20 Red And White Outfit Ideas To Add To Your LookBook

Red and white always give us a Christmas vibe, but we cannot deny this color combination gives us one of the most attractive looks. The colors have a perfect match of different dark and light shades of red with a subtle white color. The shades look good on all skin types and make you look pretty and balanced. Let us come across a few ideas with these shades of red and white that will make you look beautiful at any event or even on a casual day.

20 Red And White Outfit Ideas

Here is a list of 20 outfit ideas with a combination of red and white colors to add to your lookbook!

A basic white shirt with a red pencil skirt

Let us start with some basics. When we say basics, we can always depend on a white shirt and a red pencil skirt- this is an evergreen combo and will never disappoint you.

Basic white shirt with red pencil skirt

Red and white body con dress

The next outfit idea is a body con dress. Body con dresses are so trendy, and it is a perfect fit to flaunt your curves. A red and white body con dress gives a perfect balance and makes you look elegant.

Red & White bodycon dress

A sporty sleeveless white and red dress

If you want a sporty and cute look, a cute sleeveless dress with sporty prints can give a new vibe. This look is very comfortable to wear during those hot summer days.

Red & White sporty sleeveless outfit

A white body con with a red blazer dress

Let us accept this problem of getting dressed for an office party. You cannot have an inappropriate look but also want a stylish and classy look. Well, we got you covered, ladies! An oversized blazer with a perfect body con white dress can balance your look and will give you comfort and confidence at the same time.

White bodycon with a red blazer

Hoodie and plaid pants

We are humans, and sometimes we want to feel casual and comfortable. A hoodie and plaid pants are your best friends during winter. If you are late for college or want to run an errand, this outfit is your best friend.

Hoodie and plaid pants

Plaid pants with a crop top

In the summer, there are days we do not want to get dressed, and a very casual outfit is to wear plaid pants and style them with a crop top. This outfit is very comfortable and will make you look very put together.

Plaid pants with crop top

A white pants with a red flare top

Ladies, we all know how white pants have our hearts. A chic white pair of pants with a red flare top is all you need for your brunch dates with your girls; this will give a boss vibe and is a perfect combination of comfort and chic.

White pants and red flare top

A basic graphic t-shirt with comfortable trousers

A basic graphic t-shirt with comfortable trousers should always be there for those sudden meet-ups. A very casual look that will make you look put together with a unique color combination and styling of clothes.

White graphic tee with red trousers

An oversized red and white outfit

We can never forget about oversize outfit ideas. An oversized t-shirt with a perfect pair of trousers will give a street-like look and at the same time, comfort and less effort. You can always style your oversized tees in various ways to make you look stylish.

Oversized Red & White Outfit

A red and white swimsuit

Summers are here, and we all want to get those beach vacations. A red and white strap swimsuit can give you that vibrant summer beach vibe. Swimsuits with vibrant colors are always chic for a beach vacation.

Red & White Swimsuit

A red and white midi skirt with a crop top

Sometimes, we would not have that cute cottage girl look. A midi skirt with a crop top will help you to achieve that look. This look is perfect for your picnic or brunch dates.

White crop top with red midi skirt

White and red polka-dotted maxi dress

We cannot miss a white and red polka-dotted maxi dress. This duo is always there in our hearts, giving a retro vibe. It is also a very comfortable and effortless look.

Red & White Polka dotted Maxi Dress

A red and white statement piece

Our wardrobe is quite incomplete without a statement piece. A slit skirt with a statement top can make you look like the star of an event. And sometimes, it is good to look different, change our style, and come out of our comfort zone.

Red & White Statement Piece

A corset top with a flared skirt

A corset top and a flared skirt can give you a perfect look. This outfit also gives you a balanced look from top to bottom. A well-defined waist and a chic bottom will help you give that perfect hourglass effect.

White corset top with red flared skirt

The red and white ’90s fit

A checked short dungaree dress will give you the ’90s style. The red and white checks with a bold red belt and a cap look classy. This style is very popular and gives a very nostalgic and evergreen feel.

Red & White 90's Outfit

Red and white cord set

A cord set with a hint of a different fit can completely change your look. A red and white checked cord set style can give a girly effect, at the same time, also give a very aesthetic and chic look.

Red & White Co-ord set

Culottes with basic t-shirts

Culottes are much underrated, but they are one of the most comfortable fits for your everyday look. Printed or solid-colored culottes styled with a basic t-shirt can give a very presentable and comfortable look.

Red culottes with basic white tee

A red and white winter outfit

During the winter, you can always add a vest to give you that balanced look. A white shirt with a red vest and blue jeans is a decent yet chic look. This look will never fail you.

Red & White Winter outfit

A red and white satin statement outfit

Let us talk of a red satin skirt styled with a white statement top; this is one of the most elegant looks. The look will seem to have taken a lot of effort, but it is an effortless style that looks decent yet stylish.

Red & White Satin Statement outfit

A red and white floral outfit

A floral outfit can never get missed. In the days when we want to have a lively, fresh, and vibrant look, a floral fit is the best option to go for!

Red & White Floral Dress

Hope you like any of these 20 red and white outfits and make your own style from these inspirations!