How to Care for Velvet Clothing

Velvet is luxury defined. The opulent fabric was originally made from pure silk, which is rare today. Most velvet available in the market is a mix of natural and synthetic fibers. But velvet has a distinct texture that can easily get damaged without proper care. 

Velvet dresses are perfect for a glamorous party, and velvet can add a touch of elegant opulence to your home decor. The best way to clean velvet is dry clean. But you can also get rid of odors and stains at home. 

In this blog, you will find easy hacks for washing velvet at home with tips and tricks for handling velvet clothing. 

How to wash velvet at home 

Read the instructions on the washing label of your velvet garment or upholstery. If it says “Dry clean only”, it is best to trust a professional dry cleaner because the pile of velvet can make it a little challenging to clean. Conduct a patch test on the velvet garment before you proceed with the cleaning products and process. 

Things you need for washing velvet at home 

  • Stain removal products
  • Lint-free cleaning cloth 
  • Scented vinegar 
  • Large bucket 
  • Mesh washing bag 
  • Lint roller

Treat stains

You should not wash velvet after every wear or stain. It’s best to spot and treat stains instead of washing the entire fabric. With a soft fabric brush, clean the stained area gently. 

Mix warm water with washing detergent to create a foamy solution. Wet a lint-free brush or cloth in the liquid and gently dab the stain. Do not use force or pressure, as that can damage the textured velvet fabric. 

Use a dry lint-free cloth to soak up the excess water, and with a soft fabric brush, gently stroke the pile back in place. If the stain is still visible- take the garment to the dry cleaner. 

Soak in vinegar

If you are satisfied with spot-treating the stains, you can avoid washing the velvet fabric further. Soak the fabric in vinegar if you notice a musky or earthy smell or a bad odor. 

Add a cup of white-scented vinegar to a large bucket with cool water and stir. Soak the velvet fabric in the solution for half an hour. Soak up the excess water with a lint-free cloth- do not wring or twist the velvet fabric. Use a strong and sturdy coat hanger to dry the velvet garment, or let it remain flat to avoid ruining its stretch. 


To hand wash your velvet garments, fill a large bucket or washbasin with cool water. Add a mild washing detergent (2 capfuls is enough) and stir the mixture. Let it form bubbles before you soak your garment. Leave it for about thirty minutes. 

Wash the garment under slow-running water until all the detergent is washed away. Press the fabric between a lint-free cloth to remove excess water. 


Handwashing velvet is the best way to clean the fabric at home. However, you can also machine wash certain velvet garments with mild to delicate detergent. To machine wash velvet, you must turn the garment inside out. This will reduce the damage to its texture. 

Place the velvet garment in a mesh cloth bag before putting it in the washing machine. Make sure you wash the velvet garment with similar types of fabrics only. Do not wash with any cloth that bleeds or produces lint. 

How to dry and store velvet

Velvet is a heavy fabric that will only get heavier when wet. Use a sturdy coat hanger to dry velvet garments such as jackets and coats. If the fabric is stretchable, lay it on a flat surface and let it air dry. If you must use the dryer, keep it on the fluff setting to avoid shrinkage. 

How to remove lint from velvet clothes

The texture of velvet fabric makes it a big attraction for lint. You can use a lint roller or brush to gently remove lint from your velvet garments and upholstery. You can also use the same brush to remove pet fur from velvet and other fabrics in your closet. 

How to iron velvet

You should never iron velvet fabric as that will ruin its beautiful texture. Instead, steam your velvets to remove wrinkles. Hang the velvet garment from a shower rod after you are done washing it. Use a good quality cloth steamer to remove any wrinkles. Keep a minimum of ½ an inch gap between the machine and your garment for the best results. 

How to store velvet

To store velvet, remember three rules

  • No plastic
  • Let there be space 
  • Keep it cool and dry 

Plastic can trap moisture which will ruin velvet fabric beyond repair. Use good quality cloth storage bags to keep your velvet garments away from dust, dirt, and lint fit. Make sure the fabric has enough space in your closet, and never let it get crushed. If you want to hang velvet, remember to only use padded and strong hangers. Do not hang stretchable fabric.