5 Ways to Style a Coat

The season where you want to have comfort and feel cozy, at the same time want to make a fashion statement, is winter. There is something about winter clothes that instantly cheers our mood, even in a dreary cold winter. They hug and make you feel warm as well as bestows a sassy look without extra effort. And if all this tittle-tattle is about winter fashion, how come someone misses out on statement coats?

Nothing can go wrong with coats. A few basic statement coats is what you need the most in your closet to pull off the best winter fashion. You can wear them everywhere, starting from birthday parties and picnics to long drives and night parties. Nothing is needed with winter coats to pull off the look, and you can pair them with almost every outfit. Long coats can be worn over sweaters, pullovers, jackets, sweatshirts, and even as an individual dress.

Create some basic looks

Is it just a boring work day at your office, and the cold breeze of winter has started whipping through the trees? Besides some motivation to pack your bag for work, the other thing you need is a black, beige, or caramel-colored trench coat to turn your dull work day into something interesting and make you look voguish. Wear high boots, put on some light makeup, and boom!! You are Instagram-ready.

Styling coats for night parties

Wait! The discussion that is going on is about the party dress code where we need to look all glittering and shimmering or some boring office party where you want a classy statement look. Hold on. You have landed at the perfect place. As it is already mentioned, coats are like a jack of all trades, feather and fur coats are the perfect eye-catcher at a night party. Pop-up colors like lavender or fluorescent green topped with funky accessories impart a vogue and trendy look. Coats with fur cuffs and fur trim are very much in trend nowadays.

Feather coats topped with skinny jeans and boots give you a minimalistic yet vibrant look. Colors like bright yellow and deep pink are very much in trend nowadays and are well-suited for night clubbing. Printed long coats with fur trim are also quite in and are suitable for night party wear. All these coats can be worn with skinny jeans or as a single piece, like a dress topped up with a fancy belt for party wear.

Making a fashion statement in the office

Long trench coats are a win for office outfits. They give you a feeling of warmth, cozy, and sassy to kill everyone’s heart. Subtle and neutral colors are very much preferred as office wears. A knitted coat over a tank top hugs you tightly and bestows a chicky look upon you. Your best friend has thrown a party after office, and you have to be show-stoppers but have no time to change clothes? No worries, wear your stylish apparel under your long coat. No one will notice it.

Statement earrings are a great option to complete any office look. Wear a neutral-tone belted trench coat over a white top and checked pants. Finish off the look with a pair of statement earrings.

Styling coats for outings

Going out for an outing and want some Instagram-worthy pictures? No hustle; keep in mind the ambiance of the place you are going to visit, and complete your look with a coat. An all-neutral style is what you need for pictures of falling leaves in winter. Beige-colored knee-length coat with high-heeled boots and a dark-colored scarf to contrast the tone. Going out for a long drive with friends, want both comfort and style at the same time? No issues. Wear a simple tee shirt and pants of your choice, and top them with a long, oversized dark-colored coat. Pair the look with high heels and a fedora hat- this will bestow a rusty and grungy street look.

For a cozy and beach look, when there is a chill in the air yet warm, pair a vibrant or fluorescent-colored knee-length coat with denim shorts and a shirt. No one can beat your sassy yet gorgeous look.

Killing the date night with coats

It is an age-old tradition of wearing exposing dresses and bearing a constant feeling of uncomfortable while looking pretty. Now, it’s time to break the ice! Wear a pastel-colored coat over your dress to look chic, simple, and classy. This combination is well-suited for a visit to the church and a business meeting. If you want to bestow a daring yet elegant image on your new date, pair a white top underneath a patterned coat and complete the look with a brown belt.

Few Quick Advices!

  • Nothing can go wrong with a long coat; dare to style your coat with any outfit you want and have your fashion statement.
  • If you want something out-of-the-box yet styling, go for oversized vibrant coats.
  • Take care of the accessories you carry with the coat. Statement fashion usually goes well with long coats.