37 Claw Clip Hairstyles To Transform Your Everyday Look Instantly!

Claw clip hairstyles, owing to their quick and easy-to-do features, have gained much popularity and appreciation. The versatility and trendy variety of the claw clips have made it suited for both formal settings and jazzy informal events. Claw clips made it easy for any type and size of hair to look elegant and express the feminine aura and charm. Reflective of a modern twist in a retro charm, the claw clips come in various intricacies, from minimalist to ornate, jazzy to delicate. Now, look at some beautiful claw clip hairstyles you can style on your hair!

Simple Claw Clip Hairstyle

super easy half-up hair for everyday wears

Are you looking for easy yet beautiful go-to claw clip hairstyles for every day? This super easy claw clip hairdo features half-up hair secured by a claw clip with the rest of the wavy curled hair left flowing freely, cascading like a waterfall.

French Braids with Claw Clips

Two French braids tied with claw clips

To achieve this beautiful hairstyle, firstly, divide your hair with a middle partition. Then do two French braids, starting from the front till the end of your hairline, and then use two claw clips to secure them. Keep the remaining hair like a loose pony, as if you did a half-braid and half-pony hairstyle. This hairdo is perfect for girls with long hair.

Half-up Bow Hairstyle

half-up hair twisted and secured with a small clip forming a bow

Perfect for a casual day out, this delicate hairstyle features half hair up twisted and made into a bow-like structure and secured by a small claw clip while the back hair is left open. It is one of the claw clip hairstyles that gives a feminine charm.

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Simple Summery Hairstyle

all hair is folded and secured with a large claw clip

When feeling extreme discomfort in the scorching summer heat with your hair open, go for this elegant hairstyle, which is way too simple yet classy. Fold all your hair and secure it on the back of your head with a large claw clip. It is one of the easiest and simplest claw clip hairstyles that you can do in no time!

Stylish Braided Hairdo

thin strands of hair braided and secured in a half-up with a metallic claw clip

Thin strands of hair from the front are braided and then along with half of the hair are secured in a messy way using a metallic claw clip. At the same time, keep the half-hair open. The overall style in wavy long hair looks pretty. 

Donut Bun with Clip

hair made into a donut bun for a quick finish

It is quite a quick and chic hairstyle. You can do this donut bun hairstyle easily by gently twisting all the hair together, creating a bun that takes the donut shape, and securing it with a claw clip.

Pearl Claw Clip Hairstyle

half-up hair secured with a pearl embellished claw clip for an elevated look

Sleek and elevated, this claw clip hairstyle features an easy half-up hairdo secured at the back of the head with a cute pearl embellished claw clip in a slightly slanted way. The embellished clip adds a touch of luxury and refinement to the overall style.

Space Bun Hairstyle

buns on both side with butterfly clips

Create beautiful little buns on both sides of your hair by doing a middle partition. Secure them with two cute butterfly clips or other claw clips to achieve this hairstyle. Perfect for those summer picnics or a day out on the farm!

Twisted Pony Claw Clip Hairstyle

twisted ponytail

Enhance the aesthetic of your already beautiful silky straight hair! This simple but elegant hairstyle makes your hair look like a cascading tail. It features a simple low ponytail using a claw clip with the upper portion twisted for a unique touch. Keep some locks in the front to shape your face.

Loose Open Bun Claw Clip Hairdo

loose open bun-like hair

In this claw clip hairstyle, all the hair is gathered, twisted, and secured with a claw clip, keeping the ends open. This creates a bun-like structure with a loose open end, giving you a polished and stylish look.

Fancy Claw Clip Hairstyle

simple hair secured with embellished claw clip perfect for prom or weddings

To look more glamorous from the regular ordinariness, this simple yet special hairstyle will help. To match your special dress-up on a special day like prom or wedding invitation, secure your half-up hair with an embellished gorgeous claw clip like this and look extraordinary!

