How to Remove Sweat Stains from Clothes

Having sweat stains on clothes is one of the most unpleasant things. The worst part is, the blemish is capable of ruining the first impression that could have turned out to be a dealmaker. Sweat stains are normal, and the only place where they are the most visible is under the armpits. If your clothes get stained often, there is nothing to worry about.

Usually, there’s little to no discoloration due to your sweat. The yellowish stain on the armpit region is due to the reaction of salts present in our sweat with chemical compounds in our antiperspirants. It not only looks imperfect but also the bacteria in your sweat gets to stay long enough to make it smell so nasty.

Straight Out Of The Pantry (Home Remedies)

Distilled Vinegar

Before using it, test the mixture of vinegar diluted in water in an equal potion to check whether or not it is safe for the material. It is safe for general usage and eliminates both sweat odor and stain. It disintegrates the compounds present in the sweat stain and thereby annihilates it.

Baking Soda

It is something that every household has in the pantry, and even if somebody does not, then it is handy and inexpensive. Take some baking soda and create a thick mixture with water in a 1:4 ratio, then apply it to the stain. Then dab and remove the mixture after half an hour, and if the stain persists then apply some more and keep it for some time then wash it thoroughly. 

baking soda

Citric Acid

If you do not have citric acid, you can also juice out lemons and dilute the lemon juice or citric acid with water in equal proportion, then dab them on the stain. Leave it to rest for 15-20 minutes, then rinse it with water. It works well. And also it is a weaker acid than vinegar, so you can use this method as a mild alternative to vinegar if it is too strong.

The Market Supremacy (Supermarket)

Stain Cleaning Solution

These are handy, and you can grab one from your nearest supermarket if you do not have time to spare for the home remedies mentioned above. This store-brought liquid will reduce the labor that you need to put in to remove the stains alike the other methods, this one is effortless.

Club Soda

It might sound bizarre, but the carbon dioxide present in club soda might be able to eradicate the stain. Try it for yourself, pour a generous amount of carbon dioxide on the stain, dab the stain and rinse it after letting it stay for a couple of hours.


Hydrogen Peroxide And Borax

It’s safe to use, readily available and takes equal portions of hydrogen peroxide and borax. Mix it with water proportionately, then apply the resulting mixture to the stain. Let it rest for half an hour before rinsing it with water, and it will work wonders.

Preventing The Stains

Hair? Slash All Of It

The epicenter of the problem is sweating. Although it is usual to perspire, several factors at bay amplify the impact of sweating. Especially if you have a forest up there in your armpit, then there’s a possibility that you secrete more sweat than someone who has it shaved. It’s accepted that people having a shaved armpit face less trouble when washing their clothes.

Armpit hair

Go For Stronger Antiperspirant

If your deodorant is more powerful, then it will be able to reduce sweating effectively. Moreover, you will not need to spray ample of it to make yourself smell great, which is the reason why most shirts get stained. When you are at home, apply a thin layer after you take a bathe to sweat less and smell fresh for the rest of the day

Wetting It In The Soap Water

The longer you let it stay put, the longer it will take you to remove the stain and the stinky smell as well. If you thought, that you should wear it again before washing it, then there is absolutely no point in inducing contamination that may lead to health hazards. As soon as you can, put the clothes in soap water and scrub the areas you want to clean thoroughly then rinse.

Soap water foam

Invest In A Vest

During the summertime, everyone gets their armpit wet with sweat, but the people involved in a labor-intensive job get them throughout the year. For them, the stains are limited to the armpit but also the entire upper body. Investing in good quality undergarments can significantly reduce stains and the stench of the clothes as well.

Avoid Letting The Sweat Sit For Too Long

Many a time, people make the mistake of putting their sweat clothes under the sunlight to get rid of the stench when they are unable to wash them, which leads the stain to set and dry out. If you dry out the stain under the sunlight before getting them washed, then the clothes are vulnerable to retaining the stench despite washing them later.