How to Fix a Broken Zipper

You must have at least one jacket or pants with zippers in them. If not, you must have bags with zippers. Almost all of us have faced a zipper that creates a problem when we open or close it. If you are worrying that your stubborn zipper cannot be fixed, let me tell you- do not panic! We have the right solution that you need for your broken zipper. If you know this hack, your life will be sorted when it comes to a stuck zipper. So, here we go:

visual representation of a broken zipper

A zipper can break in various ways, and depending on the situation that you are facing, choose one of these ways to solve it:

If the zipper remains undone after fastening: Use pliers

You can always go to the tailor to get the whole zipper replaced by a new one. But there is a home remedy that you can use to fix this: a pair of pliers. Use the tweezers to hold the slider tightly, but be careful that it does not break. Continue to compress the upper and lower plates of the slider unless it becomes right.

visual representation of pliers

If the zipper is stuck: Use tweezers/ pencil or washing liquid/ Vaseline or wax

This usually happens when any string of cloth or fibers get stuck in the zipper. Try to remove it using your hands, but if it still does not get removed, use tweezers to carefully pull the obstacle out from it. You are done- now, move the slider up and down to recheck if it is working properly.

If the zipper is still stuck, use a pencil and scrub it on the surrounding teeth. The pencil has graphite that acts as a lubricant to make the process smoother. In place of a pencil, you can also use some amount of washing-up liquid on the teeth so that the slider can move swiftly.

Another way to fix a stuck zipper is by using petroleum jelly or Vaseline. Take some Vaseline on a cotton ball and apply it on the teeth. This jelly helps to lubricate the area as well as remove anything that is stuck on the teeth. Even wax, soap bars, or lip balms work excellently to smoothen out the teeth for the slider.

If the zipper keeps falling: Use pliers/ nail polish

This mainly happens when any of the teeth are out of its place. To fix this, take pliers to bend the teeth back to their original place.

If the zipper is not staying up because the teeth have worn out due to regular use, you can apply a coat of clear nail polish on the teeth. If this does not help, apply a few more nail polish coats after drying up each coat.

visual representation of nail polish

If the zip slider comes out of track: Use a screwdriver

You can reattach the slider if it has come out from the track, either from one side or both sides. From the bottom of the track, push the teeth into the slider using a flattened screwdriver. You will notice both sides of the slider have zipper teeth inside. Move the slider up and down to ensure the slider has reached its right place.

If any tooth is missing from the zipper:

For this, we suggest you visit your tailor to get the teeth replaced.

Quick Hacks to Deal with a Broken Zipper

These are a few hacks that can help you save from awkward situations, but remember they are not long-term solutions:

visual representation of safety pins and other materials for quick fixes

Using safety pins. If the zipper is wide open, take a safety pin and attach it on both sides of the zipper to close it.

Using paper clips. A quick hack to replace a broken zipper is using a paper clip attached to the slider. Fix it on the loop of the slider, and you can easily move it up and down.

Using key rings. If the zipper of your pants keeps falling, take a key ring and attach it to the loop of the slider, pull it up, and hook the ring to the button of the pants.

Sewing the zipper. For the time being, you can also sew up your zip area to lock it up. Then, visit a tailor to fix it.

Tips to Prevent a Broken Zipper

Here are a few tips that you can follow to avoid getting your zippers broken or stuck:

  • Always store your dresses or bags with zippers properly after closing them.
  • While washing them, fold your clothes inside out so the zipper does not get ruined.
  • If it comes to bag zippers, do not overload your bag with lots of items. This may put the zipper under pressure and ultimately leads to its breakage. Take items only till the point that your zipper is easily attachable.
  • Do not apply force while opening or closing the zipper, as it may break the slider. Rather, use it gently and do not rush.
visual representation of zipper of a bag

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a broken zipper be fixed?

Yes- a stuck or broken zipper can be fixed using any lubricant or pliers. Just have some patience to do the work correctly.

What should I use in place of graphite to fix my zipper?

If you want to fix the zipper of any white cloth or white bag, graphite may ruin the white. So, in place of that, you can use chalk to fix a stuck zipper.

When to visit a tailor for a broken zipper?

If all the home remedies and hacks fail to fix your zipper, or if any of the teeth get broken, you must visit your tailor to get it fixed.

visual representation of pulling up a zipper