52 Shimmery Eyeshadow Looks To Get Sparkly Eyes

When it comes to shimmery eyeshadow, it can give you two looks. A perfect eyeshadow look can change your appearance and make you look like the show star. On the other hand, a tiny mistake may make you look like an oompa-loompa. Eyeshadows can define your eyes properly and make them look chic and beautiful. A shimmery eyeshadow look might not be a look that we use in our everyday makeup routine, but a subtle shimmer to sparkly glitter has always stood the test of time when creating chic and fun makeup looks. Let us check out a few shimmery eyeshadows that will glam up your look for the day.

Subtle Chic

A subtle chic eye makeup look is the best if you want to keep your look more natural with a hint of shimmer. You can achieve this look by using bronzer or a nude eyeshadow on your eyelid first and then adding some shimmer on top for that natural yet glam look.

Subtle chic eyes

Just A Line

You do not need to cover your eyelids with shimmers to get that exquisite look. A single-stroke wing liner using shimmer eyeshadows will give you a chic and clean look. You can define your shimmer liners by also wearing false lashes. This look is quite easy and takes less time.

Shimmery eyeliner

Angelic Shimmery Look

A dewy angelic shimmery look will give you a subtle glow and charm for the day. You can achieve this look by wearing a light shimmery eyeshadow or a nudish shade and adding extra shimmer lines for that angel vibes. It looks perfect and adds a neutral color to your gorgeous look.

Angelic shimmery eyes

Bronze Goddess

You can create a perfect retro look through a shimmery bronze eyeshadow. You can achieve this look with a brown eye shadow top-up with a bronze shimmer. Moreover, you can add liner and fake lashes to lift the makeup of your eye.

Bronze shimmery eyes

Soft Pink Frost

If you are obsessed with a soft and sparkly look, go for a pink eye shadow on your eyelid, and top it up with shimmers. A wing liner can add charm to this look.

Pink shimmery eyes

Shimmery Emerald Eyes

A smoky green shimmery eyeshadow look can give you an elegant and royal look. You can achieve this look by priming your eyes correctly and then topping them off with a dark green shadow and some green shimmers. End the look with a perfect winged liner for a sharp and polished look.

Dark green shimmery eyes

Shimmery Unicorn Eye Look

Combining different light-colored eye shadows added with shimmers can give a unicorn vibe and cool look. This look with lilac, pink and sky eyeshadows with shimmers gives a fun vibe to your eyes.

Unicorn-themed shimmery eyes

Simple Shimmery Eyes With White Liner

Simple shimmery eyeshadow with a white liner gives a bold look and enhances the feature of your eyes. This look is simple yet elegant for a perfect glam party look.

Shimmery eyes with white liner

Shimmery Halo Eyes

A halo-eye look is in trend now. You can achieve this look by applying lighter colors on your eyelid and a darker color on your upper and lower lids to provide an illusion of round and big eyes. This warm shimmer halo eye look gives a subtle glam and is perfect for day functions.

Shimmery halo eyes

Rose Gold Elegance

If you do not like pure gold color, rose gold is the perfect choice for you. Add a darker shade on the upper portion to highlight the rose gold shimmers. Since it gives a subtle shimmery look, you can have some shimmers daily.

Rose gold shimmery eyes

Copper Glam

To achieve darker nude shades on your eyes, you can apply copper shimmery shades to enhance your eyes. This eye look is simple to do yet feels glamorous.

Copper shimmery eyes

Jewel Tone

Jewel tones are a combination of various shades of different stones. Here, citrine yellow, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple shimmery colors are combined to achieve this beautiful soothing eye look.

Jewel tone eyes

Sunset Vibes

Give your eyes a sunset effect using orange, red and brown eyeshadows with a golden shimmer. This look will make your eyes pop out and noticeable easily by others.

Shimmery sunset eyes

Starry Night

Make your eyes a beautiful night sky using black eyeshadow and silver shimmers to give that starry effect. This eyelook is perfect for night parties.

