Short Hair, Don't Care: 50 Edgy & Stylish Hairstyles

“Avoid having short hair” or “Have a subtle hairdo”, regardless of the negativity, you should try the experience of having short hair for once. It brings boldness to your personality and fills you with confidence simultaneously. We know that it takes a lot of courage to cut your hair short, but it not only changes you from the outside but also from the inside. We have therefore curated ample short hairdo ideas that you may try out and become the talk of the town.

Pixie Cut

Short, sassy, and full of personality and confidence.

Short is sassy with this pixie hairdo. As can be seen, the hairstyle reflects facial characteristics well. It undoubtedly adds to your vibrant personality and exudes elegance. Its versatility makes it unique from the other hairdos.

Bob with Bangs

Versatile short hairdo, and framed with stylish face-framing bangs.

The unquestionable beauty of the bob cut justifies how timeless this hairstyle has been. The bob hairdo, coupled with the bangs, adds sophistication to your overall look and makes it chic.

Crew Short Hairdo

Low-maintenance short hairdo, and effortlessly stylish for everyday ease.

This polished look will give you confidence and a strong style statement. As shown above, this hairdo features buzzed sides and short hair in the middle. This is undoubtedly one of the most low-maintenance hairstyles.

Shag Haircut

Stylish with textured layers for added dimension.

If you are looking for a laid-back yet chic and fashionable short hairstyle, then shag is what you need. This hairstyle is all about texture, and if you have thick or rougher hair, you should try this.

Mohawk Hairstyle

Attention-grabbing statement with a rebellious twist.

If you want to make a bold style statement, mohawk should be your go-to choice. It features a strip or a portion of longer hair in the middle and completely shaved sides. It can be styled in various ways, from subtle to extreme.

Undercut Short Hairdo

Edgy style featuring shaved sides for impact.

This modern and edgy short hairdo features shaved or shortened sides while leaving the top longer. The contrast of short and longer lengths adds an element of boldness to your style.

Bowl Short Hairdo

Unique short hairdo, and fashion-forward with a touch of nostalgia.

If you have a small face and want to highlight your facial characteristic, then trying this retro classic is the best possible way to achieve it. It features an even-length cut around your hair and the sides, back, and nape shaved.

Taper Short Hairdo

Gradual, and tailored short style for a polished look.

This hairdo will give you a sleek and refined look that features a shorter length of long hair that gradually keeps decreasing from the top to the sides. It is versatile and is suitable for most of the face shapes.

Faux Hawk

Bold short hairdo, and rebellious statement look with edgy flair.

Looking for a hairdo that is edgy and trendy? We got you covered. As can be seen, Miley Cyrus flaunts this rebellious hairstyle. It features a mohawk-like spiked hair in the front coupled with shortened sides instead of shaved.

Spiky Haircut

Energetic, and edgy hairstyle with dynamic spiked texture.

Give a bold style statement with this spiky hairdo that features trim-faded sides with a short length of spiked hair in the front. It exudes a playful and energetic vibe coupled with confidence.

Pompadour Short Hairdo

Retro-inspired, and voluminous style for a timeless appeal.

An old classic, the pompadour features voluminous hair that has been swept upwards and back from the forehead. With the sides being short or trimmed, this hairstyle undoubtedly gives a timeless grade.

Buzz Cut

Low-maintenance short hairdo, and effortlessly cool for a confident look.

The crown for being the epitome of effortless and low-maintenance unquestionably goes to a buzz cut. It features trimmed sides coupled with ultra-short hair in the front, making it simple and minimalistic.

Afro Short Hairdo

Voluminous, and full of texture for a striking presence.

This culturally rooted iconic hairstyle, coupled with the curly texture, showcases the beauty of natural hair. You can trim the sides to put the light on your natural curls in the center and your facial features.

Mohawk Fade

Dynamic fusion hairstyle with gradual length variation.

With a touch of modernity, the old classic mohawk gets a revamp. It features faded sides, which simply means trimmed sides with marginally shorter lengths from the top down from either side.


Polished short hairdo, and refined short style with a sophisticated touch.

If you want a simple yet polished look, then comb-over is undeniably the go-to choice. This protean hairdo features combing the hair from the side to the back. A subtle yet elegant hairdo. You can also trim the sides, as shown above.

Quiff Short Hairdo

Voluminous short hairdo, and casually chic with a touch of sophistication.

