What to Wear To a Concert

Congrats on scoring tickets to a live music event! Concerts are bonding experiences. Concerts have the power to make you feel alive and connected to something much bigger than yourself. Concerts are memories in the making. So take time to plan! After you decide who you are going to check out the concert with, no doubt the next biggest question you may have is, what should I wear?

Don’t stress. This straightforward guide can help you put a front-row-worthy outfit together in no time. You’ll need to consider the type of concert venue, seasonal weather, and style of music because the dress code might vary. Think head to toe: clothing, accessories, and shoes. Look no further for some style inspiration! We’ve rounded up some chic and versatile outfit options to fit all moods, budgets, and vibes that will work for any kind of concert.

What to wear to a Pop Concert

You can never go wrong at a live concert in a t-shirt and denim! This classic combo transcends gender and age norms. If a pop concert is your destination, break out your trendiest pieces. Graphic tees feature a design somewhere on the front, back, or sleeve area of a shirt. Try a graphic tee with a fun message that represents your personality. Pair your tee with distressed denim & a funky belt (or layer many skinny belts). If the venue is indoors, stand out in the A/C with a matching cropped jacket and jeans in soft or vibrant bubblegum pink. A denim skirt with frayed edges with your tee is another comfortable option. High-top sneakers are a solid pick if you want to add a streetwear edge to your look. Look effortlessly cool by tying the laces halfway up, allowing the tops of the shoes to hang loose.

Want to catch someone’s eye but still be comfy? Try a cropped tee with acid-washed denim or bold denim with words (in strategic places). Better yet, try bodycon skirts or dresses in neon animal prints, like tiger or zebra. You can always throw a denim jacket over your dress to mix up your look throughout the event. If you sport orange, you’ll make a similar splash in a sea of concertgoers. This is a vibrant hue that will help you stand out in a sea of pop concertgoers.

What to wear to a KPop concert

See the pop concert ideas above, but also take inspiration from the KPop performers themselves! Sasaeng fans cosplay famous looks from KPop videos or mimic the styles of their faves. Jennie from BlackPink is a fan of Chanel and wears everything from Chanel baseball caps to cardigans to feminine dresses. Can you roll like, Jennie?

What to wear to an Outdoor Concert

Check the weather forecast for your outing so the weather won’t affect your good time. Here are some seasonal ideas that won’t break the bank–after all, you should not spend more on your outfit than you did for your price of admission:

  • Warmer weather/Women: Try a one-shoulder solid-colored tank, cut-off /ripped denim shorts, and an ethnic beach kimono. When sporting a statement piece like a long flowy kimono, you want to pair it with simple neutrals or whites, like white cropped jeans, an oversized white tee, and some black mules. Let the kimono shine with your neutral bases.
  • Colder weather/Women: Try a shacket! Also called an overshirt, a shacket is a shirt thick enough to be halfway between a shirt and a jacket. This piece is the perfect year-round layering piece. Try your shacket with a turtleneck body suit, paired with stylish track pants and youthful ankle boots in a metallic (recently spotted for only $20 on Poshmark: Urban Outfitters Shoes Urban Outfitters Remi Silver Kitten Heel Ankle Boot!) Moto coats, high-waisted skinny jeans, and statement boots (snakeskin?) can keep you looking cool but feeling warm.
  • Warmer weather/Men: Guys, if you want to elevate your look from a traditional t-shirt, try a lightweight button-down with a subtle print, and leave it untucked (it is an outdoor concert, so no belts!) around your favorite jeans or rolled up lightweight khakis. Bear those abs and go bare under the unbuttoned shirt to stay cool and give off some heat. Choose a waterproof watch or a few leather bracelets as your accessory, and you are set.
  • Colder weather/Men: Hoodies under jackets like bombers or denim are easy to warm comforts that can pair with olive green khakis and boots with thick socks. The President from Thursday Boots is a clean all-purpose boot style that is a timeless must-have that can work well here. Accessorize with gloves, baseball caps, or on-trend beanies (try a Moncler Logo Rib Wool Beanie made from ultrafine wool), and your set from head to toe.

What to wear to a Country Concert

Women, how about incorporating some fringe? These tassel-like embellishments can add personality as well as texture to a simple country look. Try fringe on your denim jacket, purse, boots, or even on a statement belt to wear over your shorts. Cowboy boots always fit in at a country concert, and mid-calf in brown or black is a perfect accompaniment to a cute belted A-line dress. Another boot option stops at the ankle and has a low heel but could be in white to add cool vibes. Casual wedges (espadrille?) are a great boot alternative, too. Don’t forget–trucker hats are the perfect accessory!

