How To Organize Your Closet

We all have had a cluttered closet, or maybe we still do, but behind every such wardrobe is someone who feels it is too hectic a job to reorganize. But the benefits of having an organized closet outweigh the labor you are going to put in. It saves ample time when you have an organized closet, and you realize that you have more space in your room that you can use to have exciting stuff. Or maybe you can even have a bigger wardrobe once you have it all set.

But before getting started, you have to formulate a plan on how you are going to utilize the space you have and make the most out of it. And if you can afford to have additional elements, it can help you accommodate everything in a neat and space-efficient way.

Steps To Organize/ Re-organize Your Closet

Utilising Everything You Have

Nothing is too old or worn out to be revamped, and it is also a better choice than selling it in scrap and buying a new one. You can also purchase something from the scrap and refurbish it unless you have a dire necessity, in that case, you can buy a pre-owned shelf. The objective is to get the best possible outcome keeping the costs under check.

visual representation of a revamped stool and closet

Assigning Space To Closet Constituents Individually

Depending upon what you choose to give priority or based on the volume, assign each constituent their individual space. The best inexpensive investment here would be additional hangers and wooden planks to create partitions. Every inch that could be utilized should be put to use.

Replace The Conventional Way With The State-of-the-art Ideas

You must have come upon videos on social media on how some people have crazy ideas and solutions for how they cleverly organize everything just by adding a hint of technology to it. If you have a vast closet, it would still be a difficult task to find out that cute baby-pink dress, even if you have it all organized. Maintain a sequence and assign a serial number to them.

Segregate Seasonal From Unseasonal

Separate your clothes and shoes based on the ongoing season from the ones that you are going to need in the subsequent seasons. Make sure to arrange them systematically beforehand to avoid mixing up, or they will need additional effort later.

Have A Separate Place For Everyday Clothes

This might not sound significant, but that’s exactly what creates a difference when you are onto organizing your closet. Adding details like these in the organizing plan would help save time in the long run.

visual representation of a closet for frequently used clothes

Create Floating Brackets

Making brackets on the wall is one of the inexpensive ways with which you can have extra space if you can get hold of laminated planks that are complimentary to the color of your walls. It is the best place to flaunt your cool footwear or pieces of jewelry. It adds to the beauty of the room effortlessly.

Make Use Of The Corners

Corners are the most unutilized or ignored portion of a room, which is best suited to be an alternative to floating brackets, or you can have them both at the same time. That could be used to flaunt other accessories like handbags or even sunglasses if you have a collection. Use every inch but also keep in mind to avoid exaggeration- you do not need a clingy corner.

Flaunt Or Camouflage

You can flaunt your stuff if you want and if you have the necessary bits and pieces, but you can also wish not to. You can have curtains to hide your wardrobe behind if you feel your room has other elements that are in complete contrast to the wardrobe you have organized. Or maybe your wardrobe is the showstopper of your room that you do not want people to see at the first glance.

Have Mirrors Inside Your Closet Or Behind Your Wardrobe

When you are all set, you can add mirrors to make it look more aesthetic. It adds to the beauty of your wardrobe as well as the room. And you could also be able to use it as your setup to get ready.

A Little Rustic Could Make It More Attractive

Lastly, if you don’t have any other space to keep your shoes, you can also try stacking them side by side below the wardrobe, fancy and rustic go well together, and in that way, you are adding to the aesthetics of the room.

portrayal of a rustic closet

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should be done to the clothes, shoes, or accessories I don’t use much anymore?

A. If these are the items you barely use, then there might be a subconscious judgment on why you are avoiding them. They occupy space, and you have to choose by either utilizing them and avoiding purchasing anything until you discard something or by discarding the unused items by either reselling them or donating them to someone in need.

Q. Is it a good option to get new furniture for my wardrobe?

A. Even if you are someone who has a knack for keeping everything organized and Pinterest-worthy, you should introspect whether or not you need a piece of new furniture. If you have some already, try re-using everything you can, but if you do not have any, then it would not be a bad idea to get new ones but make sure to maintain them.

Q. Is it worth it to have a walk-in closet?

A. If you have sufficient space to complete the project, it could turn out great for you. If the opportunity cost of having a walk-in closet outweighs having something else in that space, you can have it. But if you are low on space, then it is not recommended to devote an entire room that you could have used otherwise.

visual representation of a walk-in closet