Cloth Cleaning Habits to Teach Your Children

Children have developing brains; they learn and incorporate almost everything they see and practice while growing up. Sometimes, you need to teach your child a particular trait so that she has a smooth and better life as an adult. Among all the other habits, your child should also learn cleaning habits- personal cleaning along with cleaning all kinds of stuff that he or she uses daily.

You need to teach your child cleaning habits in such a way that he never forgets in his life, just like brushing his teeth or tying his shoelaces. It is very important for a kid to know how to clean his clothes, shoes, closet, and other stuff and keep it well-organized since childhood, as it will also help build their character.

Managing school uniform

The outfit that children wear the most is their school uniform, so start your lesson from there. Tell them the importance of wearing a neat and clean uniform in school every day, which will motivate them to keep their school dresses clean.

  • First, teach kids to air dry their uniforms every day after returning from school, as it will help remove all bad odors and dry all sweat.
  • Ask them to soak those uniforms in water for washing- it will make the uniform fresh.
  • Tell them the importance of drying wet clothes perfectly, or it will leave a stingy smell with them, and teach them how to hang the same under the sun.
  • Ironing the uniforms and folding them after drying is also very crucial as it will make the uniform crease-free.

Keeping regular wear clean

Regular outfits are directly related to maintaining good personal hygiene, so it is crucial to keep them clean.

  • Ask them to change their clothes every time they return after playing.
  • Tell the importance of removing any sort of stain from clothes to keep the garment long-lasting and tidy.
  • If you have a pet in your home, every time your kid plays with it, all his clothes will get covered with furs. Teach them how to brush off animal furs else it may affect your child’s health and hygiene.
  • During summer, it is better to change clothes twice a day, even at home, to keep sweat and odor away. Incorporate the habit of wearing two sets of clothes daily into their routine. For winter, once a day will do.

Cleaning winter clothes

Even though washing and cleaning winter clothes is a bit tough compared to other apparel, children must have some basic habits of cleaning their wool.

  • Since woolen clothes are not possible to wash regularly, practice air drying sweaters, jackets, and scarves every time they wear them.
  • Tutor them to remove stains from wool as soon as possible.
  • Children must know how to handle their woolen clothes- give them the preliminary idea of folding clothes and keeping them in air-tight bags.

Taking care of shoes

The most important part of any outfit is shoes. No look is complete without a pair of matching shoes. Children must know how to handle and take care of their favorite and regular shoes.

  • The shoe they wear the most is their school shoes. Make your kids a habit of wiping their school shoes every day with a damp cloth for an instant clean look.
  • Tell them to wash their school shoes once in two weeks and Polish them for a longer lifetime.
  • Ask them to take all their shoes from the shoe rack and clean and air dry them to keep dirt and moisture away.
  • For better results, tell them to keep a sachet of silicone in every shoe box.

Proper handling of bags

After clothes and shoes, now it is time for bags.

  • Let’s first start with their school bags which they carry the most. School bags need washing at least twice a year.
  • Ask them to wipe the outer surface of the bag often to keep the glazing fancy look intact.
  • Teach them to wrap their fancy bags in air-tight containers after every use to keep moisture out.

Cleaning and organizing wardrobe

Every new trend and fashion statement starts from the closet, so every child must know how to keep the same clean and well-organized.

  • Teach them to make different compartments for different types of clothes and accessories in the closet, as it will help them find clothes easily.
  • Make them understand how to fold clothes properly.
  • Regular cleaning of the closet is crucial- ask them to clean the same often.
  • Educate your kids about the importance of keeping bugs and moisture away from the closet. So, ask them to keep a sachet of dry lavender and silicone in each section of the wardrobe.

Assembling of accessories

Along with other stuff, children must know to sort their accessories like grooming products and jewelry.

  • Tell them to keep their accessories in the right place after every use.
  • Clean the jewelry from time to time.
  • Keep their watches, belts and other necessary items in a separate compartment in their wardrobe.

Start with baby steps!

Children’s brains are innocent and full of curiosity, if you start imparting too many lessons at once, they will flood you with questions, and it will become impossible for you to teach them. Hence, start with tiny steps. Do not start any of these steps suddenly or at once. Initially, accompany them with the tasks and gradually incorporate those tasks into their routine.