Men, bust out the Wrangler jeans and cowboy boots or cargo/carpenter shorts with flip flops or Sperrys. Try a plaid shirt over a plain white tee. Thinking about rocking the cowboy hat? Don’t block anyone’s concert views with large headwear; a baseball cap can work if you want some coverage with less height.

What to wear to an Indie Concert

Avoid wearing anything nice because it may get ruined. You will sweat. Try something with good sturdy pockets because carrying a bag around isn’t advised–people will run into it and crush your stuff. The jeans are perfect.

Forget delicate shoes because your feet will get trampled and might get pulled off. Swap your flats for Doc Martens. Sweat will be flying within a few minutes of getting there, so dress in lightweight fabric, like a cotton T-Shirt. If you head out in your hoodie when the concert is about to start, put your hoodie around your waist but put the sleeves through your belt loops because otherwise, it will fall, and you’ll lose it. Funky or vintage jewelry can match the creative vibe in the house, so go bold here.

What to wear to a Rock Concert

Wear something you can rock with confidence. Choose darker hues and skinny jeans, and ditch those heels and wear comfortable shoes. Lipstick in a bold shade, a graphic shirt, and leather pants equal rocker style with hours-long comfort. For a modern rocker chick look, pick denim shorts and black stockings with ankle boots. A midi dress with a slit matched with a black leather jacket is easy to travel with if you are attending a concert out of town, and Zara carries a topstitched faux leather dress for less than $75.

Guys and gals can never go wrong in an all-black ensemble. All genders can pair a black tee with structured black pants and a leather jacket or a blazer and fit right into the crowd. Guys, you can pop a stonewashed sleeveless denim jacket over your black tee and wear it with a dark hat (and a necklace?) and steal the show. Another option for the guys is to wear a denim blue shirt with a short leather jacket and straight pants with a pair of sneakers. Top with a hat and aviators, and you are ready to rock.

What to wear to a Reggae Concert

This slow pace relaxing vibe from Jamaica demands you channel that 60s chill energy. The Ethiopian flag’s signature color green, yellow and red color combos are always a safe choice, and ladies may find a statement Rasta dress worth investing in for ideal comfort and psychedelic appeal. Rasta crochet can also show your free side and lends an artsy feel. If you can’t make crochet yourself, support a local vendor who is sure to be on-site and support their handicraft clothes. Infuse your concert memories in the clothes you buy and wear there! Another youthful and versatile idea is to bring out the tie-dye. T-shirts, maxi dresses, or even a romper will fit in. Choose a tie-dye palette in bolder colors rather than the pastel variety. Comfy sneakers and a patchwork tote are also worth having. And guys: do wear a hat. This is the place to showcase your hat preferences: Fedoras, boaters hats, even an old newsboy cap that you bought years ago and is sitting in the back of your closet. This reggae concert is your chance to bring it back and groove.

What to wear to a Rap Concert

Patchwork jeans on the bottom and a cami under a fishnet shirt on the top is a cool outfit idea for your next rap concert. All genders can sport elevated athleisure and be right in line with the crowd. Athleisure embraces the kind of clothing that someone can wear at work, to the gym, and then to dinner. To kick it up a notch for the concert, think sporty, but with more luxe fabric or details that you wouldn’t actually work out in a while wearing these threads. Guys can oversize with bigger shirts and slouchier jeans. Be yourself and drip in comfortable fitting clothes. Black sunglasses work, even when it is dark outside. Jewelry shouldn’t be precious and fussy. Consider protecting your ears from the boom with custom earplugs, like Loop Earplugs. These Loops will cut the next-day ringing and buzzing in your ears, and your future self will thank you!

What to wear to a Hip Hop Concert

Loose, relaxed, fun, and dance-ready: that’s the outfit inspiration for a hip-hop concert. Bright, fun tees with skinny jeans and Chucks are a great choice for hip-hop vibes. Cartoon characters on your shirt will match hip hop’s playful energy. Black high waist stylish cargo pants with chain accessory paired with a long-sleeved black crop top will get you noticed in a good way. Look for fun color-blocking joggers, like Shein’s Chinese Dragon Print Two Tone Slant Pocket Sweatpants with white crop and white sneaks. High-Waisted Striped Snap Button Track Pants are cool for all genders, and you can unsnap as many as you dare. Try an athletic jersey from your favorite team unbuttoned over a white tank for another sporty spin. Take your street-savvy headwear to the next level with a lambskin leather snapback hat by Los Angeles company Stamp’d. Available in beige/off-white and navy, these pieces are premium and will up your street cred.

