53 Black and White Nail Designs that You Will Love!

Black on white or white on black? Why not both? When it comes to nail designs, the black and white combination is the classic one! It looks good with almost every outfit and on every occasion. You can create a variety of designs using only these two colors. If you are confused about what designs you should make on your beautiful nails, here is a list of ideas to take inspiration from!

Simple Black and White Gel Nails

If you are in a hurry yet want a beautiful nail look, opt for this! This is the most simple look appropriate for any nails. You just have to put the colors in any order on your nails. Have a look for the inspo!

Simple black and white gel nails

Nail Design Using Stones

It gives an amazing look to the nails by piercing some unique stones or symbols with some designs. Have a look at the following image for reference.

Design with stones

Zebra Style Nail Art

Appling white color and shading with black or vice versa gives an amazing zebra-style look on your nails! It looks so stylish, even if you have small-sized nails.

Spiral-effect Nail Designs

In this nail art, round-like structures of white color are created over a black base, and one finger has a different design to make it more catchy. It is perfect for night party looks! Have a look at the picture for inspiration.

Cat-inspired Nails

If you have cats and want to express how much you love them, you can go for this design. Look how cute those black footprints look on the white nails!

Fiery Nail Design

You can create a look of flames on your nails using black and white combination- it can create a subtle look and is perfect for any occasion! Have a look at the picture for an idea.

Stripes Nail Design

In this particular nail art, thin lines would be used to enhance the look of your nails, and the little finger and index finger would have the color white and black, making the whole look simple yet attractive.

Printed-style Nail Design

Printed flowers or other attractive designs enhance the beauty of your nails. They look elegant and sophisticated, however, it is not very easy to create this look.

Oval-shaped Nail Art

Black and white colors are used on alternative nails to create an oval shape design on the tip of the nail. You can add some dots just to enhance the nail design, as shown in the picture below!

Newspaper Nail Design

A unique design that you can opt for is printing newspapers on your nails. It may sound weird, but have a look at the image- how cool it looks on every nail shape and size!

Dandelion Nail Design

Have a look at this easy-to-make, simple matte black and white nail art. You can wear this dandelion design every day.

Half-Half Nail Design

If you want to create this design, simply apply white color on half of your nails and black on the other half. You can do this horizontally or vertically, as you wish! It looks very simple, yet there is a touch of style in it.

Simple Flower Designs

If you have small nails but still want to create a cute design, this is the one for you. If you are a college-going girl and create a design for an everyday look, opt for this flower shape. Have a look at the picture for inspiration.

Vertical Gradient Design

This nail art looks beautiful with any look. It shows a transition from white to black color by creating a gradient look vertically. Have a look at the image for inspiration!

Cow-printed Nail Design

If you want to create a funky yet cute design on your nails, cow print is the one for you. You can wear this any day and every day!

Yin Yang Nail Design

If you want to create a Yin Yang design on your nails, go for this. Here we got a picture attached for you to take inspiration from!

Marble Design Nail Art

This design will give a marble effect on your nails. It looks very chic and looks good with almost every outfit!

Heart Design Nail Art

Create cute heart shapes on your nails of any size using black and white colors, and get your nails ready for any outings or parties! Have a look at the image for reference.

Heart nails

Polka Dot Designs

Simply apply dots of black color on a white base or vice-versa to create a cute and simple nail design for everyday wear. Have a look at the picture for some inspo!

Polka dot design

Smiley Nail Design

If you want to create small smiley faces on your nails, this is the one for you. Show this nail design to anyone and make a smile on their face!

Smiley nails

Chess Nail Design

It is like creating a small chessboard on your nails. Creating those small squares of blacks and whites on your nails is perfect for a corporate look!

Chess board design

Night Sky Nails

If you want stars and moons on your nails to create a starry night, this design is for you. The small moons and stars will make your nails look cute and cozy.

Night sky design

Corner Triangle Design

Another simple design you can go for is these small triangular shapes on the corners of your nails. This will also look good with corporate looks or with everyday wear. Take a look at the picture for inspiration.

Cornered triangle design

Spider Web Nails

If you are a fan of Spiderman but want your nails in black and white color combination, these nail designs are for you. A combination of back webs on a white base and white webs on a black base will create a stylish look on your nails.

Spider nails

Shimmery Gradient Nails

If you want a gorgeous and glittery look, these shimmery nails with a gradient effect are just perfect for you. It goes well for a big occasion or party, or even if you want to prepare your nails for a date night!

