40 Hair Color Trends to Elevate Your Look

“You can change your whole attitude by changing your hair color.”

Hair coloring is a fun way to elevate your style and appearance. When you get your hair done by a professional, they will help you choose tones that suit your complexion and face, which can dramatically affect your appearance.

Hairstylists worldwide have predicted some delicious hair color trends for 2023. After the dull and somber years of the pandemic, people are looking toward bright colors that bring positive energy. Get ready for buttercup blonde, rose gold, portobello mushroom brown, and more mouthwatering colors!

In this blog, you will find 40 awesome hair color trends from hairstylists worldwide to inspire your new look. Enjoy!

Golden brown tones

The first on our list is the more natural-looking golden brown tone that adds a touch of warmth to your face. The slick high and lowlights give you a glossy effect that looks and feels expensive! Here are a few for inspiration.

Brown Fondue Balayage

Refresh your look with brown fondue balayage, ombre ends, and a face-framing money piece to live your diva dreams. Cool tones of brown work best on a warm skin tone.

brown fondue balayage

Caramel Balayage

Delicious caramel balayage Highlights with balayage ombre ends and Color Melt to create the perfect Face Frame Money Piece. Bring out your best with cooler brown tones!

caramel balayage

Honey Blonde Balayage

Honey Blonde is the perfect color for you if you are looking for a sun-kissed look. This color was made for medium skin tones with darker eyes.

All shades of red

Red brings out your natural beauty and highlights your facial features well. 2023 will see many more shades of red, from deep auburn to strawberry blonde- there is a red for every skin tone. Here are some beauties to inspire your redhead dreams.

Cherry red

Cherry red is a deep red. It has less orange tones than ginger red but is not as brown as an intense auburn. The hints of purple help create a multidimensional look!

Red hair is in high demand right now

Ginger dreams

Did you know only 1 or 2 percent of our population may have naturally ginger hair? Ginger hair looks like a dream. Those with a paler skin tone or undertones of yellow should go for a golden ginger shade.

ginger tones to brighten skin

Strawberry Blush

Inspired by rose gold, this strawberry blush has a stunning blend of red, pink, and blonde shades to create the perfect summer look. This is difficult to achieve by yourself- it’s always better to trust a professional.

strawberry tone for an elevated look

Red Balayage

Feeling bold and adventurous? The red balayage is here to slay. The best part is that a balayage should last for 3-5 months, depending on the quality of the products your stylist will use.

Deep red balayage

Cotton Candy colors

Fun, vibrant, and young- that is how you define the cotton candy hair color trend. Pink is what comes to mind when we hear cotton candy, but with the cotton candy hair color trend, you can experiment with different pastels and pop colors. Here are some yummylicious styles for you!

Pink Candy

Pink hair has slayed in 2022 and is here to stay. Darker skin tones can go all out with candy pink shades for a refreshed and bright look.

pink hair and red lips for a stylish look


Lilac hair looks very fem and delicate, reminiscent of flowers. People with a light skin tone with a cooler undertone can go all out with this color. Remember, pastel shades are difficult to achieve- so go to a professional hairstylist who uses quality products.

lilac tones for curly hair

Two-tone candy floss hair

Not happy with just one color? Go all out with the two-tone candy floss hair color trend. It looks whimsical, delicate, and very very cute!

Purple n’ blue

The stylist has used Lilac, Nevermore, Powder, and Blue Muse to create this super intense purple and blue look. This is truly hair art!

purple and blue hair for 2023

Face Framing Highlights

Money-piece highlights slayed in 2022 and will continue to dominate the fashion scene. The chunky highlights in the front give you a sun-kissed look. You will see a lot of face-framing highlight trends around the world. Here are some for inspiration!

Free Light

Bronde balayage with ombre highlights to create a more natural look that frames your face. Lighter shades have been used in the front to bring out the best in your skin tone.

Face framing highlights for a natural look

Light Beige Blonde

Light Beige Blonde Shade blend with Face Framing highlights to create a beautiful money piece that makes you look like a movie star.

Light beige blonde hair color with face framing highlights.

Red Lights

Bored of blonde balayage money pieces? Try a hint of red to create a fashion-forward face-framing money piece.

Ash blend

Ash hair color adds a shiny silver tone to your look and does not have many shades of red or orange. Go for it if you want a glossy hair color with smokey silver tones.

Curl lights

Healthy and natural curls will dominate next year, and we will see a lot of hair color trends aimed at the curly population. Beautifully highlighted curls will trend in 2023. Lighter blends will frame the face rather than the same color bleached throughout.

