How to Dress a Tall Curvy Body

There are tons of tips on how to dress as a tall girl and many more on how to dress a curvy body, but there are hardly great tips on how to dress if you are both – tall and curvy.

If you are a tall curvy woman, we get how frustrating that can be especially if you are the type that follows trends to the tee. It is no debate that shopping for a curvy body on a taller frame can come with its own unique challenges. This is why we’ve compiled this post to help you achieve the stylish, trendy look you desire. After reading this, you’ll no longer be wondering what to wear or how to wear it.

What Height is Considered Tall for a Woman?

You may think that you are tall, but you are not. So what height is considered tall for a woman?

In the US, a woman is considered tall when she is 5’7″ and above. That’s just a slight difference from the national average height of 5’4″. 

This height may not be considered tall in other parts of the world. That’s because how tall or short a woman is depends on a country’s national average height. There is no standard global height average. 

In countries like Europe and Scandinavia, for instance, the average height is 5’6″ which is considered tall in the US. And on the other hand, the US average height of 5’4″ is considered tall in countries like Asia and South America, where the national average height is 5 feet.

Best Style Tips for Tall, Curvy Women

You’ve probably been told countless times to stay away from stripes because they will make you look longer. But on the contrary, patterns are great for directing attention to your curves and legs.

Wear waist-cinching skits, dresses, and pants to accentuate your curves and highlight your waist. Clothes that are fitted at the waistline help balance out your chest and your curvy area.

Make use of accessories like belts to highlight your waistline, long necklaces to draw attention to the waist and elongate your torso, or big bangles to show off your long hands.

When shopping for jackets, don’t go for long ones. Instead, go for the ones that fall right at the hip bone to help cut out the widest part of your body. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold contrasting colors. For instance, you could wear burgundy pants and a Fuschia long-line top. This helps break up your height. Wearing a solid color from top to bottom makes you look taller. See how the model below uses bold colors to break up her height.

You could also use patterns to break up the height. See how the model has paired the patterned black and white top and the high-waisted peach pants.

 However, if you don’t feel confident with bold colors and patterns or the idea of combining colors, you could still stick to your harmonious look, basic colors, and dark tones.

Strive to find the right shape and size that will enhance your height and curves. Avoid staples and oversized clothes. They are very unflattering. Also, avoid overdoing it with layers, as they also create an unflattering effect. In the same breath, stay away from overly tight clothes.

What Clothes Look Good on Tall Curvy Girls?

There is a lot you can wear as a tall curvy girl. It just depends on the outfit’s style, cut, and length. Here are a few inspos to get you started.

Midi Dresses

If you are stuck for ideas on what dress to wear, a figure-enhancing midi or maxi dress is your best bet. Longer cuts of midis will highlight your statuesque height and the length of your legs. You could pair your midi dress with a gorgeous pair of trainers or sandals for a daytime outfit or your favorite block heels for a night out.

Flattering midi dresses are great for tall, curvy women because of how well they hug the curves and sit perfectly on the mid-length of the legs. If you have a large bust, we suggest midis with square necklines. We also find that midis made from stretchy fabrics really show off a woman’s silhouette.

Highwaist Skinny Jeans

A good pair of jeans is every woman’s best friend. Skinny jeans, especially, are a must-have for every tall and curvy woman. They help accentuate the curves while elongating the legs.

If you get a pair that has the right fit lengthwise, you are home and dry because it is super easy to pair up jeans. You can throw on a tank top, add a nice belt and finish off with a low-cut boot and you have a look that you can effortlessly wear on repeat.

Long-line Tops

Long-line tops are perfect for wearing over skinnies and leggings for a casual look. They are not only comfortable but hug the curves to give you a very stunning silhouette. They also flatter and elongate the height.

High-waisted Skirts

High-waisted skirts, pretty much everything high-waisted suits tall women with curvy bodies. They highlight the waist and curves while elongating the figure.


While they are made for everyone, jumpsuits are particularly flattering for women with longer frames and natural curves. They highlight the long legs, curves, and waistline. The trick with pulling off a classy, sophisticated look with a jumpsuit is finding the perfect fit and style.

Fitted Tunics

Like long-line tees, fitted tunics are a staple for every tall, curvy girl’s wardrobe. They are perfect for layering under a cloth or leather jacket and knitted cardigan. They are also great for highlighting the waist and hiding bulges. You can dress them up with skinny jeans or leggings and pair them with a nice pair of trainers.

Pencil and Midi Skirts

Don’t you love how versatile pencil and midi skirts are? They are perfect for creating multiple outfits. We love how they bring out a sexy silhouette effect. You can go from an everyday look to a sexy evening look pretty quickly with these skirts. It just depends on what you choose to pair them with.

Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are a trendy casual piece right now. The baggy legs, high cinching waist, and long zipper really highlight the curves and make you look not so elongated. When paired with a nice-fitting top, the mom jeans are great for a brunch date with the girls or even a night out of town.

Maxi Dresses

Is summer really complete without stepping out in a floor-length maxi dress? This dress is perfect for a tall curvy woman for many reasons. It hides the flaws while subtly flaunting the curves and height. Throw on a jacket, and you can still rock your maxi all spring.

Short-fitting Sweater Dresses

Sweater dresses are a lot easier to throw on during the not-so-cold winter days. They are also not so bulky and are such an excellent opportunity to dress up despite the terrible weather. Short-fitting dresses flatter a taller frame with curves more than long oversized sweater dresses.

High-waisted Pants

High-waisted pants with a bit of pizzazz at the waist area are great for enhancing curves and highlighting the waistline. They work perfectly for a taller frame when paired with a patterned shirt or top. The patterns help to break up the height and draw the eye to the main features – curves and waistline.

Maybe it’s not so challenging after all to dress a tall curvy frame. The trick is to know what works best for your body type. Of course, it will take a couple of hits and misses but isn’t that what fashion is all about?