What to wear to a Metal Concert

Leather, denim, and metal studs are your go-to for clothing and accessories at a metal concert. Grab a pair of scissors and personalize your plain black tee by cutting out the neckline, cutting slits, and safely pinning them together again. Shred it! Head to an army supply store and pick up an inexpensive military-style jacket. Thrift shop a used vest and throw it over your cut-up tee. Combat and biker boots add a tough edge, so skip the pastels and prints! Vans are a non-boot option. To accessorize, try leather cuffs on each wrist. Studded cuffs and metal chains can be on the same arm. Opting for thick leather, metal-studded chokers or layering a couple of leather belts add interest and edge to your metal concert look. Guy-liner is optional, but you won’t be alone if you decide to rock the face makeup.

What to wear to a Techno concert

Heading to EDM Concert? You will see others in bondage wear, harnesses, and revealing body wear, but if that isn’t your personality, there is no need to go there. You will be right at home in baggy pants. Roomy cargos (with all the pockets to hold your stuff without a bag) are popular at techno-themed concerts because it doesn’t constrict you during the many hours of dancing. Wear mismatching fabrics and patterns in bright colors to glow under the black lights. Wear comfortable, bright sneakers and kick it up a notch with large rings, glow necklaces, bright hair accessories, furry hats…and BODY GLITTER. Wear a bright, neon wig! If you tote a stuffed animal around, no one will bat an eye.

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What to wear to a Music Festival

Each festival has its own personality and flavor profile, so be sure to read up on the vibe of the festival you will be attending. Festivals tend to be sweaty, sunny, and dusty, so be sure to dress for the elements. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen is the best thing you can wear. Bralettes and hot pants under a mesh overlay are a good way to layer with lightweight pieces. Gym shorts for both sexes (especially those in fun colors!) are awesome because, hello, sweat-wicking properties! Leave open button-downs in colorful patterns for a semi-shirtless male look. Oversized sunnies paired with anything crochet (vests, hats, scarves) screams festival aesthetic. High tops with mesh midis are a moment. Cutout details in tops and dresses with a cross-body bag for phone and chapstick? Yes, please! Confident friends, choose catsuits and wedges. Metallic bras with flared pants (like a patchwork flare from L’Agence) can be stunning, too. Boho-style, bell-sleeved top with platform shoes? IT ALL WORKS. Anything goes as long as you feel the look you portray. Stay hydrated at these festivals, friends.

What to wear to a Classic Music Concert

Don’t feel the need to overdress (but do leave the jeans at home). Men can sport slacks, button-up shirts, and blazers. If it is an evening event, men can’t go wrong with a dark suit, formal shirt, and tie. Ladies, don’t feel the need to wear a floor-length, flowing ball gown. It is fine to wear dress pants and a classical neutral blouse, with heels or flats. Mid-length dresses are an alternative option, too. Sparkles can come out for the evening concerts and are acceptable. Let the ticket price guide your style. With $20 tickets, you can get away with a lighter, simpler fashion. Tickets $100 or more? Up your fashion ante with luxury fabrics and wear your nicer shoes.

What to wear to ANY Concert

When a concert opportunity arises for you, don’t let the inevitable “what do I wear?!” question keep you from RSVPing yes. Check the conditions: indoor/outdoor? Is weather a factor? Then consider how long you will be standing or dancing. Ladies, if you can’t wear your shoes for five hours straight standing up, do yourself a favor and change your shoes! If you’re wearing a skirt on the shorter side, opt for security shorts underneath to keep your assets protected. If you don’t want to spend a lot on an outfit, mix and match what you already own in different ways. Head to a thrift store and have your bestie pick you out something, and vice versa. Another thing to consider, there are several reputable rental companies that will also rent you a fabulous clothing option, and you can read others’ reviews on the rental piece and see photos of how others’ styled the item. The photos are great because you can see how the clothing looks on people whose bodies look like yours, instead of the model on the computer. Rent the Runway is the best for reviews by real customers, and you can rent things you could never afford to buy.

Going to concerts can be a personal and emotional experience and make friendships and memories stronger. To have the best musical adventure possible, think through the details that can impact your fun. Dress for comfort so you can dance and not end up with blistered, sore feet. Don’t peel off fishnet stockings from a hot day’s outdoor festival, and have oddly patterned sunburned legs. Skip the leather jacket if you overheat in crowds. Don’t worry too much about what others think. Since concerts are full of people like you, dress to truly put your best self forward, and you’re sure to fit right in. In the end, being your authentic self is the best thing to wear.