Honey curls

Should you highlight your curls? Absolutely! The honey-brown balayage makes your curls pop while giving them a healthy shine.

Highlights for defined curls

Blonde curls

Blonde highlights make your curls look more defined and show off their deep texture. It looks great on naturally curly hair, but you can also go for this look with heat-based curls.

blonde highlights for curls

Candy Curls

Need some color on your curls? Candy colors and bold fashion colors will be a rage in 2023, so why should you miss out?

Natural blonde blends

Baby blonde shades blended with the shade of your natural roots for a healthy shine. This is a low-maintenance look that requires only two touchups for the year.

blonde highlights with darker roots

Icy blonde

Many people think platinum and icy blonde are the same color. They are wrong. Ice blonde has tones of blue and violet for that icy-cold shimmer.

icy blonde highlights done with olaplex

Multidimensional balayage

This multidimensional balayage look has a darker root with lighter blonde highlights that frame the face. You need an expert hair colorist to achieve this look.

Hair coloring and styling trends are like fashion trends- you must stay updated! Blonde, Auburn, and bold fashion colors will rule the scene in 2023. If you want to refresh or elevate your style- go for a hair color that best suits your personality, skin tone, and facial structure.

Need more inspiration? Here is a collection of drool-worthy hair color styles from top hair stylists on Instagram! Enjoy.


Whimsical and fun! An oversized money piece with a rainbow prism with a soft blend for that magical touch.

Rainbow prism money piece

Berry split

A warm and juicy purple with a softer pink for a delicious look. Don’t be afraid of color- when done well, it will fade into a lovely pastel.

two toned high color style

Dreamy pink

Want to look like a fairytale princess? For shiny and healthy-looking hair, go for a warmer blonde color like this beautiful rose gold.

Warm blonde colors make your hair look shiny and healthy.

Platinum Rainbow

A gorgeous platinum color with a rainbow prism that will look even more beautiful as it fades.

Platinum hair with rainbow highlights


Merlot is a deep red wine color that suits almost all types of skin tones. Get a refreshed look with merlot!

Deep red hair for 2023

Tropical beauty

2023 is going to be about bold fashion colors, vibrant hues, and lots of fun. Remember if you want multiple bright shades in your hair- visit a professional hair colorist.

Tropical shades for 2023

Mermaid mane

Live your mermaid dreams with a mix of Neverland and Aquamarine tones from Arctic Fox Hair Color- which is also 100% vegan.

neverland and aquamarine blend


The cosmic sunshine blend from Arctic Fox Hair Color looks like a storybook description. Bright, full, and gorgeous!

cosmic sunshine hair

Virgin Pink

The virgin pink hair color from Arctic Fox is a hot pink that will give you a deep magenta tint if you have light brown hair. For a vibrant look you must bleach your hair.

virgin pink hair color


Get this look with a blend of Phantom Green and Aquamarine from Arctic Fox Hair Color.

Lavender lights

Looking for a new look for your next semester at Art School? Go for this baby pink with lavender highlights blend.

Lavender highlights

Chai Latte

Golden brown tones are going to rule in 2023 and we can why. The layer of shine adds a healthy glow to your look.

Brown tones suit most skin types

Cocoa & dark nutty butterscotch

Subtly free hand-painted balayage with cocoa and dark nutty butterscotch tones for defined curls. Embrace your natural curls!

add shine and define your curls with brown and gold tones

Walnut shine

Want shine and smoothness? A brown walnut blend will give your hair a shiny makeover.

add a glossy shine with lighter brown tones

Copper Balayage

Add hints of rich golden brown hues with a hand-painted copper balayage. Copper looks beautiful on people with olive to dark complexions.

copper tones make your skin look healthy and full of life

Honey Blonde

Balayage Ombre Ends and Highlights with Color Melt plus Face Frame Money Piece Highlights for an expensive salon look.

honey blonde hair color style

Orange is the new black

Ditch your regular hair color choices for this rich and dazzling balayage. Shades like coral orange, cantaloupe orange, and tangerine add warmth to paler skin tones.

orange tone is a blend of red and yellow.

Chunky lights

The Chunky blonde highlights look is created with balayage or babylights at the root area with highlights that frame the face. Look picture perfect, Always.

chunky highlights frame your face well

Golbin mode

Truly hair coloring is an art. But you need a professional hair colorist to achieve multi-color looks like this beauty. Go green!

bold fashion colors are in trend

Hair coloring is an art and a science that requires the proper know-how and dedicated practice. A professional hairstylist has spent hours practicing and studying hair. It’s best to visit a professional hair stylist if you plan on getting your hair done!