40 Glitter Nails Ideas Designs to Inspire You and to Bookmark

‘All that glitters is not gold. Sometimes it’s nail art!’

Glitter on nails can elevate any look and add drama to your everyday life. You don’t have to limit yourself to special occasions like weddings or birthdays to enjoy glitter manicures and nail extension designs. We got you covered in glitter! Enjoy. 

Types of glitter

There are various types of glitter for your nails. Depending on the nail art you want, your nail technician will select the type of glitter that goes with your aesthetic—fine glitter powder, chunky glitter, glitter shards, glitter flakes, sugar powder, and more. Scroll through the blog to get inspired.

Fine Glitter nails

Fine glitter is available as a loose powder, which you normally find in a arts and crafts shop. You can also buy nail paint infused with fine glitter. For a quick DIY glitter nail session at home- Apply a base nail paint, use a makeup sponge to dab on the glitter, and finish with a clear coat for extra shine.

Need some inspiration?

Fine glitter nail polish:

Fine glitter nail polish is easily available on the market. These are great for a quick nail manicure session at home and are perfect for an everyday look.

fine glitter infused nail polish

Black and Glamorous:

The boldness of black, highlighted with a hint of fine silver glitter, screams glam! Feel like you are on a red carpet living your best life.

Ombre fine glitter nails:

Want to glam up for a work event? Keep it subtle but stylish with ombre fine glitter nails. The ombre effect works well with the sparkle of fine glitter.

subtle Ombre fine glitter nails for work

Chunky Glitter

Not a subtle queen? Do you need more drama when it comes to your glitter needs? Chunky glitter is probably the most on-trend and popular glitter available today. Chunky glitter is created by blending fine glitter powder with chunky flakes of the same shade to enhance the sheen and glimmer.

Dramatic starry blue:

The chunky flakes look like tiny stars glistening in the night sky. Try a dramatic blue glitter nail design for your next night out!

dramatic blue glitter nail design

Pink chunky glitter:

What’s better than glitter? Pink glitter! Get that extra fem energy with chunky pink glitter nails. Perfect for brunch and cocktails.

Pink chunky glitter nails

Gold flake nails:

Gold flake chunky glitter works great for any sized or shaped nails. Elevate your evening wear with gold nails for a stylish look.

gold flake chunky glitter for evening wear

Glitter shards

Ready for something bold, big, and fabulous? Glitter shards are big flakes that you can creatively use to create a unique metallic look. These are best used on gel nail extensions or acrylic nail extensions.

Here are a few designs for inspiration!

Silver shards:

Silver has a natural sheen that elevates your glitter shard look. Perfect for a wedding party.

silver Glitter shard nails

Clear nail polish with glitter shards:

Sometimes less is more. If you are looking for something simple yet glam- try the clear nail polish with glitter shards look.

Embedded glitter shards:

Looking for something that will last a bit longer? Gel X nail extensions have a super slick finish and last up to 3-4 weeks. Add a layer of glitter shards underneath for a fabulous look.

Glitter Flakies

Flakies are tiny pieces of reflective plastic that change color when lights hit them. They have a holographic effect that lets you get super creative with your nails. You can apply a little or load them up for a foiled look.

Here are a few super cute Glitter Flakies nail designs!

Kaleidoscope Flakies nail polish:

Enjoy purple, magenta, green, gold, and turquoise in one stroke with a kaleidoscope glitter flakies nail polish.

Multicolor glitter flakies

Extreme Glitter nails:

Try the extreme glitter nail look if you want to go all out with your glitter nail manicure. You can use glitter flakies with crystals and rhinestones for this style.

Buffed-up flakies:

Getting ready to paint the town red? Use glitter flakies to create a magical look. Instead of fanning over the glitter flakies- use a makeup sponge to apply the flakies on your semi-wet nail polish.

Sugar powdered nails

Sugar powder nails look like they are coated in something powdery and wet. They may not shine as much metallic or plastic glitter, but they give you a unique look. You can find plain and colorful variants to create your own sugar-powered nails.

Candy colors:

Candy nails look super cute and are easy to do. Apply a coat of your fave candy color nail polish. Coat with a similar shade of nail sugar powder to create candy nails.

sugar powder nails

Angelic frost:

Mix and match your sugar powder with glitter flakies to create an angelic frosty look.

Angelic frosty nails

Woolen fabric look:

Nail Sugar powder is perfect for creating a winter special look. Get inspired by these cute woolen fabric sugar powder nails!

Iridescent glitter

Irridescent glitter has an opalescence effect that allows it to reflect all visible colors of the spectrum. When placed strategically, iridescent glitter can create a spectacular effect that suits most nail extension styles.

Green Irridescent glitter extensions:

Gorgeous and classy. Try these for the holiday season!

Green iridescent glitter nail extensions for the holiday season

Clear iridescent nails:

Clear gel extensions with iridescent glitter give you a glass effect that can elevate any outfit.

Clear gel extensions with iridescent glitter for glass effect

Multicolor iridescent glitter nails:

You can combine various glitter components to create a multicolor iridescent glitter look. These look great with your party outfit.

Now that you know all the kinds of glitter you can use to create fabulous nail art, it’s time to look at the best glitter nail trends online. Here are 22 awesome glitter nail art and extensions from nail techs worldwide. Enjoy!

Cute winter nails

Go wild jungle nails

Witchy nails

Touch of gold

Gold foil and glitter nails with rhinestones

Pink butterfly

pink glitter nails with butterfly studs

New year’s eve

simple glitter nails for new year's eve

Cherry nails

pink sugar powder cherry nails

Bridal White nails

Bridal white nails with glitter and studs

Feeling Blue

Blue spooky nails with blue glitter and stickers

Lady in red

Classy red nails with fine gold glitter

Christmas Special

Christmas special green glitter nails

Black and gold

Black matte nails with gold flake glitter


Glitter nails for an evening look

Barbie pink

Barbie pink nails

Classy White and Gold

Classy white and gold nails for bridal party

White glitter shards

Nails with white glitter shards and gold glitter

Princess’s nails

Cute butterfly glitter nails

Purple Flakies

Purple glitter flakies perfect for a party

Prom nails

Rose gold nails perfect for your prom night

The Gold rush

Gold foil and glitter nails for a elegant style

Blue tips

Blue flakies glitter nails

Irridescent blue

A subtle glitter look for everyday style

Glitter nails are a trend right now. You can play around with the many types of glitter available online and with your fave nail tech. You can mix and match different types and glitter sizes to create your unique look! Just have fun and think of your nails as a glittered canvas!