The Right Way to Iron Clothes

People may consider the saying “First impression is the last impression” obsolete, but it is entirely not. First impressions are always important in every field of life, starting from the first day at the office to date night, they give people a vivid idea of your personality and behavior. What impression you will impart to the crowd depends on the outfit you pick up and how you dress up. You are not necessarily required to wear branded and expensive clothes but crease-free, neat clothes.

Crease-free clothes naturally after washing is very challenging but not unimaginable. Here, ironing comes to rescue your day. There is an option of getting your clothes ironed from the shop, but it is not feasible from the const effectiveness front. Keep an iron handy at home to get an instant crease-free outfit. Besides owning an iron, you must know the right way of ironing lest you might burn or cause other accidents.

Know your Iron and Garments

Before starting with ironing, it is crucial to be mindful of the fabric you would use the iron on. First, go through the instructions given with the iron thoroughly before using it. Different irons have different mechanisms to operate them and understand them to avoid accidents.

visual representation of a sky blue silk fabric

Besides reading the guidance on using your iron, read the instruction for ironing the garment. Every garment differs from another due to the different inputs in making the fabric. So, every garment needs a unique way of ironing. Materials like acetate or nylon require low-temperature pressing. On the contrary, wool, silk, or polyester needs medium temperature. Piece of cloth like denim and cotton is better ironed at high temperature.

Arrange all Necessary Equipment Beforehand

A hot iron must be handled with caution, as it may lead to numerous accidents to your clothes and you. You need to have everything that you are going to iron organized before turning on the switch, or else it will result in overheating that may cause scorching. Gather all the equipment required for ironing in one place before heating the iron to avoid accidents. Sort the garments that need pressing, set up the iron table, and keep a bottle of water spray nearby before turning on the iron. It will make your work easier and more organized.

Sort your Garments Orderly

woman holding stacked clothes to be ironed

Before ironing the clothes, arrange them in order, or concerning the heat requirement and compatibility. Keep the clothes on top that require the slightest warmth, followed by the ones that need the most. To prevent overheating and scorching of garment fabrics. Overheating may result in an accidental burn, melting, or fading of clothes.

Start Ironing from the Wrong Side

A pro tip for ironing to prevent shine and crushing is to iron garments on the wrong side that is inside out. The shine effect is most noticeable on darker materials like silk, rayon, or linen fibers. Ironing them on the outside may expose the surface of the garments. Ironing on the wrong side helps prevent crushing on fabrics like velvet and corduroy.

Spray Water while Ironing

a spray bottle for dampening clothes

Dampening the clothes helps to get the best results by removing wrinkles and creases efficiently. It is not advisable to iron wet clothes directly as it may cause electrical dysfunction. Alternatively, turn the dry clothes damp when ironing by spraying or sprinkling water.

Do Not Iron in a Circular Motion

You have to attend an office party but running out of time. You can’t afford an unprofessional or lazy look, but the dress you picked is full of creases. To remove them quickly, you start circularly pressing your favorite blue-colored dress. Stop doing this right now. Ironing in a circular motion may stretch out your favorite dress, which may tamper with the fitting of your outfit.

Alternatively, press the iron lengthwise of your garment or iron with long strokes. Horizontal and vertical long strokes would not tamper with the fittings. If your cloth has too much crease, make it slightly damp while ironing. Spray water or starch for better results instantly.

How to Iron Shirts

perfectly ironed shirts

At any cost, you can’t wear a shirt full of creases and wrinkles anywhere that will make you look utterly unprofessional. To have a wrinkle-free, well-fitted shirt, unbutton the same before ironing. Start from the inside of the shirt and the sleeves. Spread them evenly on the surface and start pressing. Then unfold both the color and iron them. After this, come to the body and apply lengthwise long strokes. Iron the back side of the shirt before coming to the iron. For better results after ironing, hang your shirt for a few minutes before folding it.

Clean your Iron Occasionally

Besides following the proper techniques to iron your clothes, you must care for the showstopper, that is, the iron itself. With constant use, dust, dry scales, and burnt fibers of clothes get hoarded in the iron. If the unwanted elements are not taken care of promptly, they may stain your favorite dresses, which you certainly want to avoid. Clean your iron occasionally to prevent any such spell outs.