40 Floral Dresses To Color Up Your Wardrobe

Floral dresses are one of the beautiful and elegant-looking outfits hat you can wear on every occasion. These dresses look versatile and add color to a dull look with floral designs and prints. Flower-inspired dresses can be as vibrant as sunlight or subtle and soft as the moonlight. Depending on the mood, wear the one that best suits your energy. So, here we are presenting you a list of various flower-inspired dresses that will not only cheer up your mood but also color up your wardrobe!

Enchanted Garden Floral Dress

This puff sleeves floral mini dress with a sweetheart neckline gives the exact vibe of an enchanting garden. The dress looks romantic and fascinating, with many colorful flowers, and makes it perfect for date nights.

Puff sleeves floral dress

Tulip Twilight Peplum

This floral peplum dress with a big knot on the waist gives a corporate vibe. It is sleeveless and has big pink-colored tulip floral prints on a white base.

Peplum floral dress

Camellia Bodycon

A bodycon mini dress with prints of various sizes and colors of flowers on a black base will give you a simple yet chic look. Match it with rose gold accessories, and you are all set to rock the party!

Bodycon floral dress

Drop-waist Floral Dress

This drop-waist dress has beautiful snapdragon-inspired flower prints and light colors, making it look very soft and cute. It is great for casual wear.

Drop-waist floral dress

Flapper Floral Dress

This flapper dress has peony flowers printed all over the black base. It has an A-line structure and is made of synthetic material. The flappers at the bottom give the dress a unique look, making it wearable for parties.

Flapper floral dress

Fancy Floral Shirt Dress

This beautiful floral shirt dress has a collar and a printed belt with a tie-up. It has small flo prints of various shades of blue that enhance the dress. Also, the two small pockets on the chest portion look very cute!

Floral shirt dress

Tropical Sheath Dress

This floral sheath dress has spaghetti straps and a straight-cut structure. The beautiful rose pink and white flowers on the dress look so lively that it seems you are wearing a flower garden!

Floral sheath dress

Romantic Floral Slip

This floral slip dress is perfect for your Valentine’s night or evening dates. It has thin straps, a thigh-high side slit, and is of satin material, making it look charming. The big red rose prints on the white, shiny base make it even more romantic!

Floral slip dress

Subtle Strapless Floral Dress

This strapless dress has huge chrysanthemum-inspired flower prints on it. The dress gives a chic and subtle look with its light pink and yellow flower patterns on a sky-blue base.

Strapless floral dress

Sophisticated Orange Floral Tunic

This orange tunic dress has big floral prints all over. With three-quarter sleeves and a unique hem style, this flowy dress can be styled in various ways as you like!

Floral tunic dress

Floral Boho Bliss

This floral tent dress has full sleeves and a V-shaped neckline. With its tent structure giving a flowy effect, this brownish dress is a go-to outfit for summer. It has beautiful white floral prints all over.

Floral tent dress

Zinnia-inspired Floral Dress

This one-shoulder mini floral dress is one of the cutest dresses you can find online! With a beautiful tie-up knot on the waist and one puffy sleeve, it will make you look the prettiest. It has beautiful, small zinnia flower prints all over the dress, giving it a garden vibe.

One-shoulder floral dress

Whimsical Floral Wrap

This floral wrap dress has a cute tie-up in the waist area. With a light nude-colored base, it has beautiful flower prints all over. It gives a girly vibe and looks very cute when worn.

Floral wrap dress

Wildflower Delight

This halterneck mini dress has small, cute wildflowers-inspired prints all over it. It has an elastic waistband and a flowy silhouette beneath, making you look like a flower princess.

Halterneck floral dress

Daffodil Dazzle Corset

This yellow-colored mini corset dress feels like you are wearing daffodils on your body. Look how classy and pretty the dress is! Wear it on any occasion and dazzle like a star.

Floral corset dress

Dahlia Handkerchief Dress

This floral handkerchief dress has an asymmetric hem of bold red color, making the dress look classy. It has spaghetti straps and a V-shaped neckline. The dahlia-inspired flower prints look vibrant on the black base.

Floral handkerchief dress

Jasmine Babydoll Jazz

This floral babydoll silhouette mini dress has white jasmine prints over a greyish base. It has a square neckline and puffy sleeves, making the dress even cuter.

Floral babydoll dress

Botanical Elegance In A Jacket

This beautiful floral jacket dress will give you an ethnic vibe to your overall look. With three-quarter sleeves and a long flowy jacket style beneath a midi dress, you can wear this garment for various occasions.

Floral jacket dress

Pleated Cherry Blossom Bliss

This floral pleated dress has abstract flower prints inspired from cherry blossom. The upper portion is lacey and has oversized flower designs. The dress is sleeveless and has a long length. The pleated structure gives the dress a classy look.