Glittery Gradient design

Spooky Nail Designs

If you are searching for a nail design for your Halloween party, this is the one for you! These ghosty nails will look perfect with your Halloween costume and makeup and add extra spookiness to the whole look.

Spooky nail design

Party-ready Nails

In this particular nail art, stones and glitter are used, with the tip of the nail in black color. White color is used on the middle part of the nail, and the bottom part will have a glittery effect, which gives you a party-ready nail look.

Party ready nails

3D-Effect Nail Design

In this design, the corners of the nails are painted in black color, and the center is painted white to give a 3D effect on your nails. Have a look at the picture for inspiration!

3D effect design

Snowflake Nail Design

Want a nail design with your winter outfit? Go for the snowflake designs. Beautiful white snowflakes with a few small stones painted on a black base to give a classy look to your nails.

Snowflake design

Swirls on the Nails

Black swirls on a white base in the nails or vice-versa are trendy nowadays, and it looks cool with any outfit. Have a look at the image for reference! 

Swirls on nail

Ring Finger Supremacy

If you want to highlight your ring fingernail or any one nail, go for this design. With a black french tip on a white base in all the nails and highlighting the one nail with stones will make that nail the queen of the show!

Ring finger Supremacy

Cloudy Nails

Create shapes of clouds on your nails with black and white colors, and give them a beautiful look!

Cloud design

All in One Black and White Nails

This design will catch the eyes of everyone, especially at the party or wedding occasions. If you want everything in one design, these nails are for you. Along with black and white colors, glitters, stones, and other nail accessories are attached to the nails, making them eye-catching!

All in one nail design

Smoky Nails

If you want a smoky effect, create these black smokes on your nails with your night party look!

Black smoke design

Panda Nails

Want cute pandas on your nails? Go for this! They look so cute and adorable.

Panda nails

Leaf Shaped Designs

Look how beautiful these black leaves look on the white base- elegant and clean! You can definitely try this for your nails.

Leaf design

Matte Black and White Nails

If you want a subtle design on your nails, go for a matte finish look. Take a look at the picture for inspiration.

Matte nails

Simple Curves on Nails

If you are in a hurry but want your nails to look good, create these random curly shapes on your nails. It looks so clean and pretty!

Simple swirl design

Random Strokes Design 

Have a look at these beautiful nails! With the random stroke finish, they look so bold and classy.

Random stroke design

Eye Structures

These printed structures of eyes, along with some abstract designs, look super cool on your long nails!

Eye structure nails

Geometric Shape Nail Art

Try these geometric shape designs to make a creative look on your nails! You can create squares, triangles, circles, etc., randomly on different nails. Look at the image for some inspiration.

Geometric shape design

Snake Nails

Have a look at these cool snake structures on the nails. They look amazing with a Halloween costume!

Snake nails

Checked Nails

Just like your checked shirts, you can have matching checked nails with your outfit!

Checked nails

Structured Nails

Although these are swirls of black and white, look how clean and perfect these nails are! They look very structured and are perfect for parties and outings as well as for everyday purposes!

Structured nail design

Minnie-inspired Nails

If you love Mickey and Minnie, this nail design is for you. Look how cute these small Minnie faces look on the nails.

Minnie inspired design

Lines on Nails

Look how perfect and satisfying these graphic nails look! Simple black lines are drawn horizontally and vertically in a pattern, with a black and white nail tip.

Lines on nails

Abstract Faces Design

This is a unique black-and-white design that you can opt for. Instead of abstract designs, this nail art has faces on it. Have a look at this amazing creation!

Abstract face

Mandala Nail Art

If you love mandala designs and creative art, this nail design is perfect for you. Look how pretty they are!

Mandala design

Shiny Swirls

Create a party-appropriate nail look with black and white glitter polishes. You can make swirly designs like the picture below.

Shiny swirls

Leopard Print Nails

Look at these leopard prints on the nails- how amazing they are! It looks good in every shape and size of nails.

Leopard print design

Optical Illusion Nails

If you want your nails to be the show-stopper of your whole look, create this optical illusion in your nails. It looks very interesting and eye-catching!

Optical Illusion design

Heartbeat Design

If you want a simple design yet something different, create a heartbeat design using black and white colors.

Heartbeat design

Triangular Nail Art

If you want a simple yet classy nail look, go for these triangular shapes! They look good with every outfit and are easy to create.

Triangle design

Hope you have found the perfect black-and-white nail designs for every occasion!