Shimmery starry eyes

Chocolate Bronze

If you love chocolate, add some chocolatey eyeshadow on your eyes too. And to get that blingy effect, apply bronze shimmer on top. It gives a very rich look to your eyes!

Shimmery chocolate bronze eyes

Golden Brown

To get this eye look, add a brownish shade on your eyes, and then top it up with golden shimmery eyeshadow. It is a simple look yet so elegant.

Shimmery golden brown eyes

Mermaid Magic

If you want to make your eyes look like a mermaid, try this eye makeup. With the combination of blue, purple and green shimmery eyeshadows, give your eyes a royal look. Add some tiny beads to give that magical effect!

Mermaid-themed shimmery eyes

Delicate Details

Winged eyeliner is versatile, and this shimmery detailed look shows how the tiniest touches of glitter along the lashes can take any makeup look to a different level. This look is perfect for beginners who want to try something different from their regular style but are not ready to do a full glitter look yet.

Detailed shimmery eyes

Inner Beauty

This look is the perfect example of how adding the tiniest detail of shimmer in the inner corners of the eyes can make such a huge difference. The shimmer adds a beautifully subtle touch to an already ethereal makeup look.

Shimmery inner corners

Cosmic Creation

This high-impact, spacey shimmery look reflects all the light around you. It is a fun look with a mix and match of different shades of shimmery eyeshadows to give that “blinking star in the sky” effect.

Cosmic-themed shimmery eyes

Electric Rainbow

This look is very colorful and includes many different shades of eyeshadows. It gives a rainbow vibe, and the colors add fun to your eyes.

Shimmery rainbow eyes

Frosted Violet

Create this easy violet shiny eye look simply by applying some shimmery violet eyeshadow. You can add more detailing by using eyeliner or can keep it as it is.

Shimmery violet eyes

Purple Haze

A shimmery purple look never goes wrong in giving you an euphoric look. It gives quite a dreamy effect on your eyes, and the shimmers make the eye look more glowy.

Shimmery purple eyes

Deep Blue Frost

This look portrays a look of royalty, boldness, and power. The detailing of the shimmer defines your eyes, giving an elegant vibe.

Shimmery blue eyes

Tri-colour Shimmery Look

Tri-colour shimmery look can change the game of your look. It gives a very glam glow to your eyes.

Shimmery tri-color eyes

Pink Shimmery Eyes With Graphic Liner

Graphic liners give you a dramatic look. A pink shimmery eye eyeshadow with a graphic liner gives you a unique combination of softness and drama.

Shimmery eyes with graphic liner

Glossy Red Eye Look

You do not always need glitters to add spark to your eyes. This glossy red eye makeup can do the job as well! It is so simple to do yet looks so bold.

Shiny red eyes

Icy Blue Eye Look

Blue is a strong color. But this light blue shimmery look will give you an aesthetic and icy look when paired with a perfect winged liner.

Sky blue shimmery eyes

Green Envy

The green, smoky eye with the hint of the shimmers gives quite an elegant and bold look. Adding false lashes will add some drama to the total look.

Light green shimmery eyes

Vibrant Hues

Mixing bold colors and shimmers allows endless color play while adding all the sparkles you want. This colorful eye look will give you all the creative feels.

Vibrant shimmery eyes

Shimmery Cut Crease Eyeshadow Look

Cut creases can enhance the beauty of your eye. This beautiful combination of rose gold shimmers with pink and black eyeshadows give a sharp look to your eyes.

Cut crease shimmery eyes

Feather Shimmery Eye Look

The feather shimmery eye look gives a very royal and elegant look. It makes your eyes feel like a feather and do all the talking.

Feather-like shimmery eyes.

Silver Smokey Eye Look

Silver eyeshadow and smokey eyes is a heavenly combination. Use various shades of shimmery silver color to create the smokey eyes and let your eyes sparkle!

Shimmery silver eyes

Classic Golden Eye Look

Golden shimmery eye looks can never go wrong for that perfect glam look. This look is so sharp and bold that it makes you feel confident and powerful. This look lets your eyes speak.

