How to Remove Sweat Smell from Clothes

What’s grosser than the sweat stain is the odor that comes subsequently. Whether you go to the gym, the office, or in your regular lifestyle, whether it is summer or winter, sweat is something that we encounter daily but pay less heed to. Sweating is healthy, but being drenched in sweat but not taking proper actions to eliminate the odor-causing germs is bad for health.

Although personality has a much more significant role, these small things set the bar. And you would not want to set the bar so low that you are not even in the game. More than everything, bacteria feed on sweat which is the reason why sweaty places are so itchy and stink, and it’s not healthy at all to be in sweat-drenched clothes. It can also lead to infections.

Dealing with The Sweat Smell From The Clothes

Keep It Under The Sunlight

The best way to get rid of most of the germs is by putting sweat-drenched clothes under the scorching sun. Bacterial growth only occurs in ambient temperatures. Putting it under the sunlight could prevent further development and kill the existing bacterial growth. Keep in mind this applies when you are dealing with sweat stench. If the stain is a problem, immerse the clothes in soap water as soon as possible.

Clothes hanging, under the sunlight

Pre-Treating with Vinegar

If you can not use vinegar because it is too harsh, try using citric acid or lemon juice, it effectively neutralizes the odor by killing the odor-causing germs. Lemon juice has citric acid in it, and it is a weaker acid than vinegar. You can use this method as a substitute for vinegar, and on the plus side, lemon also has a sweet scent, which enhances the definition of freshness.

Lemon slices

Pre-Treating with Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great absorbent and is effectively used in deodorants as well due to its capacity to eat up all the moisture in which the bacteria thrive. Create a premix with equal proportions of water and baking soda, then apply it to the areas that sweat the most. Baking soda is inexpensive and readily available. Let it sit for half an hour, then wash the clothes in your regular detergent.

Salt To Attack

We all have used salt to treat wounds because of its impeccable ability to neutralize bacteria, so it is not a bad idea to give sweat-drenched clothes a salt bath. But you need to remember that this method is to prevent the further multiplication of bacteria and neutralize the existing ones. There’s no assurance that this method will eliminate the odor. You can wash it with liquid detergent once you have washed it with salt water.

Salt jar

Good Quality Detergent

Getting a strong laundry detergent buys you no assurance that it will be able to eliminate the odor effectively. A strong detergent can ruin the fabric, so go for one with great quality and not a harsh one. Check for the characteristics, and choose one which goes harshly on the bacteria and stains. And also, you will not find a one-stop detergent that serves every purpose, so be mindful, to buy one that serves according to its characteristics.