How to Get Wrinkles Out of Polyester Clothes

No matter if you are excited about a party or have a date with your favorite person after a long, and you have decided to wear the cute, sassy pink dress, but your dress is full of wrinkles, degrading the look you wanted. Although, you have worn it only once and followed all the instructions given on the fabric care label. It is because your favorite dress is made of polyester, and it is not easy to remove wrinkles from polyester.

Garments like dresses, tee shirts, athletic wear, dress pants, and so on, made up of polyester have a shiny look. You can make a fashion statement easily by wearing a polyester outfit. The only consequence of the fabric polyester is that it catches wrinkles very readily and cannot be removed by a simple wash or ironing it. As said, with the best fashion statement comes the utmost responsibility of taking good care of them. You must know different ways of removing wrinkles out of polyester.

Ways to Remove Wrinkles from Polyester

Wrinkles in clothes resemble creases on the same. You may think ironing the garments can solve the problem, but the answer is no. Pressing polyester with heated iron for too long can cause burns. Some of the best ways of removing wrinkles are – using a steamy shower or a dryer, in the washer according to the fabric care label, or using a cloth steamer.

Fabric Softener to Rescue

Fabric care softener

Polyester fabric develops static due to friction and can aid the process of wrinkling, which is the epicenter of the problem. By using a fabric softener that is gentle on the polyester, you will be able to reduce the static that develops after washing with regular detergent. It happens because fabric softener smoothens the surface, which reduces friction. However, you should exercise proper caution before using fabric softener on polyester, as it can aid deterioration of the luster and the material.

Use a Steamy Shower

It is one of the easiest methods of removing wrinkles as it requires almost zero effort to complete the task. The steamy shower method helps remove light wrinkles. Here, you need a source of hot water and a hanger. Hang the garments from which you want to remove wrinkles on the hanger. Turn on the hot water source and fill a large container with the same. Let steam form over, place the hanging clothes near the vapor and close the room. The hot vapors will work on the wrinkles and help remove them.

Using a Hair Dryer

Person holding hair dryer

Wrinkles can be removed using a dryer, a strange fact but true. For this, you need a microfibre towel. First, dip the microfibre towel in water and wring unless there is no more water dripping. Load the towel and your wrinkled polyester onto the washing machine and set the medium heat cycle on the dryer or tumble. It will create steam which will hasten the process, so let the item soak in moisture for five minutes. Remember to take out the clothes while they are damp and air-dry them. It will give the polyester garments a wrinkle-free look.

Tips: The way mentioned above can be carried out even in a dryer that comes with a steam cycle. If you don’t have any of these, don’t worry. You can create the steaming effect with a hot towel.

Removing Wrinkles in the Washer

The way you wash your polyester garment is also responsible for the formation of Wrinkles. A change in the washing matter can help in reducing them. Firstly, go through the washing instructions given on the fabric care label and try to maintain the temperature mentioned. A slower spin cycle helps in reducing wrinkles while washing; keep changing the settings on your washing machine accordingly. Drying polyesters are very crucial in releasing wrinkles. After washing, dry the clothes on medium heat settings in your tumble for five to seven minutes. After tumble dry, air dries them on a hanger when it is still damp.

Tips: Avoid overloading your machine while washing your polyester garments. Polyester clothes need plenty of space while spinning, or they will get full of wrinkles.

Using a Steamer

Cothes steamer

Hopefully, you have already understood the magic that steam can create. If you want to avoid all the hustle and bustle of creating steam, get a steamer. It will make your task hassle-free. Hang the items on a sturdy heatproof hanger and align it in such a way that the steamer gets 360-degree access to the items. Direct the nozzle of the steamer upright to prevent any spill out and brush it gently on the clothes. After removing the wrinkles, drying is essential, so make sure to dry the clothes completely before folding or wearing them.

Use a Traditional Iron

You live in a foreign city alone for studies or work, and you neither own a steamer/dryer nor a washing machine. You must have felt there is no way left to remove the wrinkles, stop worrying. The iron, you use for pressing your regular wears, will solve the problem. For this, you need a thick flat surface or an ironing board. Lay your garments flat on the surface and set the temperature of the iron to medium-high as this temperature is suitable for most polyester garments. Spray water on the right side of the cloth to make it damp, and start ironing in long strokes length-wise. Hang the items to dry them well under the air after ironing.

You can try any one of the methods mentioned above and get those wrinkles out of your favourite garment made of polyester!