Shimmery golden eyes

Shimmery Yellow Eyeshadow Look

If golden shimmers is too much for you, use yellow shimmers. They are as good as the golden ones but this yellow glittery eye look is easy to carry. Create a winged liner to add some details.

Shimmery yellow eyes

Golden Green Shimmery Eyeshadow Look

Green is another color of festivals and gives an elegant and powerful look. This combination of gold and green shimmers adds sharpness and boldness to your eyes.

Golden green shimmery eyes

Frosted Mint

Give your eyes a bold icy look by using mint shimmery eyeshadow. Also, add fake lashes to get that extra dramatic look.

Shimmery mint eyes

Soft Peachy Gleam

If you are searching for a every day shimmery eye look, this one is for you. With the touches of peachy shimmers, give your eyes a subtle and soft look. You can wear this for office or college.

Shimmery peach eyes

Lilac Dreams

Give your eyes a dreamy effect with these lilac eye look. Add shimmers, stones and a winged liner to create that boldness and drama in your eyes.

Shimmery lilac eyes

Pastel Shades

If you love soft colors yet want some shine to your eyes, create this beautiful pastel shimmery eye look. Look how it makes your eyes soothing and calm yet has a touch of glitter. You can use any pastel shades of your choice to create this.

Shimmery pastel shade eyes

Shimmering Taupe

Want to give your eyes a no-makeup makeup look? Do not worry; presenting you the shimmery taupe eye look. It is a greyish eye look with some hints of brown. Add a winged liner to complete this simple look.

Shimmery taupe eyes

Mauve Magic

Create this elegant eye look by applying some shimmery mauve color to your eyes. Apply a lighter shade to the inner corners and a simple liner to finish the look.

Shimmery mauve eyes

Smoldering Plum

Use plum-colored eyeshadow and top up with some golden shimmers to achieve this eyelook. It gives a bold and royal look to your eyes.

Shimmery plum eyes

Champagne Pop

The champagne pop can be created by using shimmery champagne-colored eyeshadow on the lids and adding a pop of mauve color on the water line of your eyes.

Shimmery champagne eyes

Glitter Bomb

Overflow your eyes with shimmers and glitters by using different shades of them. This eye look is perfect for those big occasions and parties.

Glitter bomb eyes

Sparkling Coral Orange

If you are a fan of orange shades, this shimmery coral eyelook is for you. Using various shades of orange, you can create this look and highlight your eyes.

Shimmery orange eyes

Shimmery Metallic Look

This shimmery metallic look is a full glam look. The winged shape of the eye look gives a true definition to your eyes, and the colors are fun to experiment with.

Shimmery metallic eyes

The Neutral Shimmer

A neutral brown eye base on your eyelids and shimmer eyeliners like gold or silver can enhance a look. While the glitter isn’t extremely noticeable, it provides a subtle shimmer that is just right for such a dramatic look.

Neutral shimmery eyes

Classic Shimmery Black Smoky Eyes

A smoky eye shadow with a hint of glitter can give you a dramatic shimmery eye look. You can get this look with different shimmer shades. However, black smoky eye is the classic choice for a perfect dramatic look.

Shimmery black smokey eyes

Lowerlid Highlights

Highlight your lower eyelid using shimmery eyeshadow of any color and keep the upper lid neutral. It will make your lowerlids the star of the show!

Shimmery lower eyelids

Oversized Shimmers

If you want to make your eyes the highlight of your look, add various sizes of chunky glitters to your eyes. This eyelook will surely make your eyes sparkle!

Oversized shimmery eyes

The Perfect Glittery Eyes

Last but not the least, when talking about shimmery eyes, how can we not talk about a perfect glittery eye. In this eye look, only glittery eyeshadow is used, even to create the winged liner. You can use any glitter color of your choice.

Perfect glittery eyes

Apart from these 52 eye makeups, there are a lot of varieties when it comes to shimmery eye looks. You can choose one of these looks and let your eyes sparkle!