Floral pleated dress

Sun-kissed Blossom Jumper

This orangish yellow jumper dress full of flower blossoms gives a sun-kissed effect. You can wear it for everyday use as it is a very soft and comfy outfit.

Floral jumper dress

Lavender Love

This peter pan collar floral dress has dark-colored lavender prints on a light lavender-colored base. It has button detailing on the top and puffed sleeves.

Peter pan collar floral dress

Blossom Princess Dress

This floral princess dress with flower work all over the body gives a perfect dreamy vibe of blossoms. The dress has full sleeves and cute tie-up detailing on the top.

Floral princess dress

Petal Paradise

This white-colored petal dress with a hint of baby pink is perfect for summer parties. The dress has a sweetheart neckline and is covered with petals all over. Pair it with white or nude-colored accessories, and you are ready for a beautiful evening!

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Floral petal dress

Rosy Floral Dress

This a-line dress has rose petal-inspired prints with a V-shaped neckline. The flowy dress gives a graceful and elegant look.

A-line floral dress

Floral Layered Hem Dress

This dress is perfect if you want various styles in one flower-printed dress! This long-length dress has six layers and a layered hem with off-shoulder sleeves. The upper portion has an elastic structure to give a bodycon effect, and the lower part has a flowy silhouette. It has blue-colored flower designs all over it.

Layered hem floral dress

Leather Floral Dress

This combination of leather and flowers is just unimaginable. Two huge magnolia-inspired flower designs on a black leather mini strapless dress give a sexy and bold look.

Floral leather dress

Lacey Floral Dress

This lacey midi dress has beautiful floral cutouts. The lotus pink color makes you look elegant yet stylish when worn. With minimal accessories, you can ace the dress!

Floral lace dress

Sweet Sunflower Dress

This off-shoulder floral dress has sunflower prints all over it. It gives a cute girly vibe, and you can wear it during summer or spring.

Off-shoulder floral dress

Knitted Bold Florals

If you want to try something different, wear this floral knitted dress. With its side slits and oversized flower patterns on a bold red base, this dress is perfect for a classy and bossy look.

Knitted floral dress

Serene Blooms Shirt Dress

This mini floral shirt dress has a button-up system, so you can entirely open it up. It has a V-shaped neckline and cute sleeves. It has small white floral prints in a beautiful pastel green color, making it look aesthetic and soft.

Button-up floral shirt dress

Pretty Patchwork Floral Dress

This unique patchwork midi dress has various types of flower prints on it with different colors. Even the two sleeves have different prints and colors. The dress gives a boho vibe and looks quite sober yet uncommon!

Floral patchwork dress

Daisy Delight Dress

This floral polo shirt dress has cute daisies printed all over the cloth, and the polo collars give a ’90s vibe to the outfit. You can wear it for casual outings or morning dates.

Floral polo shirt dress

Winter Floral Breeze

Want to look colorful like flowers in winter? Wear this floral sweater dress with colorful prints on a black base. It will keep you warm and give you the perfect girly look you want.

Floral sweater dress

Romantic Ruffle Dress

This maxi floral dress has ruffle detailing all over the cloth with spaghetti straps. The dress gives a romantic and playful vibe with soft colors and hues of flowery patterns.

Ruffle floral dress

Bold Blooms

This mini dress has sequin floral designs in various colors. The dress gives a statement, bold look with its plunging neckline and long sleeves.

Sequin floral dress

Meadow Embroidery Dress

This flower-inspired dress with simple embroidery works will give you a beautiful boho vibe and is perfect for summer. It has three-quarter sleeves and a cute little tie-up at the top.

Floral embroidery dress

3D Floral Fantasy

This multi-floral mini dress has 3D flowers all over the cloth. With the black base, all the flowers look so lively and pretty. It will give you a flower fantasy vibe when worn.

3D floral dress

Floral Mermaid Dress

This floral maxi mermaid dress has a low neckline and spaghetti straps. The bluish flower patterns all over on a white base give the dress a dreamy mermaid look.

Floral mermaid dress

Glittery Floral Dress

Want some glitters with flowers in your dress? Here is a gorgeous flower-printed shimmery dress for you! This sleeveless mini dress has a purplish glittery base with silver-colored flowers, giving it a party-ready look.

Floral glittery dress

Feather Floral Dress

This feather outfit with abstract flower prints all over the dress has a bodycon silhouette. With feathers bordered on the top and bottom of the dress, it gives you an elegant peacock look when worn.

Floral feather dress

We hope these 40 flower-inspired dresses will surely make you look like a flower and color up your wardrobe!