How to Wash and Care Woolen Clothes

One’s fashion defines their personality. Numerous kinds of apparel, accessories, and styles that are out there, people adopt to make a fashion statement and stand unique. Nevertheless, the style that wins the race is winter fashion. Right from the Halloween party through Christmas, numerous birthday parties, and outings to the new-year party, winter fashion must be carried on.

The showstopper of winter fashion is woolen clothes. The cozy and vibrant looks that winter clothes bestow are something beyond the world. With the best fashion statement comes the utmost duty of safe-keeping them for a long time.

How to Wash Woolen Clothes

Here are a few tips that you should follow while washing your woolen clothes:

Woman knitting wool garments

Avoid using strong and regular detergent

Like all other kinds, people may tend to clean their woolen cloth with a regular detergent consisting of strong and harsh chemicals. Woolen clothes are delicate and need extra care than other regular apparel to increase their lifetime. Hence the regular detergent suitable for typical use is not the right option. Their strong formula will tend to discolor them and add roughness to the texture.

A low temperature must be maintained while washing woolen clothes

There is constant confusion among winter fashion lovers about the perfect temperature for washing their Voguish-woolen apparel, so they never stop bestowing their sassy look. Clothes for the cold season must always be washed at a cool temperature. Low temperature, below 40°c, is ideal for keeping woolen clothes healthy.

Avoid bleaching woolen garments

Have used winter apparel throughout the whole season and now want to clean them like a whistle so that there is no single dirt in the knots? Never opt for the easiest way, which is bleaching. Yes, it will free your woolen garments from all the possible dirt, but at the same time, their glossy color will fade away. There is a high chance of a permanent yellowish stain on the clothes due to harmful chemicals present in bleach. Those chemicals react with the wool fibers and most of the time, turn into a gooey mess.

Read the direction given in the booklet before washing

You have washed your favorite newly bought jet-black trench coat just the way you wash your other woolen clothes with the utmost care until the shine is lost only after the first wash, or maybe the coat has loosened a bit. That is because you have not read the instructions given with the coat properly before washing it, and it may require a dry wash, not a machine wash. To avoid any more such accidents and heartbreak, please read the instructions for washing the apparel that is provided with the same. Each type of wool fiber needs a different type of wash.

Wash in the washing machine, turning on the delicate mode

People may think it is better to give fancy woolen clothes a hand wash as they are delicate, and machine washing may destroy them. It is the reverse. In the case of hand washing, there are high chances of wear and tear of woolen clothes, whereas, in machine washing, it can be minimized. Woolen clothes are better cleaned in the machine, and always remember to turn on the wool mode or delicate mode, set the spin mode to low, and use lukewarm water to wash your clothes with utmost care.

Drying woolen clothes properly

After washing the winter apparel comes the part of drying them. Like any other garment, it is not suitable to dry woolen clothes in a hanger, under direct sunlight, where there are high chances of shrinking of wool and fading of gorgeous color. If possible, dry them in the machine itself, or dry them under mild sunlight. Woolen clothes can be dried using a towel that will soak the moisture from them, then let them air dry.

How to Care for Woolen Clothes

Keep these tips in mind to properly care for your woolen clothes:

Pack of woolen clothes

Store using dry lavender

To increase the lifetime of woolen apparel and keep them free from all sorts of insects like moths and carpet beetles and any odor, keep a sachet filled with dry lavender.

Keep in air-tight plastic bags

For long-term storage, woolen clothes should be stored in air-tight plastic; it will keep all specks of dirt away from the wool.

Avoid using frequent washing

You have mistakenly spilled tea on your velvety red scarf and now want to clean wash them? Do not wash it, instead spot-clean the stain by blotting using water or mild detergent.

Air out woolen clothes after every wear

Since washing woolen clothes after every wear is not feasible, air out them every time you wear them. This keeps the clothes fresh and free from odors.

Use a cashmere brush to clean

The common problem that everyone suffers from is the sticking of hair, fizz, and fur of animals to the wool, which makes it dull. Use a cashmere brush to clean all those.

Quick Points to Remember

Here is a quick takeaway from the article!

Woolen clothes on hangers
  • Avoid using strong detergent.
  • Wash woolen clothes at the end of the season just before packing them.
  • Keep the clothes in air-tight bags.
  • Keep the silicone gel sachet in the bags to safeguard them from moisture.
  • Read the instructions on the fabric care label before washing.