Add a touch of modernity to the charm of this classic quiff hairdo. It features trimmed sides with the front styled upwards and slightly back. The volume, coupled with the textured styled hair, boosts your overall appearance.

Caesar Cut Short Hairdo

Clean-cut, and sophisticated look with short, even length.

This short hairdo features trimmed sides with textured hair in the front coupled with horizontally straight-cut bangs. It makes your look undeniably unique and attractive, with a stylish touch to your overall appearance.

French Crop Short Hairdo

Minimalistic short hairdo, and effortlessly stylish for an understated elegance.

A minimalistic hairstyle featuring short and textured hair in the front coupled with trim-faded sides. Showcases your facial features very well and exudes a graceful and elegant vibe.

Side Swept Undercut

Undercut with hair swept to the side, revealing shaved section.

You know the short hairdo is unquestionably great when famous personalities like Demi Lovato flaunt it. This hairdo features shaved or trimmed sides coupled with the longer portion of hair swept to a side, adding a class to your style.

Tousled Bob Short Hairdo

Effortlessly messy short hairdo, textured, and chic bob for an undone charm.

This simple hairstyle features textured and layered hair shortened likewise to a bob cut. It gives you an effortless and carefree look coupled with a stylish vibe.

Curly Pixie Cut

Playful, curly, and short statement style with lively texture.

Add a touch of whimsy to your hairdo with this curly pixie cut, and if you have naturally curly hair, this hairdo is unquestionably for you. It features a short and curly textured pixie with a stylish touch.

Asymmetrical Bob

Modern, and asymmetrical short hairdo for a contemporary look.

A contemporary twist to the classic bob, this hairstyle features unequal lengths coupled with smooth textured hair. The varying length creates a striking look coupled with a well-polished look.

Layered Short Hairdo

Voluminous, and versatile short style with dimensional layers.

A versatile hairdo with carefully crafted voluminous layers that lays the foundation for various styling options. The textured hair undeniably elevates the hairdo and adds to its grace.

Messy French Roll

Carefree, romantic, and tousled updo style with a French twist.

Add elegance coupled with a whimsical touch to your short hair with this Fench roll. It features loosely rolled hair secured at the back of your head with the help of a hair tie.

Hime Short Hairdo

Japanese-inspired short hairdo with feminine charm.

A stylish Japanese-inspired hairdo featuring short bangs coupled with longer short-lengthed hair. It is a twist to the traditional hairdo by combining modern elements and creating an undeniably chic appearance.

Wavy Bob

Beachy, and effortlessly feminine look with gentle waves.

A trendy and versatile hairdo that has a touch of whimsy to it. If you have naturally curled or textured hair, then this hairdo is unquestionably made for you. The natural texture of your hair will make the strands seem like waves.

Bowl-Pixie Short Hairdo

Fashion-forward statement short hairdo with a bowl-like shape.

This avant-garde hairdo features the shape of a bowl coupled with the edginess is a pixie. As can be seen, it is a bold and unique hairdo for a statement look. It boosts your facial features and confidence simultaneously.

Side Parted Bob

Sleek, and timeless short hairdo with a stylish side part.

Parted side, coupled with the class of the bob, adds sophistication and grace to your hairdo. As can be seen, it is an attractive hairdo and is best suited for making statement looks.

Angled Bob Short Hairdo

Modern bob hairstyle with an asymmetrical touch.

A contemporary twist to the classy hairdo that will make you look chic and pretty simultaneously. However, that change is minute from that of a bob-cut but is significant.

Feathered Hairdo with Bangs

Soft short hairdo with feathery texture and fringe.

A vintage hairdo that features soft feather-like layers coupled with the chicness of voluminous bangs. The textured hair exudes positivity and a retro vibe simultaneously.

Mohawk Updo

Attention-grabbing updo style with a Mohawk twist.

An eye-catching and bold hairdo that features the iconic mohawk coupled with the elegance of an updo. It involves styling the center portion of the hair to the back, with shaved sides alongside.

Brushed-Forward Haircut

Textured, and effortlessly stylish short hair styled forward.

This minimalistic hairdo features short hair brushed to the front coupled with trimmed sides and the back. It is likewise to a mushroom cut but prettier than that. A versatile and chic hairdo that will showcase your facial features as well.

Tapered Pixie with Bangs

Chic, and face-framing pixie style with stylish bangs.

A short hairdo that features a tapered back coupled with stylish side bangs. It frames your facial attributes and adds to the grace of your hairdo.

