How to Get Cigarette Smell Out of Clothes

Whether you are a smoker or a non-smoker, the cigarette smell is something that lingers around for a while. Even most smokers would agree with the fact that they don’t like the odor of cigarette smoke. No matter how great a personality you might have, stinking clothes can make a poor impression.

Everybody has the right to breathe fresh air, and you cannot disapprove of somebody else’s proposition just because it does not fit yours. Smoking is your choice, but you should also care about the people around you who might exasperate in silence due to the cigarette stench from your clothes.

Knocking Out the Cigarette Odor from Clothes

An Impeccable Laundry Detergent
Regular detergents might not work as effectively as the ones specially formulated to deal with specific problems. Getting a good laundry detergent will ease all the problems by eliminating the root cause, be it stains or cigarette odor. An impeccable laundry detergent would also save you the effort that you would have had to give in the absence of that detergent.

Using Baking Soda
As you might already know about the natural deodorizing properties of baking soda, it is gentle on the clothes and capable of removing stains and odors. You can use it to wash your clothes with baking soda before you wash them with regular detergent. Use the same amount of baking soda that you are going to use for detergent subsequently.

baking soda in a small bowl

Hydrogen Peroxide on the Go
This chemical is a must-have in all households due to its properties, which include deodorizing, disinfecting, and color preservation. You can use hydrogen peroxide with your detergent in a ratio of 1:3. Let it rest for about an hour before rinsing the clothes in cold water. It is a multipurpose chemical and is completely safe to use. It’s excellent for cigarette odor due to its ability to steer clever of all the chemical disposition on the clothes from smoke.

Vinegar, a One-Stop Solution
Whether you are washing the clothes with your hands or in your washing machine, vinegar can ease your effort when it comes to dealing with odor. Wash your clothes in a solution of distilled vinegar or scented vinegar. Use half a cup of vinegar for a standard bucket full of clothes and measure it proportionately.  Avoid mixing vinegar with detergent either use it before washing the clothes or after washing them.

Eliminating Cigarette Odor from the Dry Cleaning Clothes

Since you cannot wash them, the only option that you might feel is viable is giving them for dry cleaning. But there are certain tricks that you may try before handing it in for dry cleaning. However, be mindful that the steps given are not a substitute to dry cleaning and may vary concerning the fabric material of the clothes.

Make a DIY Deodorizing Spray
All you need to make a deodorizing spray is distilled vinegar added to water in an equal ratio. Spray it on the garment but make sure to avoid overdoing it. After it dries out check for yourself whether or not the odor has vanished and if it persists, spray it again and repeat the process until the odor gets eliminated. It’s completely safe to use vinegar, but pre-test the spray on a small area to check if it is compatible with the material or not before applying it.

vinegar kept in a small bowl

Use Naphthalene Balls
These small round-shaped balls come in many fragrances, but they are not for you. Its utility is to keep clothes smelling fresh and prevent them from insects and pests. It can be effective in getting rid of cigarette smoke odor. Although these naphthalene balls are very toxic, they are effective at doing what they are best. Who’s going to consume it anyways? But it’s highly recommended to keep them out of the reach of children.

Dryer Sheets to Rescue
These are one-of-a-kind materials that you can use to combat the odd odor of cigarette smoke from the clothes. Place the dryer sheets in between your affected clothes, and they will absorb the bad odor along with all the moisture that may give your clothes a dampening smell making them smell fresh. The best part is that they do not cost much, and you can reuse them as well up to a certain point.