23 Comfortable Shoes For Older Women

Good quality comfortable shoes are equal to happy feet. Older women need comfortable shoes to keep their feet pain-free and cozy whenever they walk. If you are searching for shoes best suited for older women or women above 60, you are at the right place. This article talks about various types of comfortable shoes for any older woman.

So, if you want to give your grandmother a comfy shoe or your wife or mother a 60th birthday gift, choose one of these shoes- this will surely give them happy feet! All these shoes are long-lasting and perfect for walking long distances, running, jogging, etc. The article highlights each shoe’s unique features, so you can choose the one you need. So, without further delay, let us look at the shoes!


Simple flat shoes with a cushion base are like best friends for older women. These shoes are perfect for daily wear and are very comfortable. You can wear them all day and even during your beach vacations!



Loafer shoes are quite trendy nowadays because of their style and comfort. Their soft soles with covered back and front design give protection to the feet all the time.


Lace-up Sneakers

Sneakers with laces are very popular, and almost everyone wears them, from children to adults. They are comfortable for walking, exercising, and daily wear purposes. When you buy one, ensure the shoe fits your feet perfectly, has good laces, and is of premium quality.

Lace-up sneakers

Sock Sneakers

After your 50s and 60s, if you continue going to the gym or exercising, a pair of comfortable sneakers is what you need. These sneakers do not have any lace, so they are easy to wear and have a soft, comfy sole inside.

Sock sneakers


These shoes have a tiny tied-up lace in the front and almost look like loafer shoes. However, moccasins give a girly look and are super soft inside. They are a great pair with dresses and skirts.


Sandals With Straps

Sandals with back straps provide extra protection to the feet and are an excellent option for everyday wear. They have various styles and designs; you can choose the one that best suits your requirement.

Sandals with straps

Extra Deep Sandals

These shoes are specifically for people who have foot pain. You can wear them for walking and get the perfect comfort your feet need!

Extra deep sandals

Oxford Shoe

If you want to look stylish and elegant while staying comfortable, a pair of Oxford shoes is for you. They have soft soles inside and a beautiful design outside with a heel that makes them perfect for wearing at special occasions or parties.

Oxford shoes

Mary Jane/ Doll Shoes

Mary Jane shoes have been popular for long periods. These closed, low-cut shoes will make you look pretty, and the straps across the instep will hold your feet properly in place.

Mary Jane shoes

Chenille Slippers

These slippers are super soft, cute plushie shoes that keep your feet cozy and warm. They are perfect for winter to protect your feet from the cold.

Chenille slippers

Espadrille Shoes

Espadrille shoes have a flexible rope sole that will give your entire look a bohemian effect. The upper portion is made of canvas, denim, or cotton fabric and has various designs. These shoes are great for summertime.

Espadrille shoes for older women


Flip-flops are one of the most comfortable shoes commonly worn by older women. They have a flat structure, and you will get various designs, colors, and styles of them. You can wear them at home or outside, keeping your feet comfortable all day.



Clog shoes were first made of wood; now, they are also found in leather. They are great for wearing for long hours. These shoes can be open-toed or closed-front and have various designs and colors.

Clogs for older women


These shoes are very lightweight, soft, and comfortable. They have holes in the top that help in proper ventilation and make your feet stay cool. Crocs are perfect for summer or rainy days.


Hook And Loop Walking Shoes

These walking shoes with hook and loop style straps make it easy for older women to wear and open them. They are sturdy as well as provide a supportive cushion-like feeling when worn.

Hook and loop walking shoes

Ballerina Pump Shoes

These are shoes with closed-toe, round front, and flat bottoms. They look perfect with gowns and dresses and keep the feet warm. Ballerina shoes add a simple yet elegant look to your style.

Ballerina pump shoes

Hiking Boot

If old age does not restrict you from hiking, you must wear a hiking boot during those times. These boots provide comfort and protection to your feet and are very sturdy, water-resistant, and anti-slip.

Hiking boots for older women

Edema Slippers

They are extra wide slippers that can be adjusted smoothly based on your feet size using velcro straps. These shoes are perfect for you if you have any foot injury or a swollen foot. They will keep your feet warm all day.

Edema slippers

Flat Wide Pumps

These pump shoes have a flat base that makes them comfortable to walk. They have closed fronts and backs that keep your feet secured and come with wide rectangular-shaped fronts to place your toes properly inside the shoe.

Flat wide pumps

Leather Slip Ons

These shoes are very sturdy and made of leather, therefore long-lasting. They are easy-to-wear slip-ons that you can wear any time to feel the comfort of their softness.

Leather slip-ons

Ballerina Slippers

These slippers are the most comfortable shoes to wear at home. Ballerina slippers are found in various materials, such as satin, fur, etc. You can choose any of its designs and colors and enjoy the warmth it provides to your feet.

Ballerina slippers

Walking Shoes With Zippers

A pair of walking shoes with side zips is an excellent option for your daily jogging. The zipper makes it easy to wear to shoes smoothly, and you can adjust it based on your feet size.

Walking shoes with zippers

Statement Flat Shoes

No matter your age, you might think of having one statement shoe in your wardrobe. Then, look at this pair of gorgeous statement flat shoes with stone works that make them perfect for parties or special occasions. They are stylish as well as comfortable.

Statement flat shoes

We hope these options of comfortable shoes for older women helped you pick one for your grandmother. All these shoes are perfect for ladies above 50 or 60 years.