20 Types Of Heels To Elevate Your Shoe Game

The first impression always comes from your external appearance, whether it be at a party, a job interview, or other events. You must look confident and elegant wherever you go. People notice your feet first, so they must look perfect and beautiful. Heels are something that makes you look confident and gorgeous. If you want to create a tall look at any event, heels are your perfect match. In this article, we will learn about various types of heels that will make you look sleek and elevate your style game!

Various Types Of Heels For Different Occasions

Here is a list of 20 types of heels you can wear at various events to stand out and look gorgeous!

Nude Heels

Nude-colored heels are perfect for every event. They create an illusion and add a natural height to your body because of their skin-type color. They make you look elegant and classy and are a great pair with almost every outfit. You can get one pair of nude heels for yourself of any kind, be it stilettos, block, platform, kitten, etc.

Nude heels

Ankle Strap Heels

Heels with straps at the ankle add extra inches to your height and give your legs a sleek look. They are available in various styles and colors, but solid-color strappy heels look the best. You can pair them with a short dress or trousers pants and create different looks!

Strappy heels

Heeled Sneakers

Are you a sneakerhead? Then this one is for you! Sneakers with heels are perfect for those casual outings when you want to look taller. These sneakers look great with simple outfits and give you a funky look!

Sneaker heels


Wedge heels were in trend during the 80s and have again boomed their path nowadays. They are the most comfortable footwear that gives you a tall and sleek look. You can wear them all day long, so they are perfect for a college-going or office-going woman.

Wedge heels

Tie Ups/ Lace Ups

These heels are perfect with short dresses. They are tightly held to your legs, giving them a stylish and elongated look by adding more inches to your height.

Lace up heels

Velvety Pump Heels

These heels give you a classy and bossy look and make a great pair with any outfit. Because of their pointed shape at the front, they add height to your feet and legs. The velvet texture adds a royal touch!

Pump heels

Block Heels

These heels are perfect for creating a classy corporate look. You can also create a street-style look with block heels if paired with trousers, jeans, or other pants. They are found in different styles, so buy one according to your needs!

Block heels

Pointed Toe Heels

Pointed heels add a stylish and elegant quotient to your entire look. They look perfect with gowns, skirts, and long dresses. The picture below shows a velvety pointed-toe stiletto; however, they come in various other designs.

Pointed toe heels

Platform Heels

If you want to make yourself comfortable all day in heels and want some balance to walk, buy a pair of platform heels. They give you support and look great with long gowns and jeans. These add a dramatic quotient to your style.

Platform heels

Kitten Heels With Back Lace

These heels are perfect for those city-style looks and make great matches with anything and everything. They are comfy and great for those “on the go” looks.

Kitten heels


These heels are timeless and give you the perfect sophisticated look. You can pair them with mini dresses, tights, or bodycon outfits. These heels add extra support by providing an elastic band at the back.

Slingback heels

Stilettos With Chains

Want to look slim and tall at your birthday party or Valentine’s night? Wear a bodycon dress or gown with a pair of stilettos! This combination will give you the perfect sexy look with a tall height. The chains add extra drama to the whole look; however, you can buy one without chains.

Stiletto heels

Chessboard-style Mules

Almost every heel has a closed back, but mules are the one if you are searching for an open-back heel. They are available in different colors and heights and can easily match any outfit during your summertime parties. But a chessboard-designed mule will give a funky look!

Mule heels

Zebra-designed Sandal Heels

If you are searching for simple heels that you can wear here and there, these cute sandal heels are the right ones for you. They look simple and beautiful with any outfit. The picture below shows a zebra-style print that adds some coolness, but you can buy any other designs of your choice.

Sandal heels

Heeled Boots

Want to wear boots but also want to add height to your legs? Heeled boots will do the job; ankle-length or knee-high, these boots will give you a classy and bold look. They are great for creating a sexy look during the wintertime.

Boot heels

Metallic Heels

You must own at least one pair of metallic heels in your closet for those wedding occasions or big fat parties. These heels add a shimmery and bling quotient to your entire look. They are mainly found in silver or golden color.

Metallic heels

Peep Toe Heels

These open-front heels are perfect for creating those feminine and girly looks. They are the most appropriate heels for your everyday office or college outfits.

Peep toe heels

Statement Rhinestone Heels

Every woman must have one statement heel in their wardrobe. These heels with rhinestones and other works will add an embellished and sparkly look even to nude-colored outfits.

Statement heels

Cut Out Heels

These heels are found in various cut-out patterns and add a piece of fashionable art to your whole look. They look pretty with every type of outfit.

Cut out heels

Espadrille Heels

These heels have flexible soles, usually rope-woven and the upper portion is made from a fabric that gives a boho effect to your entire look. They add a beautiful and elegant style to your appearance.

Espadrille heels

We hope you have found the right type of heels for your every outfit. Try out these gorgeous heels, and elevate your look anytime and anywhere!