around the neckline and the end of the long sleeves makes the attire look delicate.

The Gray Pullover & Black Satin Skirt

Long Satin Skirt Funeral Outfit

You can replicate this outfit without any problem among the satin skirt outfits. This specific grayish turtleneck pullover compliments the long black satin skirt and gives the entire look an elegant vibe.

The Black Lacey Hem Dress

Modest Lace Hem Dress  Funeral Look

Here is yet another black full-sleeved dress with carefully done lace work. It will help you look modest and put together. If you want to attend a funeral and appear dressed in a fashionable yet uncomplicated way, this dress is right for you.

The Polka Dot Mesh Sleeved Dress

Elegant Polka Dot Mesh Sleeved Dress

We would be lying if we said this polka dot mesh-sleeved dress does not look elegant. This black dress can be recreated easily without any hassle. You can take inspiration from the picture above or manipulate the look according to your aesthetic!

The Black And White Wrapped Dress

Classic Black and White  Funeral Look

With black and white as the classic colors, this wrapped dress looks elegant and bright. The material of this dress hugs your figure perfectly, and it can be paired up with a handbag and fine jewelry.

The All-Black Belted Funeral Dress

Belted Pearled Elegance  Funeral Look

This dress has a belt around the waist with pearl-like structures around it. This all-black dress is full-sleeved as well and has a square neckline. You can wear it with a pair of beige-colored shoes and a handbag that compliments your attire.

The All-Black Mermaid Dress

Vintage All-Black Mermaid Dress  Funeral Look

This all-black mermaid dress can be worn to a funeral event. The dress radiates a vintage vibe and you can simply pair it with fine jewelry that ensures that your dress is the main star of the look.

The V-Neck Belted Funeral Dress

Stunning V-Neck Belted Dress  Funeral Look

It is needless to say that this specific piece of cloth looks stunning. The V-neck black belted dress is luxurious and looks tranquil. You can always recreate this look if you have a thing for old-school and vintage looks!

The Pleated Skirt Funeral Outfit

Pleated Long Skirt Funeral Outfit

This specific outfit is, without a doubt, a fashion statement. The beautiful long pleated skirt compliments the black satin top perfectly and makes the outfit blend smoothly. You can pair it up with an earring and a handbag, and you will be ready to go!

The Short Sleeve Jumpsuit

Effortless Short Sleeve Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are probably one of the most comfortable outfits to pull off when you are on the go and want to find something that looks effortless at the same time. This short-sleeved jumpsuit has been made with a fabric that is also easy to carry, including the belt on the waist that sculpts your body.

The Simple A-Line Dress

Elegant Funeral A-Line Dress

If you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated dress, this specific outfit may be the one. The delicate sleeves of this dress with the neckline ensure that the elegance of this dress stays intact.

The Black Satin Shirt Funeral Outfit

Sleek Black Satin Shirt  Funeral Look

This black satin shirt has been paired with plain black trousers, making it stand out because of its simplicity and composed look. You can pair it up with a belt and a purse.

The Black Cropped Blazer Funeral Outfit

Impeccable Cropped Blazer Look

Here is yet another outfit that you have to add to your closet! This black cropped blazer looks impeccable with the black satin midi skirt. It beams out a sophisticated energy. Recreate the outfit in the above picture, and viola!

The Turtle Neck Top & Jeans Funeral Outfit

Effortless Turtle Neck and Jeans

Here is yet another all-black outfit that is easy to recreate. This outfit consists of a turtleneck shirt and a black blazer. You can pair it with black jeans and a handbag that completes the look of this outfit!

The Fitted Midi Funeral Dress

Square Neck Fitted Midi Dress

This fitted midi dress is yet another outfit you can recreate without discomfort. This square-neck dress looks sharp and you can pair it with sheer black stockings. Here, you can also incorporate the fine jewelry of your choice.

The Black Overcoat Funeral Outfit

Bold Black Over Coat Ensemble

To recreate this outfit, you will need a black overcoat, as it will be the main element of your look. You can wear it over a simple black dress paired with a black sheer stocking. You can wear a simple choker with it to elevate the whole look.

The Button Sleeved Trench Coat Outfit

Gorgeous Button Trench Coat

This title is very self-explanatory. As shown in the picture above, the spotlight of this outfit is the gorgeous button-sleeved trench coat. It is elegant as it is and can be worn with simple accessories.

The Leather Jacket Outfit

Edgy All Black Leather Funeral Look

This is an all-black leather jacket that can be paired with a cute white shirt and a black miniskirt. You can also wear black stockings with it, the way it is shown in the picture above.

The All-Black Ribbed Top & Skirt

Ribbed Top and Skirt

This outfit is simple yet effective! This all-black ribbed top and skirt can be the new indispensable items from your closet. This outfit radiates sophistication and maturity. If you want to go for a look that is easy to pull off, this is it!

The Maxi Skirt with Pockets

Maxi Skirt Pocket Perfection

Needless to say it rare is to find skirts that have pockets. As shown in the picture, this maxi skirt has pockets, and it is paired up with a black square-neck blouse for that slick look.

The Black Leather Pant Outfit

Bold Black Leather Pant Funeral Look

This outfit is another example of how simple outfits look fashionable when paired with the proper clothing. A gray full-sleeved shirt paired with a black square-neck top looks classy. The black leather pant is the cherry on top and elevates the look of the entire attire!

These 40 funeral outfit ideas offer a perfect blend of grace and modesty, ensuring a respectful yet stylish presence for any solemn occasion!