How To Keep Clothes Smell Fresh In Closets

To be able to cast aside unpleasant odors in your closet, you need to know the source of what’s deteriorating the air inside the closet. There could be multiple reasons why your clothes do not feel fresh when you need them to. As a result, you end up spraying plenty of deodorants on your clothes which is just not natural.

Deodorants overpower the natural freshness that comes out of your clothes when they are washed and dried appropriately. And if the clothes are not dried properly or kept somewhere near the moisture source, they all end up scenting dull. If proper measures are taken to prevent it, then you will be able to devour that freshness every time.

Steps To Keep Your Clothes Smell Fresh

Find The Source Of The Odor
At times there are some stinking clothes, and their stench has lingered in the closet for long enough to affect the other clothes as well. There might also be traces of mouse droppings or other contaminants that are there because of rodents, cockroaches, or other bugs that may devour your clothes and defecate. So, make sure to clean your closet from time to time.

Dry The Clothes Out Properly
Moisture is the epicenter of why you end up with dull-smelling clothes. After washing the clothes, dry them out in the air, and avoid putting them under the scorching sun, as that makes the clothes stiff. Dry clean the clothes which are not suitable for wet cleaning, as those materials which require dry cleaning are very difficult to dry out.

Check Out On Seasonal Clothes
There’s a high chance that most people get a weird-smelling wardrobe of seasonal clothes cause they sit in there for a long time before getting used again. Keep a check on them, and if you feel that they have started to smell dull, then put them out in sunlight once in a while. It prevents contamination and also dries up moisture if any. 

Keeping Your Clothes Fresh (Home Remedies)

Using Active Charcoal. Many materials are known for their natural absorbing ability, which can suck up all the moisture from the air. Although unappealing, activated charcoal is one of the best absorbents that would not even feel a pinch in your pocket. Put it in something so that the charcoal does not come in contact with your clothes, or else it could blemish your clothes.

visual representation of a glass jar filled with activated charcoal granules

Baking Soda. Unlike charcoal, baking soda will not ruin your clothes if it comes in contact. You must have heard how well baking soda works when it comes to removing stains. It’s also a great absorbent and inexpensive as well. Keep it in a porous container, and you are good to go.

• Using Vinegar.
Vinegar has a naturally excellent ability to deodorize. It’s colorless and safe to use. You can also add some vinegar along with your fabric softener, which will prevent any after odors. Before using it, you can try testing it on a small piece of cloth.

visual representation of a vinegar jar

Making Potpourri. Although you can buy a potpourri from a store, you can also make a great potpourri at home as well if you can spare some time. Pick some of your favorite fragrant herbs and flower essence if you want to make it smell fancy. Then mix everything and put them in small paper bags and make a few holes in them and place it inside your closet.

Keeping Your Clothes Fresh (Supermarket)

• Silica Gel.
You must have come across silica gel when you brought new apparel, shoes, or other allied commodities. They have been given to absorb any moisture that may affect the product. Silica gel does not cost much and is easily available. It also has a very high boiling point, so it’s best suited for a humid environment.

Essential Oils. While essential oils are costly, you do not need plenty of it to keep your closet full of freshness. They are expensive as they are naturally occurring, and a lot of raw material is required to get a tiny amount of essential oil. You can use paper towels and cotton to spread the freshness of it in your closet.

visual representation of aromatic essential oil

Naphthalene Balls. These balls are not much expensive and have a beautiful odor. The best part is naphthalene balls also have the ability to keep insects and pests away from your closet. It is also known by the name mothballs. The only problem with these balls is that they are highly toxic and carcinogenic and can even cause hemolytic anemia if inhaled for a long duration.

Fragrant Soaps. If you were disappointed with the last point due to some of its harmful effects, then fragrant soaps can turn out to be a great alternative. Just buy a fragrant soap of your choice and tie it with a thin cloth and place it somewhere in the closet where it gets sufficient air.

visual representation of handmade fragrant soaps

Fragrant Wooden Hangers. For clothes that could not be wet-washed, fragrant hangers could work wonders. You can hang heavy fabric clothes in there without hesitation. The regular hangers are not capable of carrying heavy clothes for a very long time. Fragrant wooden hangers would serve a dual purpose.