Curled Hair Ponytail

beautiful hair twisted and secured with a claw clip into a ponytail

Give your regular comfort ponytail hairdo a pinch of extra beauty by doing this style. This classy hairstyle features curled hair beautifully secured using a simple metallic claw clip. This twisted ponytail hairstyle exudes a beautiful combination of ease and elegance.

Colorful Claw Clip Hairstyle

little strands of hair tucked on the side with colorful small clips

Achieve this delicate and pretty hairstyle by pulling up some chunks of hair, twisting them, and securing them in small rolls on the side of the head just above the ear using colorful mini claw clips. This hairstyle adds a subtle delicacy to your hair.

Messy Beach Hairstyle

hair folded in a messy bun and secured with the trendy floral look

If you are a boho vacey person fond of traveling, this hairstyle will surely become your comfort hairdo! Featuring a purely messy folding and securing of hair with a trendy flower-shaped claw clip, this hairstyle gives a relaxed yet stylish appearance. 

Butterfly Clip Twisted Hairdo

twisted hair secured in with yellow and red crystal butterfly clips

This cute hairstyle features hair strands from both sides of the head and just above the ears twisted and secured along with half of the hair using red and yellow crystal butterfly claw clips that give a playful yet eye-catching look.

Double Twisted Ponytail

ponytail with double twists secured with a clip

This hairdo is one of the most uncommon claw clip hairstyles you can find! Firstly, take half of your and secure it with a claw clip. Then, create a low pony with all the hair and twist it inside out to get a look as if the hair is twisted from both sides- as you can see from the image above.

Braided Hair with Updo

half-up hair folded and secured with a claw clip with several strands of hair braided

In wavy textured hair, this braided claw clip hairstyle looks pretty.  This hairdo features half-up hair messily secured with a claw clip while the rest of the hair at the back is left open along with a few hair strands beautifully braided. 

Bubble Braid with Claw Clip

bubble braid with purple floral add-on

A playful and fun hairstyle, this claw clip bubble braid hairdo features all the hair tied into a cute bubble braid on top of which a cute purple claw clip in a floral shape is added. This hairstyle enhances your cute femininity.

Hairdo with Mini Claw Clips

middle-parted hair tucked with mini clips

Enhance your pretty getup with this prettier hairstyle that features middle-parting in softly wavy cascading hair. To add to the elegance, some chunks of hair from both sides are pulled back a little and secured a bit high above the ear with two mini claw clips.

Open Hair Braided Hairdo

two braids from each side are clipped and the rest hair is open

Now this is a dreamy hair look! The hair is kept open with two loose braids from both sides tied with a claw clip. Keep some strands of hair open in the front like locks to give shape to your face. This easy-to-do hairstyle will look stunning with any sundress or gown.

Messy Summer Bun Hair

messy bun with claw clip

Create a low messy bun and secure your hair with a claw clip at the top of the bun. Keep a few loose strands at the front, like locks, to shape your face. And you are ready to rock the summer!

Cottagecore Claw Clip Hairstyle

hair secured with a cute cherry claw clip perfect for picnics

Are you looking for a good-to-go hairstyle with your casual picnic outfit? This cottagecore claw clip hairstyle can be a good choice. It features a simple half-up hair secured with a cute cherry claw clip with some locks hanging in the front. In this hairstyle, your hair speaks of your cute persona.

Claw Clip Ponytail Hairstyle

roots of the hair folded and clipped up with a claw clip delivering a voluminous ponytail

Look effortlessly beautiful with this voluminous ponytail hairstyle! All the hair roots are gently twisted, artfully folded, and clipped up at the lower back of the head using a claw clip. The rest of the hair length flaunts freely, giving a playful look.

Floral Claw Clip Ponytail

hair tied in a high ponytail with a pink floral claw clip

Reflecting the bold charm that summer boasts, this hairdo adds a sporty touch to your feminine charm. This simple hairdo features a high ponytail with all the hair held together and cutely adorned with a vibrant pink floral claw clip.

Adorable Claw Clip Hairstyle

hair loosely secured with a pastel floral claw clip which is perfect for spring

Bear the springtime charm in your hair too! This simple hairdo using an adorable pastel floral claw clip looks beautiful, capturing the vibrant essence of spring. The front half of the loose hair is gently pulled back and secured with a claw clip and looks like small strands of hair tied together with the clip. 

