Bling it Out: 20 Nail Extension Designs with Rhinestones!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But some of us can’t afford them. So we will settle for rhinestones and sparkle!

Well-groomed nails are a sign of hygiene and provide a personal satisfaction that is indescribable to those who don’t understand. You can get gel nail extensions, acrylic extensions, french tips, and more. The scope for creative nails is limitless.

Rhinestones can instantly add that extra oomph factor to your nail art and give any outfit a stylish makeover. Rhinestones come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can unleash your creativity. There are mainly three types of rhinestones available- crystal, glass, and acrylic.

The nail artist will select these depending on the style you choose and your budget. Rhinestones can last on your nails for about two weeks but require a little extra TLC (Tender loving care).

Here are 20 nail extension designs that will add a little (or maybe a lot) sparkle to your life. Enjoy!

  1. Keep it simple: Simplicity can go a long way! If you like to keep it subtle, you can opt for nude nail paint with small silver rhinestones that pair well with most outfits.
A simple rhinestone nail art extension

2. Luxury nails: More is more! If you enjoy the opulence and sparkle of rhinestones and glitter, try out some luxury nails for your next big event.

Luxury nail art for special occasions

3. Butterfly nails: Looking for something unique? You can ask your nail artist to play around with shapes and designs. Like these gorgeous butterfly nails that will make you the talk of the party!

4. Floral nails: Flowers are always a good idea. Floral nails look cute and add a touch of whimsy to your nail art. Here is one for inspiration!

Floral nails look cute and whimsical

5. Holiday nails: Need a little inspiration for the holiday season? We have got you covered. Go crazy with your holiday nails like these beauties from eBay.

6. Black is beautiful: Black allows the rhinestones and glitter to stand up and stand out. Silver rhinestones with matte black nail paint look classic and hot!

Black nail paint with silver rhinestones

7. Press on rhinestone nails: Don’t have time to visit the salon for a nail extension session? No worries, you can always turn to press-on nails. Press-on nails are pre-decorated; you only need a little glue and a steady hand to stick them on.

Press on rhinestone nails for any occasion

8. Micro-mini crystals: Mini Crystals look gorgeous on your nails. The shine and sparkle effect from the crystals give you an opulent texture to play with.

Micro-mini crystal nail extensions

9. Ombre nails: Ombre nails are a timeless trend and can be done quickly by a professional nail artist. The ombre effect adds an extra layer of sheen to your nails, making them look so pretty!

10. Artwork nails: Your nails are a canvas for a nail artist. Artwork on nails looks fab and can instantly make any outfit a hit. Try it for your birthday! Ask the nail artist to match the artwork with your birthday dress.

Artwork on nails look fab.

11. Stiletto nails: Young, sexy, dangerous! Stiletto nails are a bold choice but are always a superstar. Add a little glitter, and you will look like a Hollywood diva.

Stiletto nails are a bold style.

12. Coffin Nails. Another trending nail design is the extra long square-shaped coffin nails. These are perfect for a special event or photoshoot.

Coffin nails are perfect for a photoshoot.

13. Gold nails. Gold is the definition of glamour. Add rhinestones to the mix for the perfect gold nails!

14. Keep it short. Like it short and sweet? No problem, you can always opt for shorter nail extensions which are great for an everyday style. Dust some glitter for that extra glam.

Short nails with rhinestones for an everyday style

15. Metallic nails. Want to stand out from the crowd? Try metallic nails with rhinestones for a bold look. These are easier to do and can be done at home with a chrome powder pigment and a sponge brush. Add a few rhinestones to complete the look!

Metallic nails with rhinestones for a bold look.

16. Holographic flakes: Want stardust on your nails? Holographic flakes are on trend right now and deliver the right amount of shine and shimmer.

Holographic nails are on trend.

17. Galaxy Nails. Galaxy nails look mesmerizing and will go with most party outfits. Pair with your fav little black dress for your best friend’s bachelorette!

Galaxy nails for a whimsical look

18. Mermaid nails: Want to pay homage to your inner Airel? Mermaid nails look so cute and are perfect for your wedding party or baby shower.

mermaid nails look super cute.

19. Swarovski rhinestone nails: Swarovski rhinestones look like jewelry for your nails. These are perfect nails for your wedding day because it screams bridal couture!

Swarovski rhinestones for bridal nails.

20. Go big: Looking for something luxe and extra glamorous? You can always go big with luxe crystals and rhinestones. They are bigger and shinner than normal rhinestones.

Luxe Crystal nails look extra glamorous.

Nail extensions and rhinestones are a commitment. You have to be gentle with your nails and keep up with the maintenance so that you do not spoil your natural nail bed. Do not try to scratch off the rhinestones, as it can damage your nails. And always listen to your nail tech.