How to Measure Your Ring Size

Knowing how to measure your ring size is a great skill to have in your back pocket. It allows you to shop for rings online easily without worrying that you’re ordering the wrong size. Knowing how to measure your own ring size is also convenient if you’re someone whose weight tends to fluctuate. Self-measuring hacks allow you to keep up with your current ring size without heading to the jeweler. When measuring ring size, the goal is to convert your finger’s diameter in millimeters to standard ring size. You can use this conversion chart:

  • 14.0 mm: Size 3
  • 14.4 mm: Size 3.5
  • 14.8 mm: Size 4
  • 15.2 mm: Size 4.5
  • 15.6 mm: Size 5
  • 16.0 mm: Size 5.5
  • 16.5 mm: Size 6
  • 16.9 mm: Size 6.5
  • 17.3 mm: Size 7
  • 17.7 mm: Size 7.5
  • 18.2 mm: Size 8
  • 18.6 mm: Size 8.5
  • 19.0 mm: Size 9
  • 19.4 mm: Size 9.5
  • 19.8 mm: Size 10
  • 20.2 mm: Size 10.5
  • 20.6 mm: Size 11
  • 21.0 mm: Size 11.5
  • 21.4 mm: Size 12
  • 21.8 mm: Size 12.5
  • 22.2 mm: Size 13
  • 22.6 mm: Size 13.5

Several techniques exist for how to measure your ring size from home. The good news is that you only need some simple tools that you probably already have in your house right now. Take a look at easy ways to measure your own ring size without help from a jeweler.

The String Method

You just need a semi-long piece of string for this first method of measuring your own ring size. You should also get a ruler and marker ready. After cutting a piece of string that’s at least 5 inches long, wrap it around the base of your finger in the exact spot where a ring would sit. Make sure that the string is straight and even against your finger. Next, use a marker to mark the point where the ends of the string meet. Finally, straighten the string out beside your ruler to jot down the number of millimeters covered.

The Tape Measure Method

It’s also possible to skip the need for a string by measuring directly with a tape measure. Simply wrap a tape measure around the base of the finger you’re sizing. While the tape measure should be pressed as close to the skin as possible, it should not dig into the skin. You may select a ring that’s too tight if you allow the tape measure to dig uncomfortably into your skin. The point where the ends of the tape measure meet are the diameter in millimeters that can be converted to your ring size.

Purchase a Plastic Ring Sizer Online

If you’re not in a pinch to find your ring size, you can actually order a plastic ring sizer online. Ring sizers are easy to find on eBay, Amazon, and several online jewelry stores. Investing in a ring sizer is a good idea if you’re someone who constantly purchases rings online. Ring gauges come in several different styles. The first is a “zip-tie” style that works very similarly to the string method. The second is a loop consisting of plastic rings in all sizes that allows you to literally try rings on for size. The last option is a plastic template that allows you to put your finger through ring holes to determine your size.

Search for a Printable Ring Sizer Online

You may be able to size your own ring for free if you have a printer. Many online jewelry stores actually offer printable ring sizers. Here’s an easy, free ring sizer from Macy’ There’s no need to worry about a ring sizer only working for the particular retailer providing the sizer online. All ring sizes in the United States follow the same standard!

How to Measure Someone Else’s Ring Size in Secret

Nothing makes it more evident that you’re about to surprise someone with a ring than asking about their ring size. Luckily, there’s a trick for discreetly figuring out someone else’s ring size. Bring along a bar of soap, a ball of Play-Doh, or some other malleable substance the next time you’ll have a chance to be alone near this person’s jewelry box for a few seconds! Simply press one of their rings into the soap or dough to create a quick impression. You can then have a ring sized based on the exact specifications of the mold you’ve created.

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Tips for How to Measure Your Ring Size

Getting your ring size is about more than just getting a number down on paper. You need to make sure that you’re getting an accurate, comfortable fit that helps you avoid the hassles of returning a ring. Measuring your finger under the right conditions can help you to get a more accurate result. Use these tips:

  • Measure your finger three to four times to confirm accuracy.
  • Don’t measure your finger when your hands are cold! Finger size can change during the day based on the weather, your body temperature, and how active you’ve been. It’s recommended that you measure your ring size at the end of the day because this is when your fingers tend to be warmest. Measuring your finger at its largest possible size is essential for avoiding a ring that’s too tight.
  • Wait to measure if your finger is uncharacteristically swollen or bloated.
  • If you have large knuckles, measure both the knuckle and the base of the finger. You’ll need to select a size in between the two to ensure that your ring can get over the knuckle.
  • Measure for the hand you’ll be wearing a ring on. Ring size can vary between the left hand and right hand because the fingers on your dominant hand are typically larger.
  • Size down slightly when measuring your finger for a silicone ring. Silicone rings tend to be wider than metal rings.

Finally, be sure to ask if rings can be resized before making a big purchase online. Some styles and materials are not suited for resizing. You may find that visiting a jeweler in person when ordering a high-priced specialty ring is simply worth the peace of mind of getting a perfect fit. Happy sizing!