The Ultimate Guide to Wash and Care Baby Clothes

Do you know who is the cutest and the most delicate being on this planet? Yes, babies!! Babies light up our world with their innocence, and as time passes, we miss their cuteness but also accept them in their present state.

Being a parent, one of the hard tasks to perform is washing and caring for your baby’s clothes properly, as they get dirty quickly. Baby clothes are very soft and must be handled with care while washing because nobody wants their baby to feel uncomfortable. Let’s go through a few tips and tricks to clean the baby’s clothes without damaging them. Also, know how to dry and store them!

Properly folded baby clothes with shoes

10 Tips to Wash Baby Clothes Correctly

Here is the ultimate list of tips for washing your baby’s clothes the right way!

  • The first thing we should do is wash baby clothes before we make them wear them for the first time. Babies are very delicate beings, and germs can affect them easily. Your baby will likely catch a cold, so to avoid it, make them wear clothes only after washing them correctly.
  • Wash their clothes with non-biological and fragrance-free detergents as they do not contain harmful chemicals. Baby skin is very soft and sensitive, and washing their clothes with harmful detergents can cause itching. Apart from that, baby clothes are made of soft fibers that can easily get damaged when they come in contact with harsh chemicals.
Soft cotton baby clothes
  • Always wash any baby clothes according to the instructions mentioned on the laundry label to avoid any damage.
  • Try to wash a baby cloth with warm water or the temperature mentioned on the fabric care label. Hot water is excellent for killing germs in clothes.
  • Use disinfectants to clean the clothes, and get rid of the germs completely – this is very important because detergent alone will not kill all the bacteria in the clothes.
  • You can also wash the baby’s clothes in a washing machine, but ensure you check the label as labels of some fabrics suggests hand washing instead of machine washing.
Woman holding a baby cloth in front of washing machine
  • Babies should wear clothes made of pure cotton because of their quick absorbent quality and being gentle on their soft and supple skin. Also, cotton is easy to clean compared to other materials.
  • You must clean the baby’s clothes separately and not with other garments. Cleaning them with other items can lead to the transfer of any bacteria or germs from them.
  • Never use bleach, thinking it might make the clothes cleaner. Bleach is not safe for baby clothes.
  • Baby clothes should be dried up naturally under the sun as sunlight acts as a natural disinfectant and will prevent skin irritations.
Drying baby cloth in sunlight

How to Remove any Stain from Baby Clothes?

It is quite common to get a baby’s cloth stained with food as feeding them is one of the most difficult tasks. To remove these stubborn stains, take a bowl of warm water and pour four tablespoons of baking soda. Stir the mixture well, and make a smooth paste out of it. Rub the paste on the affected area and wash it with normal water.

Babies poop and pee a lot – removing those stains is one hard job. To remove those stubborn stains, soak the stained clothing with a few tablespoons of vinegar and detergent in a bucket full of water and soak it overnight before washing again with cold water.

To remove vomit stains from baby clothing, you can check this article – How to remove vomit stains from clothes.

How to Store Baby Clothes?

Just like washing, storing the baby’s clothes properly is also important. First thing first, you must fold them neatly. Then, pile them up and store them in a clean corner of your closet. If you want you can also hang the clothes on small size hangers. Do not keep them with other clothes, and try not to use any essential oils for a good smell, as that can cause uneasiness to your child.

Woman folding baby clothes

Frequently Asked Questions

What detergent should I use to wash the baby’s clothes?
Ans – Baby clothes should be handled with care, and you should use non-biological and fragrance-free detergent to protect your baby’s soft and supple skin.

How often should we wash a baby’s cloth?
Ans – You should wash the baby’s clothes every day, as they get dirty very easily. Also, to prevent any kind of harmful germs from staying in the clothes longer, you must wash them regularly.

Can we wash the baby’s clothes in a washing machine?
Ans – Yes, you can but check the fabric care label before, as some of the fabrics are preferred to be cleaned by hand washing instead of machine washing.

Is it safe to use fabric softeners for baby clothes?
Ans – No, it is unsafe to use any fabric softener while washing your baby’s clothes because they contain chemicals that are not safe for the baby’s skin.