Undercut Bob

Modern, and stylish bob haircut with an undercut detail.

A trendy and edgy hairdo that features the boldness of an undercut coupled with the classiness of a bob. As seen above, undercut on both sides with the hair swept in one.

Faux Bob Short Hairdo

Chic, and versatile bob transformation without sacrificing length.

As can be seen in the picture, this is one of the most iconic hairdos of the 20th century. It is likewise to a bob but not precisely a bob. The curly short bangs in the front make the overall look more attractive.

Short Dreadlocks

Unique, and culturally inspired hairstyle with short dreadlocks.

This unique hairdo will showcase your personality and give you a style statement simultaneously. The natural curls coupled with the textured hair boost the hairdo and make it look unique.

Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Short and playful with stylishly long and face-framing bangs.

The grace of the pixie, coupled with the long bangs, makes it even more attractive. You can give a bold style statement with this hairdo regardless of the texture of your natural hair.

Choppy Bob Short Hairdo

Playful bob with choppy ends.

The classy grace of the bob coupled with choppy ends gives the hairdo a unique element. As can be seen, the perfect imperfections add a playful and carefree touch to the hairdo.

Pixie Bob Short Hairdo

A fusion of pixie and bob, combining short and chic.

The chicness of this hairdo might make someone spellbound. It features a combination of a pixie and a bob simultaneously. It is a subtle and versatile choice if you are looking for a transition hairdo.

Sleek Bob with Bangs

Polished and sophisticated bob enhanced with elegant bangs.

This polished and sleek look features a bob coupled with bangs. If you have a small face, it could elevate and put a spotlight on your facial features.

Taper Fade Short Hairdo

A gradual fade, adding a modern touch to short hair.

A hairdo that will reflect your bold personality and give a strong style statement simultaneously. Trim-faded sides with a tapered hairdo in the middle elevate the overall look and make it polished.

Curly Short Afro

Natural curls in a short, voluminous, and statement-making style.

If you have naturally curly hair, then you should unquestionably try this hairdo. Many have to apply artificial products and machines to curl their hair and get the hairdo, as shown above.

Flicked-Out Bob

Bob with playful flicks at the ends for a fun look.

Add a playful and carefree touch to your hairdo with this flicked-out bob. The flicked-out textured hair heightens the overall look. It is attractive and simultaneously showcases your facial characteristics.

Asymmetric Pixie

Daring, and asymmetrical for a bold and unique appearance

The contrast of uneven lengths coupled with the class of pixie would make your heart skip a beat. It is fashionable and chic simultaneously. The sides are trimmed, whereas the longer portion is swept to the side.

Swoop Bangs

Bangs swept to the side, framing the face elegantly.

The combination of a textured bob-cut coupled with side-swept bangs will sweep everyone in awe of your hairdo. This undeniably chic hairdo is very versatile. The side bangs add softness and whimsy to the overall look.

Mullet Pixie with Bangs

An unconventional blend of mullet and pixie, with bangs.

The crossover we need and deserve as well, the combination of a pixie with the charm of a mullet simultaneously. As can be seen, this hairdo adds a hint of uniqueness and whimsy to the overall look.

Zig-Zag Undercut

Undercut with a zig-zag pattern, adding an edgy detail.

This funky hairdo is undeniably bold. It flaunts trimmed sides and back coupled with a zig-zag pattern in the undercut. As can be seen, you can either choose to have a short-hair bun or just brush the hair and flatten it back.

Braided Pixie

A creative mix of pixie cut and braids for a unique look.

Showcase your hair-weaving skills with the braided pixie. As can be seen, this hairdo flaunts short sides with two braided sections in the middle. The braids can then be tied at the back using a hair tie.

Slicked-Back Hairstyle

Hair smoothly pulled back for a sleek and sophisticated appearance.

As can be seen in the picture, this slicked-back hairstyle will provide you with a glossy look. It flaunts straightening the hair back with a comb and showcases your facial elements making it an undeniably versatile hairdo.

Finger Waves

Elegant and vintage-inspired hairstyle with delicate waves.

If you need a retro look with a creative touch, you should undoubtedly look at finger waves. This classy hairdo features wavy slicked-back hair that has been carved by the use of a comb.

Hope the article could satiate your hunt for the best short hairdos. Having it subtle is nice, but having a bold and extreme hairdo is not bad, either!