How to Measure Your Waist for Pants: The Perfect Fit

Do you know why yoga pants, jeggings, and other stretchy pants have become so popular? Because they are comfortable and fit perfectly. But some of us still love wearing jeans, and some need to dress up in formal pants for work. Unless you are lucky enough to work from home in your PJs, the perfect pants elude most of us.

This blog attempts to simplify the process of measuring your waist so that you can buy the perfect fit. No more button marks on your belly or that awkward dance you do to adjust your crotch.

How to measure your waist for pant size?

Before you start, note that sizes differ according to brand and the country you are shopping in but knowing your body measurements can help you find the right fit. Your waist measurement is the key indicator of what size pants you should buy.

Let’s begin

  • Find a flexible measuring tape- you can easily find a body measuring tape online or in your nearest supermarket.
  • Stand up straight and keep your legs slightly apart.
  • Relax your stomach and wrap the tape around your waist.
  • Measure just below your rib cage and just above your belly button.
  • Keep the tape snug but not too tight.
  • For a relaxed fit, keep one finger tucked inside the tape.
  • Make sure your tape is parallel to the floor.
  • The tape should touch your skin.
  • Make a note of your measurement.

How to buy your size?

Pants can be tricky because every brand has different styles and measurements. Once you have measured your waist, you must also consider measuring your hips, abdomen, crotch, calf, and thighs. These measurements come in handy when trying to buy non-stretch pants online. You can also follow a few tricks to help you find the perfect fitted pants every time!

  • Fabric matters – consider the type of fabric you want to buy. Bad-quality fabric will start to lose shape quickly. Choose fabrics that are densely woven, wrinkle-free, and have a bit of a natural stretch. Cotton twill, denim, linen, and a linen-cotton blend are some fabrics that make great pants.
  • Consider the rise – do you prefer low-risers or high-waisted pants? Keep your measuring tape just below your navel to measure for low risers. For high-waisted pants, keep the tape just above your belly button. And for mid-rise pants, keep your tape in line with your navel.
  • Use the size guide – most retailers have a size guide to help you figure out your measurements. Sizes can vary according to brand and country, so do your due diligence.
  • Always read the product description- Most retailers will offer detailed product descriptions such as – fabric, weight, stretch, and fit. Read the product description clearly to get an idea about how the pants will feel and if you would like them.
  • Take your time- A good pair of pants is an excellent investment, so take your time when you are shopping for pants. If you are shopping online, get a few sizes to try on. Test out the pants by sitting down, walking, and staying in them for a few minutes before you decide to buy.

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A pair of perfectly fitted pants can make you look stylish, but pants serve a greater purpose than just style. A good pair of pants must withstand the constant friction of walking, sitting on different surfaces, and bending the knees while keeping you comfortable. If you love fashion and hate yoga pants, you must start with your waist measurement. You can always dig deeper and learn to take all your measurements by yourself. The best way to shop is to know your body well. Remember, don’t be too hard on yourself if your waist size is just a little more than you thought!