Dua Lipa Poses Underwater Like A Mermaid!

Dua Lipa delighted her fans with mesmerizing underwater photos on Instagram, channeling a mermaid vibe that earned her over 2.5 million likes in just one day. The British pop sensation showcased her fit figure in a cheeky thong swimsuit, flaunting her red hair. She gracefully swam through ocean waters, amidst announcing the upcoming release of her album “Radical Optimism.”

dua lipa water shoot

Dua Lipa Hot Photoshoot Underwater

Her underwater adventure captured the attention of celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Paris Hilton. Gigi commented “Gorg” and also her fans affectionately called Dua “Ariel,” and “Mermaid.” Sporting a skintight strapless black swimsuit with a thong design, Dua navigated through a coral reef with her dyed red locks flowing behind her.

showcasing her beautiful posture

In one stunning shot, she floated near the water’s surface, Dua Lipa showcasing her nude curvy hips and toned legs. It was accompanied by another photo with three golden bangle jewelry and hoop earrings that added elegance to her aquatic look. The images portrayed Dua’s grace, strength, and serenity, as she immersed herself in the beauty of nature.

dua lipa's snapshots underwater

While streaming rays of sunlight illuminate the water, Dua’s underwater escapade symbolizes a journey of self-discovery. Dua Lipa wrote in her Instagram post, “Sometimes you gotta be deep in waters to find yourself.” Her snapshots not only showcased her adventurous spirit but also encouraged fans to appreciate the joy of embracing nature’s elements.

dua lipa smiling to pose for the camera

In a captivating moment, Dua Lipa is half underwater, holding rocks with silver bangles and starfish earrings. Moreover, her face shines with a joyful smile, closed eyes, and open mouth in the image, evoking a sense of contentment.

her outfit of the day

Through her stunning photos, Dua Lipa invites her followers to join her in celebrating the beauty of the natural world. Overall, her underwater adventure served as a reminder of the freedom of connecting with the ocean wonders, inspiring fans to embrace their sense of adventure and find joy in nature’s embrace!