Claw Clip Braid Hairstyle

simple loose braids secured with a white floral claw clip

This hairstyle features the addition of a floral-shaped claw clip at the tail end of a gently made loose braid. The claw clip resembles a full bloom while the loose braid enhances the feminine charm and aura. 

Refined Claw Clip Hairstyle

strands of hair braided and secured in a half-up hairdo with a claw clip

Let your hairstyle shout out your delicate feminine charm and beauty! In this refined hairstyle, some strands of hair from the front are intricately braided and secured along with the front half with a claw clip flaunting the back hair elegantly. 

Quick Formal Hairstyle

hair twisted and secured in a claw clip bun perfect for formal meetings, etc.

Achieve a polished formal look by doing this hairstyle. Quick yet chic, this hairdo features gently twisted hair secured at the lower back of the head in the form of a bun using a formal black claw clip. This hairstyle will pair exceptionally with your formal black suit. 

Claw Clip Twisted Hairstyle

hair twist secured with a butterfly claw clip for a quick and easy hair fix

Flaunt your delicately beautiful wavy cascading hair with this twisted hairstyle. Some chunks of hair above the ears are twisted gently, pulled back, and secured with a butterfly claw clip. This hairdo is more of a quick and easy fix to keep hair from off the face yet looking stunning in free-flowing hair. 

Spring Perfect Hairstyle

strands of hair randomly pinned with butterfly claw clip giving spring vibes

Express the springtime fun and playful vibes with this spring-perfect hairstyle. In this hairdo, a few hair strands are randomly pinned at the back of the head and cutely adorned with butterfly-shaped mini claw clips that look playfully elegant. 

Claw Clip & Baby Clips Hairstyle

hair secured in messy claw clip bun with baby clips pinned

In this trendy hairstyle, all the hair is put together, then made into a messy bun, and finally secured with a cute claw clip. To add elegance, baby clips in the same or contrasting shades are pinned at the front a little high above the ear. 

Aesthetic Claw Clip Hairstyle

half-up hair secured with claw clip for office wears

Add a touch of flair to your formal outfit by doing this hairstyle! This aesthetic hairstyle involves half-up hair gently secured at the back of the head with a claw clip. This hairdo can add style to your formal office outlook.

Hidden Claw Clip Pony

ponytail with a claw clip underneath

Are you busy with work or have no time to style your hair? Then this hairstyle is for you. One of the easiest claw clip hairstyles- grab a claw clip, take all your hair, twist it, and attach the clip underneath. Put the hair above the clip so it gets hidden, and there you go- your claw clip ponytail is ready in minutes!

Half-up Half-down Hairstyle

half-up hair secured with the trendy floral claw clip

Look trendy in this chic half-up half-down hairstyle! Featuring sleek smooth hair, the front half is tied up elegantly like an open bun using a cute floral claw clip and the rest of the back hair is left open flaunting loosely. This hairstyle is stylish enough to make a statement. 

Gold Claw Clip Hairstyle

hair all tied up with a unique gold claw clip giving an elegant look

Expressive with a touch of pure elegance and majesty, this quick and easy hairstyle is suitable for special occasions. This chic hairstyle can be made simply by putting all the hair and tying it up using a stunning gold zigzag claw clip. 

Claw Clip Pigtails

middle-parted hair tied on both sides with claw clips

Get back to your schooldays by doing this cute hairstyle. Gently middle-parted framing the face, chunks of hair are divided and neatly tucked using two floral claw clips on both sides. The hairstyle brings out your youthful sweetness.

Half-up Ponytail Hairstyle

half-up claw clip ponytail hairstyle perfect for beach adventures

With the relaxed and casual beach look, what can be more suited to a hairstyle than this? Half hair is loosely secured up the head in a ponytail with a claw clip in this hairdo, and the remaining hair is left open. This hairstyle gives out a breezy and carefree beach vibe.

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