How to Remove Ice Cream Stains from Clothes

Ice creams and summer are synonymous, and it does not need to be an adage. With the rising temperatures, ice cream acts as a delightful spoon of goodness on a scorching sunny day. But what’s not delightful is when the ice cream melts and spills on your clothes. Ice cream stains can very often be too stubborn to get rid of.

If proper care is employed promptly, eliminating them is comparatively easier than just washing them and throwing them off in a corner. Just don’t get carried away in the thought that you will treat the stains in the future. The longer the proteins exhibiting the ice cream sits, the longer the effort is to get it removed.

Eradicating the Stains!

Act Prudently
One of the most crucial aspects of stain removal is the time factor that you need to keep in mind. As soon as you spill the ice cream on your clothes, try to refrain the ice cream from spreading, and if you have a tissue, dab on it to be able to remove the excess. Don’t let the strain dry out, or it will be a much more challenging task to be able to remove it.

Drench it Out
Try soaking the tinted clothes in soap water as soon as possible if you do not want the protein to dry out and dig deeper into your fabric to make matters worse. At times it’s even possible to remove the stains if you blot the blemished region of the cloth by wetting it. Clothes are porous, so you can get the ice cream passed through the stained region.

Pretreat it
If you have a good laundry detergent, then use it to pretreat the stain, or you can even use a few drops of dishwashing liquid diluted with a few drops of water to apply on the stain and let it sit for around half an hour. After which, you can rinse the clothes in cold water subsequently. Avoid using hot water due to obvious reasons of having a risk of getting the stain more adamant on the fabric.

Enzyme Based Solutions
If you are short on time and can compensate for that bit by going the extra mile to get an enzyme-based cleaner. It could save you a lot of energy in the future by helping you get rid of stains with very little effort. Enzyme-based solutions are soft on the fabric and harsh on the stains and eat away the protein part of the stain, which makes it easier to treat.

Club Soda
The carbonation in soda water somehow adds up to aiding stain removal, so pour it generously on the stained cloth and let it sit for a quarter of a day before you start pre-treating the stain. This step would not eliminate it but make it easier for you to eliminate it in the later steps.

Stain Remover
After following the steps given before this, you can remove the remaining stains by using a stain remover. These have become an integral part of the laundry nowadays due to the recurrence of stubborn stains. It makes the job easier for sure, and it is worth every penny if you comprehend the time and energy it saves you from scrubbing your clothes mercilessly and ending up getting them damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to check whether or not the stain has gone?
A. You might think the question is a bizarre one, as someone would be able to see from themselves whether the stain has gone or not. But here’s the cache, ice cream stains are unnoticeable when the fabric is wet, maybe you can detect the darker shades, but in most cases, you would not realize. You can use UV light to check whether or not the stain persists when the fabric is wet.

Q. Are the steps applicable in treating stains from all the other ice cream flavors?
A. Fortunately, the steps are consistent in treating the stains from whichever ice cream. Unfortunately, the purity of the ice cream also impacts its efficacy, a natural one could stick for a while, but that is purely due to its protein content. If there are artificial colors in the ice cream, it has to be treated as soon as possible to avoid the risk of permanent staining.